Escape to the Movies: Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

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Onyx Oblivion:

Did I spell that right? Ke$ha?

I wish you hadn't but you did.

took me about 45 seconds to realize it was an April Fools joke. LOL

I'd totally see this movie for real Bob.
Wait! Yoshi's not in it?
I wish THIS one had been an April Fool's joke:

I wholeheartedly disagree.


On the main topic, it was a decent April fools joke.

Took me up to 2:12 seconds that this was an april fools. Bravo. lo.

I gotta say, man... "Don Kekong" was a stroke of genius. :)

I knew this was a joke as soon as I saw what film he was reviewing and the "stars" that accompanied it. Let's he's reviewing Super Mario Brothers and he's got a picture of The Rock there, yeah it's a joke.
A little too obvious Bob, a little too obvious.

Also, I find Yoshi to be very overrated. But I still like him.

At first I thought, 'Well, this is certainly dumb.'

But then I recognized that there was a Tommy Wiseau, director and star of the best movie of all time, The Room, joke in there, so it was actually awesome.


that just sounds like the worst movie ever.

You know every year I keep hopling people will realize that April Fool's day just isn't funny.

And every year I get dissapointed.

I really hate myself for knowing who the shy guys were:

I'd rather him review a real movie than to try to be funny.

horrible, painfully obvious April fools "prank". The only reason I watched until the end is because I was hoping you would say "April Fools" around the 3 minute point and start reviewing source code. But alas your prank went from mildly amusing to just annoying. Stick to your day job.

sledgehammer subtlety but worth a couple of lols

a bit too over the top
if you had left out kesha and the jersey guy and that 5d crap i may have believed it

I realized it was a prank review as soon as the I saw the link into it but hoped it was just a bait and switch to the real review or the fake review would be incredibly short and the real one would go from there. I was disappointed.

I did laugh at some points but, really, this is why I hate April fools sometimes. Is there a real review somewhere?

Lol, though the, "Nintendo Studios" image looked extremely legit.

This video gave me three diseases only found in sharks.

I must say, I'm disappointed. Only the "Vin Diesel project" F to Tha M got a laugh out of me.

I wonder how many people got a minute and a 1/2 in before realizing it was a joke.

I think April fools is going out of fashion. Bob is the ONLY person to pull anything on me today.

Pretty good april fools right there it actually made me rage when I seen that douche from jersey shore.

WTF was that ?

impereal guards will kill everyone. [im just mad it took me 2 mins to find out this is fake]

I counted 6 just going about 1/3rd of the way down the first page, and some still didn't realize it was a joke.

"How will Nintendo recoup the cost?"

Isn't this supposed to be the irony generation? Oh no, that'd be X. I guess it really does skip a gen.


Bob you're a wonderful human being. (C WHAT I DID THAR?!)

and a happy aprils fools to you too ya bastard

i thought this was stupid.... then i started cracking up at F to the Zero. well done bob


the 4th dimension is time, and the 5th dimension is space, or other possible realities. wow great effect and only for 30$ more?

Having just got back from a preview screening (sheesh, the admission fee was high!), I can tell you that Bob is once again wrong about a movie, and I'm sick of his Nintendo fanboyishness blinding him to the fact that this movie is an awful pile of tripe, even worse than the one with Bob Hoskins made however many decades ago.

First off, whose idiotic idea was it to reimagine the Goombas as a triangle-helmet-wearing motorcycle gang, that gets beaten by Mario jump-kicking the helmets? I mean, it fits with the reimagining of the Shy Guys as a terrorist cell and the piranha plants as robotic guards dreamed up by a psychotic botanist-turned-robot-manufacturer, but casting Chris Pine as the leader of a motorcycle gang?!

Sure, the cameo by Bowser in a silhouette (and don't even TRY to tell me that's not who that was, you know which shot I mean) was somewhat amusing, but don't even get me started on the art design of the lab where the tortoises are being engineered on. It looks like something lifted wholesale from the set of one of those Science Is Bad movies they skewed on MST3K.

My verdict: Give this movie a miss.

"F to the Zero". XD I fuckin' died at that. God what I would give for an F-Zero movie. Or fuck, how about a new game? *Sigh* One can dream.

....what a weird Pronunciation of Nova Scotia.

i gotta admit i could aee vin as captian falcon. i say we really do try to get that f to the zero movie made

Man, you had me right up to the point where you pronounced Nova Scotia wrong... well, actually it was pretty obvious from the very first second. Good effort though.

for the first half of the review uou had me. Then I remembered what day it was. DAMN YOU SPRINGBREAK FOR LOSE ALL TRACK OF TIME!!!

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