Escape to the Movies: Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

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I would pay to watch it.

Consider I was pranked really good all ready and now this is the second attempt to full me otherwise, Sorry Bob it didn't work.

I was mostly pissed you didn't review Source Code and you used way too much sarcasm and satire to make it work. If you had made it actually sound real it might have worked.

April fools i guess

ooohhhhh... right.. april fools.. i get it now.... thank GOD!

So I'm assuming that nothing came out this week?

Anyways, really funny though. I hate the fact that Nintendo effectively gave the audience who love Mario (and who are, incidentally, the target audience for this flick) a giant "EFFF YOOOOOUU!!" with this re-imagining. It's like they're ignoring the hardcore movie audience in favour of suckering in casual movie goers or something?

I wake an hour now and I watched this now I'm really REALLY confused on what the hell is going on!?

You, sir, are a genius! My hat is off.

Thanks for the props to Nova Scotia Movie Bob, I'll make sure our tourism bureau gets wind of this. My Province-men will be proud!

Michael Bay disappoints me yet again. Total lack of explosions in the movie.

Har, har, har Bob not funny.

That sounded almost promising, shame its all BS.

You do not fail to disappoint good sir. It would have been a bit more believable if you had dropped the 5d part.

A good yarn nonetheless.

When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be something like a "viewer-response" thing where Bob would explain how he would make a Mario Bros. movie, but then once the video started I saw he was going for the April Fool's Day angle. It looks like you had fun, Bob! I think of all the Photoshopping happening here, I like the Shy Guys the best. Chris Kattan as Luigi a close second.

Happy April Fool's Day, Bob.

I fucking love you Bob, awesome video. This makes me partly forgive you for your evil twin story at the gamve overthinker show.

Great work. Made me grin.

To those with complaints that it's not funny enough, please go do your own superior job and wow us all.

Good thing I'm incredibly paranoid on April 1st or I might not have caught that within the first 3 seconds of reading the title and looking at the calendar.

say... that Wommy Tiseau guy reminds me of someone... :P
You're tearing me apart, MovieBob!

Really awesome!! The joke was obvious as soon as I saw the title, but the references during the movie itself are really awesome! I'd totally watch a smash bros. movie! And F to the zero and that Kid Icarus one. The rest, maybe not.

Martin Lawrence playing Link in a new Legend of Zelda Movie. That is super awesome very sunny cool!

It didn't take long to realize it was a joke, but it took me forever to remember today was April Fool's.

Wow the best April fools joke of the year by far

Matthew Wilson:
Damn it Bob, it took me all of 3 minutes to realise you were pulling an April Fools joke.

I think it was about the point that he said Ke$ha was Peach that I realized what day it was.

Why is everyone complaining? "oh I would've rather have seen a real review whine whine whine."

C'mon people, it's April Fool's day! This is the one day a year when an otherwise legitimate movie reviewer can "prank" his watchers. The Escapist Community needs to loosen up some.

I thought it was pretty funny, although I do admit I was FURIOUS when he said that The Situation was gonna be playing Mario. This was before I realized it was a joke, but I'd just had a conversation last night with my roommate about the ridiculous shit Hollywood is doing and how apparently every writer is strapped for good ideas. With that conversation in mind I was willing to believe anything.

Although, a more gritty, re-imagination of the Mario World would be highly welcome if Hollywood ever felt the desire to do so.

I didnt even bother to watch the video, I can already guess its an April fools joke.


Once every year, I have to just shut down and ride out the total amount of bullshit that come that single day...

God I hate April 1st.

E for effort? Otherwise poor gag.

Pretty clear it was a joke when you weren't throwing a fit when you put up "The Expendables"

Um, I believed this was actually happening for far too long... then I remembered the date.
Go me. >.>

Ok that smash bros bit at the end was very very good.

WOW you got me good Bob! Best prank I've fallen for in a long time! Given it's the only prank I actually fell for in a long time, but then when I was telling my other about it... it started to sink in. Made me feel like a total idiot but you did a good job and I'll forgive you! lol hope you put out another one to make up for it! ( :) ) lmao good job though!

I laughed so hard when Samuel L Jackson showed up.

The card gag was funny too.

This. Spoofing the Marvel scheme was full of win.

Hehe, Clever.

Actually, when I saw 5Ds, I thoguht Yugioh 5Ds, and then I was like, oh... motorcycles. Cause THOSE havent been down to death.

Though F to the Zero sounds like a perfect film for Diesel

Yeah, I have a friend working on the dubbing of The Legend of Zelda, he's kind of annoyed about the casting of Clint Eastwood as Na'vi, but I reckon it'll work.

I look forward to Super Mario Bro's, especially this Smash Bro's project.

I forgot it was April Fools day. I was wondering why you were pulling a Yahtzee and reviewing something that doesn't exist.

That was stupid. This is especially insipid considering there were a couple of new releases this week that could have used a review.

Super Mario Brothers? That's the freshest, funniest thing you could come up with?

Holy shit this looks terrible....wait....WAIT.....ohhhhhh April fools....I didn't expect it until he started talking about the other Nintendo movies.

6 minutes & no punchline *groan*

It's just like watching a new Simpsons couch gag

I wouldn't mind another live action mario.
Some of the stuff you said was lulzy, where as other stuff like removing power ups and koopas would be shit.
Also, I LOL'd at "Don Keikong"

Cheers Bob, great vid

April Fools to all

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