Trailers: Dungeon Siege III: Lucas Introduction

Dungeon Siege III: Lucas Introduction

Lucas' determination and skill in combat is no joke.

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"... last of a noble and respected line."

Aaaaaaand that's where they lost me.

The crow swarm thingy at the end looked neat though... not that that was part of the game.

what a crappy trailer nothing, there I haven't seen in countless games and movies...

Huh... well it does seem pretty nice that he can alternate between board/sword and Greatsword at any time...

Did anyone else think this was going to be an April fools joke involving George Lucas?

Wow... a 1 minute video about an animated stereotype. I'm so pumped.

Anyone else getting a Batman vibe from the music at the end there?

Seems a bit generic. He can block and slash! Wow! I've never seen that before!

Also, the game seems to be a massive fetch-quest because he's got dead parents. Find 9 Legionaries to restore their honour, and that's the game. It really does seem like it's been dumbed down for consoles... or maybe they're just trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Well I really enjoyed Dungeon Siege 2, but this? Not so sure about how it's gonna end up.

yawn, havn't we see this like a million times?
same stereotypical lead character
wanting revenge for murdered family
gets revenge by murdering....
It's gonna have to pull something amazing out of the bag to make me want to buy it!


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