Trailers: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Teaser

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Teaser

Glimpses of gameplay feature in this teaser for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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-Resident Evil
-3rd person shooter

Kinda makes me wish this was an April fool's joke.

Why everyone re-posting trailers?
Is this some April fools thing making us think they are new?

That was so badly put together, I hope it's a late April fool.

I thought Black Ops came out in November.

Oh great, more of the same old shite from Resident Evil...

Unless its another way to keep Wesker alive- the only thing it had going for it leaving aside RE4- I'm not interested. I actually came here hoping it was another film trailer.

Not sure If I want. If it's anything like RE-make then sign me up.

Do not watch if you have epilepsy.

Interest level: 0%

eh... il save my judgements till it actualy has something to Show..

seriously? whoever made this trailer should be fired.. switching back to the title shot every 2.5 seconds serves no purpose other than to annoy and distract the viewer.. if they had the action bits as one fluid stream this would have been much more compelling.

...If this is real then I've just lost another ounce of faith in humanity as a species. Someone should seriously stop capcom if they're going to continue going all George Lucas on their best pieces of work... Seriously! Does anyone else remember when Resident Evil used to be good? There modern games of theirs just makes me wish more and more that and situation such as that in the games actually arrises.

looks like some kind of 3rd person shooter with an MMO twist to it, sort of like you get together with a small group and run an "instance" through raccoon city.

You know, RE:Outbreak.

Not sure If I want. If it's anything like RE-make then sign me up.

It's RE5 + SOCOM. Enjoy.

I'm not gonna pretend like I won't google this from time to time, cause it seemed much more legit then the SR3 one... But if it IS real, it sucks ass as a trailer. I didn't know I suffered from fits until just now :(

To all the nay-sayers, It gives you the perspective of the Umbrella and US special forces you encountered every once in a while during RE2. I think it's neat, especially if you end up being the character that throws the rocket launcher to Leon /Claire in the underground boss battle.

My thoughts. It's soooooo gonna be multiplayer, it's obvious.


Not sure If I want. If it's anything like RE-make then sign me up.

It's RE5 + SOCOM. Enjoy.

That's balls!

Waaaay too damn much time spent zooming out from the title, probably half of the trailer's runtime.

Leon said that like he was returning from the grocery store or something.


This game is being made by slant6 studios, for all of those who are unaware, made the abomination socom3:confrontation for PS3

They literally had a tried and tested gaming model that all they had to do was build on, but instead they tried to revamp the multiplayer experiance, with a new interface and controls.

They literally couldn't have made the game any worse, barring a single screen after loading saying "hahaha you paid for this shit", which could even have arguably been an improvement. I can't even say how long it took them to fix any of it, or if it even was fixed, as I quit and uninstalled a few months after release. Just to impart upon the escapist audiance how sigificant this was, I used to be in some top20 socom clans. Loved that game.

Anything Slant6 gets their hands on, stay away, I can't stress this enough. Especially if it's a remake ( as this will be )

If you enjoyed the previous series, and like a dying parent, would rather remember them as they are then what they have become, then don't go near this game.


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