Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Cutest Redheads

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Nice brown hair there.

Oh man. I hate eating my words. I have so little practice.

On the first video I made some comments that were a bit harsh (but not nonconstructive!) But I take it all back.

Spontaneous Nerf gun battles?


Congratulations, Ms. Foiles.

Redheads come in all shades. This is auburn hair (red and brown).

The point? They're all insanely hot so I don't really need a point.

Very enjoyable start, cool list. Yeah I remember Suikoden for sure, great game. None of my friends have given it a go.

WOW Lisa she loves video games likes Guinness and now is a red head so hot and awsome

Red heads are my favorite.

Welcome to the gingering, Ms. Foiles.

I think this might be the best episode yet. It's nice to see her move away from the cheap-sex-appeal-blonde, and the non-top 5 parts were amazing.

I dated a redhead for three years. Yeah, they're crazy.

Also hot.

For all of the problems the Perfect Dark game had for the Xbox 360, Joanna was a cute (and decently developed) character, so I'm glad she got a shoutout at the beginning.

Like the red, Lisa. Keep it (at least for a little while)

Will you marry me?

This show pleasantly straddles the gap between dorky and endearing. Took me a bit to warm up to it, but I'm hooked! Lisa Foiles seems really genuine.

If you're not really a gamer geek, ma'am, I will be SEVERELY PUT-OUT.

There seems to be plenty of evidence that she's a real gamer. She has (or had) other web shows related to gaming.

For instance:

(a quick search reveals a lot more)

After the last two episodes, this show is officially a winner. Congratulations on receiving my negligible stamp of approval!

sweet red head



Lisa looks soooooooo much better as a redhead.
Booo, I felt the episode was lacking. When she mentioned Joanna Dark I got super excited, but then disappointment quickly settled, she coulda chosen so many better one than tehm.
Perhaps it's because, with the exception of RE and Pokemon, I haven't played any of those games.
oh well.

Yes, yes, yes Lisa Redhead = Hot and all that...

However, mad respect for the Suikoden reference. Such a fantastic series (er...ok, 3...uh...2 games..) and unnoticed by so many. Well freaking done.

Nothing wrong with the Pokemon series (game wise) and nothing wrong with someone who enjoys playing them. Hell, I know several people here who would say the same.

Also, keep the hair red/brown. SOOOOO much better this way. :D

oh SNAP Aika from Skies of Arcadia got her picture in there. Sweet.

That's brunette...not ginger :/

That's what I thought too.

Oh well, maybe we should adjust our screens color, and/or people should either commit to coloring, or go home!

The same thing happened in the blond episode...

Anyways, I know girls who think they are blond, yet have light brown hair, who knows. I guess we should just let females say what they want, and nod our heads.

ROFL oh my god that was the funniest top five I have watched. You and your team was on fire Lisa. Plus I gotta say love the hair color, you look much better. Though the spraying yourself with silly string did not evoke even a chuckle. But hey to each their own.

I would only argue with one point in that video, and that is Tengaar from Suikoden getting the top spot. I only say this because her character in Suikoden 2 was so much more interesting. The entire story between her and Hix was a very interesting use of role-reversal, and left me with a much stronger impression of the character.

whos the new chick doing the top 5?

Wow. She gestures at the X'ed out Blanka and her hand passes in front of Blanka but behind the X. Wow. My mind is blown.

Whoohoo! You have joined the realm of the redheads. It's great ain't it?

Lisa looks way better as a redhead than a blonde. Also bonus points for Amy! I love that coy look she gives the camera after shoving Raphael into a pit.

Best show on the escapist :D

A 'Skies of Arcadia' cameo! AWESOME!

Anyway, it will be interesting to see the massive backdraft from the Final Fantasy yaoi fangirls as Kairi is a 'cute redhead' according to you.

Well, it is nice to get some good ideas as to what makes a 'cute character'. Thank you very much, Lisa.

Why can't social interactions in my apartment block take place like that?

Wait, so.... Is Lisa going to keep her hair red now?

I liked the blonde.. :'(

Watch everyone disagree with me and beat me to death for saying so. What can I say. I'm a biased blonde Samus fangirl. Sue me

Its that Ian guy.

Hair change is positive.

Just a note on the "redhead or not" discussion:

Claire Redfield is pretty brunette in all of her game appearances, though, in Degeneration, her hair was damn-near pink in some shots. I guess a divide between the game developers and movie developers is to blame... (Still, so happy she was included!)

While I think that the term redhead has been stretched quite a bit in recent years, it's all just subjective in the end.

While I don't fully agree with the placement of the number one character, I fully respect Lisa for including a character from what is undeniably one of the most underrated RPG's in the gaming scene. So for that, thank you.

One of the criticisms I would have is the apparent pandering to the Male audience, with heavy emphasis on female characters, though of course the list is called cutest redheads, rather than best redheads. You do appear to be marketing to your apparent fanbase well though, considering the large amounts of objectifying comments involved in this thread alone.

Holy crap you guys are adults playing with nerf and airsoft guns... And I'm total cool with that.


GodDAMMIT...fine. I like this show. Quite a bit. Lord knows I tried not to, clearly pandering as it was to the horny manchildren among us...but I may have changed my mind, about both its merit and (to a degree) its message.

Congratulations, Ms. Foiles, you've gotten me to publicly admit my own fallibility. Be proud...that might just be a first.

It's official- Lisa just got hotter. She found a way, by god.

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