299: A New Breed of Player

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It's not just old games. It's games that accomodate the need to play in short bursts. If anything the DS was the ideal platform for this, as you can simply suspend your game or close the system for a while and your game is still there. You even get rewards for doing so in games like The World Ends With You.

While I don't really like the word 'Hybrid', I agree this is a definite trend. Hell, even I am in this category most of the time. I love story driven games but I don't have the time and patience to play Mass Effect in the harder difficulty settings. And I steer clear of JRPGS, a genre that a decade ago was my mainstay.

So if we get games that are easy to pick up and play at any time, and story driven games that offer the time-challenged gamers a way to experience them comfortably, I think the videogame medium will benefit as a whole.

Hmm. I can see what many of the above are saying, that this group has existed, maybe not always, but at least for a long time.

It's just kind of hard for most of us who would be willing to write an article on the subject to see the people who aren't really "hardcore", but aren't the opposite, either. If you think about it, there's ALWAYS a middle ground between two extremes. Most of the time, they're even the majority - as I believe is true in this case. Everything is in degrees, in pretty much everything anywhere.

I fell into this category some time ago. It finally dawned on me when I did some quick calculations and discovered that my DS is currently my primary gaming device. If I have some unexpected down time at work, I can get in a burst of gaming, which adds up over time. I play my 360 for only a few hours on weekends and have two unopened games I was given as gifts. I would love to play it more, but other concerns currently demand my attention.

Indeed sir.

I think the main reason for this shift is that gamers are getting older, and as cool as gaming is, life comes first. There will always be people who have the kind of time to pour into a single game, and bully for them, but they're shrinking in number I think.

Luckily, that doesn't actually matter because online play means they'll always have other people like them to play with.

Its definitely happening more and more though, and I for one think this is a great thing for gaming. But that might just be my age talking =p

The article I feel is incorrect because it uses non-hardcore mainstream games as examples for hardcore games. The reason I can say this is because games that are hardcore are hardcore because they are not able to be enjoyed unless you spend a lot of hour on them such as games like Planescape: Torment.

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