Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.9: Debbie Pt. 1

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Nice episode. Lisa did a good job!Loved the death-bringer/Debbie line.

the grapics arent really that good but great acting like always

All I could keep thinking about was how awesome that Leather Jacket was.

The season is over already? Wow. I figured that you guys were very short on time given the length of the episodes but I'm still surprised that it's over already. Well, I look forward to much more and hopefully some more HAWP during the gap... Much more HAWP (-.-)

I don't like people named Debbie. I like Lisa, and I like she's on your show (nice to see some real talent here), but... Debbie?

Bad name, hopefully bad villain.

'nother good episode. It may not always make narrative sense, but I enjoy them. I <3 LF.

Woo!! Lisa! huh, her hair is different... Method acting? :P

Great job on the fight sequence, guys.

Lisa Foils as a villain is the kick in the arse that this series desperately needed.

Mikey was in the mask so when he killed the girl of Anthony's dreams, he wouldn't epically hate him and stab him (again.)

Thanks for that, it just went from completely non-sequiter to logical and really smart. But you might want to explain that in the episode, as a lot of times I have to go to the comments to get answers.

Great episode, you're getting better and better! The acting, the writing, the audio, the effects, all a big step-up!

Hey you guys have some good stuff going on, but the fights are a little under par (hand to hand.) If you guys would like some pointers or something I would be happy to give some free input.

And it gets more convoluted with each episode. Hopefully next season begins to tie everything into a cohesive story.

Where's little Mikey? Oh and I always suspected Lisa was evil.

Haha! I loved the twist. "Please, call me Debbie."

This episode was really rough, but I'm looking forward to the next one in which Lisa Foiles (er, Debbie) gets blown up or something.

Why is every new show delayed a bit, I'm just going to assume ep 10 is a badass season finale.

I could tell from the instant Debbie showed up she was the bad guy...all i heard in my mind was Admiral Ackbar screaming "IT'S A TRAP!"

So... it's been like 3 weeks. Was this the season finale? Even though it's called 'part 1'?
That would make about as much sense as anything else that happens in this show.

Lisa Foiles starring was pretty cool, I cant make any sense of this series at all but its got a quirky humour and pretty random plot which just keeps making me come back.....or it could be a Demon.

I *called* it! When I saw Debbie I knew she was the Death Bringer, and when when I saw the "Death Bringer" I knew it was Mikey who would say Debbie is the Death Bringer once he was unmasked. Yay! I mean, nothing good ever happens to Anthony. What were the chances of Debbie showing up without any sort of twist?

What I didn't get was why Mikey didn't just say it at the start, which I assumed is just because he's been jerking Anthony around the whole time anyway, but somebody commenting here gave a much better explanation already.

It also occurs to me that now that Mikey's a demon, it doesn't matter how many times he's shot if there's no chicken around.

So if Anthony is still married and this series doesn't just ignore continuity from life and other series, maybe sister Ash and his dad will show up? And they'd probably side with the demons too. Ash probably already is a demon. She's behind the whole thing!

I hope this show is gonna have a new episode soon and by the way great job with this;


Dag nabbit! Now I must wait for season two! Your trope has worked. I am hooked by the cliffhanger! :)Also I'm hooked by the fact that I love this series, I think it's funny, fun, and has charm. With an epic world saving story to boot!

"Aren't you married?"

Quit blending continuities! It's confusing!

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