Stolen Pixels #247: Her Price Is Right

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The trouble would be that you are assuming that the gamer HAS a girlfriend (and is interested in girlfriends), and that I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of girlfriends out there that are going to be thrilled that a gaming store thinks that their worth can be qualified as a monetary amount. And that an object is better than them because it's cheaper.

Also: I'm pretty sure it's possible to take issue with the content of games AND the advertising; people are capable of multitasking their issues. After all, people are dying in wars and yet you can complain about people who complain about gaming ads.

Who Dares Wins:

The Heik:

Who Dares Wins:
STOLEN PIXELS FUCK YEAH!!! And it's not an April Fools joke.

Actually I kinda think it is. English Pounds are some of the highest worth coinage around, so having it suddenly become Pounds would increase it's worth. So how does making it's cost go up make it suddenly cheaper than your girlfriend?

BTW welcome back Shamus!

EDIT: If you read in the comments section of that link, you'll see that he intended Travis not to know that English Pounds are worth more.

That's way too subtle for a internet webcomic. I don't even get what the joke is supposed to be, Americans are ignorant?

Finally a comic that isn't so heavy-handed on references or just too expected/boring.

Yay Stolen Pixels is back, one of the good things of this website.

Also I don't see why people would get so offended by it either (well actually I sort of can...) it's all people making a big deal over nothing.

Finally a comic that isn't so heavy-handed on references or just too expected/boring.

Critical Miss has so many things that go over my head lol...I liked the Watchmen reference they did though

welcome back buddy

Shamus Young:
Stolen Pixels #247: Her Price Is Right

Everything always comes down to money.

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Welcome back Shamus :) Glad to see stolen pixels rocking and rolling again.

FINALLY! Been looking forward to some more stolen pictures for ages!!

is it worth pointing out the brittish pound is worth more than a dollar, so this entire joke is flawed?

Welcome back./

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