Escape to the Movies: Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

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suddenly all the excitement I had for Marvel's movie line-up has faded...

they are from star wars they are the red guards :P

have to say... you got me... >______>

well, i applaud the effort that went into this prank.

All of my hate....I sat there wondering where you got your drugs and where I can get some. Then I realized the date....all of my hate bob...all of my hate.

Not the most covert way to make an April fools joke, Bob.
Although I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo tried to do this...

Pretty weak for an April Fools, would have rather had a review.

Subtlety? What subtlety? =P I liked this, but as I've already been had once today, this had no chance.

Martin Lawrence as Link in the legend of Zelda. That's fucking hilarious xD

Not gona lie, i would watch that movie. I would watch that movie HARD. "F to the Zero" Im actually depresed this isn't happening =(, stupid reality....

I know this an April Fools joke, but I can't help but feel Bob will get messages about this when this movie is coming out for months to come.

I just woke up and this was the first thing I watched. It took me far longer than I care to admit to realize it was April 1st.

I laughed I cried, I raged and punched a hole in the wall.

Right after I got done watching Sucker Punch. ZZZZING

Happy April Fools to you to Bob!

I gotta admit I knew from the start that it was gonna be a joke review, but I like all the references you made.

Oh right.

April and all that jazz

*takes hat off* Hats off to you brother Bob.

Still hard to tell at some parts if it's genuine satire or your nerdy fantasy of a Super Mario movie. You weirdo.


But I knew this was an April Fool's joke before the video started buffering. Seriously, who the hell thought a decent SMB film is a plausible idea, letalone all the elements featured in the "review" and have Bob "optimistic" about it?

Haha, why you said 5D I knew it must be a joke.

There is already a trailer out, if you don't mind spoiling the best plot twists of the movie like usual :(

So.... what does this have to do with robots?

Epic. Simply epic.

..This is an April Fool's, right?




Edit: Yes, yes it is. Whew.

HAHA It was all within the realm of possibility until Wommy Tiseu.

Happy April Fools, MovieBob

I feel so dumb...I didn't even realize it was an April Fool's joke.. People and companies are so dumb these days I was willing to believe the ridiculousness of this movie

Nice April Fool's Joke! Just a little over the top in a couple places, such as the $415M budget, without which the "review" could have been quite persuasive.

I especially liked the comment that the movie would either come out in 5D, or the highest D available at time of release.

Shit, the Smash Bros. Initiative? Consider me excited! This movie's gonna be THE BOMB...OMB!

EDIT: Happy April Fool's all!

The second I saw the title I just thought to myself: "Man I love April fools."

Well, I don't know you guys, But I've already seen that moovie.

check it out.

Can't wait to see this movie! I love The Rock!

I noticed that you use a lot of yahtzees jokes. for eg-Zombies going hand in hand with pirates, ninjas and monkeys in the list of things nerds like, umbrella corp resembling captain planet bad guys and now the fake review. Grand theft critic I guess.

Martin Lawrence plays Link?

Anywayway, I can't wait for the Smash Bros. movie to come out. I was actually suprised about how good the Starfox movie was(It'll take alot to make a CGI movie make me smile:) ) Though I think I might pass on "Madea goes to Dreamland" XD

Meh.... was posted April 2nd here :P

Well played, Bob. You dick.

Nice attempt, but I just found that so very unfunny.

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