Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Robots

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Yay! That's two weeks in a row that you didn't spoil your entire list in the synopsis and introduction! Enjoyment levels of this show increased 5000%.

Though one robot is missing from your list:

Steve, the Ridepod from Dark Cloud 2!

Good catch on HK-47 I can't imagine arguing with you.

Another great Top 5. Lisa, you are awesome!

Statement: I was exceptionally delighted to see that HK-47 was at the top of the list, especially considering that he was the only robot you mentioned that I'd had any previous experience with.

Query: When and how does HK-47 pull that McCoy line? I've played through both of the KOTOR games multiple times, but never heard him say it.

Madara XIII:

Um is Lisa drinking Smirnoff Ice with her Cereal?

Breakfast of Champions!!! She's a soldier I tell ya

That's what I was thinking

Great List. Very funny, too.


Rivers Wells:

i had a vacuum robot once i thought was cool now when i look back it sucked!


OT: Funny vid Lisa. Keep em comin, though I'm a little surprised GLaDOS didn't get at least a runner up mention. Oh wait, maybe she's more just an OS.

You quoted me just to say"...Ugh..." thats a...bit short..

Lol, just for the pun, which I'm ashamed amused as much as it did

Heheh...HK-47 is really the best robot companion ever.

Organic meatbags. Hehe.

"I'm behind you the full way master!.....Charging phasers just in case"

One of the best lines ever XD

Um is Lisa drinking Smirnoff Ice with her Cereal?

Well you know the saying, "nothing some vodka and some smirnoff won't fix."

OT: O_o wow I have heard about android lady in sometime. Also remind me to start looking for John Connior soon.

gotta say she's right about hk-47.

and ever again..... and again....!


Hell, yeah!

You just won a lot of points, Lisa! ^_^

Still, I think she deserved better than a joke about here name. I know that "Xenosaga" plot is crazily complicated, but still...

Do modrons count? If so I'd put Nordrom from Planescape Torment, even if I did have to pull out pencil and graph paper to get to him...

yaaay! nordom!
and you also used a pencil and graph paper!

this damn labyrinth was one of the very best parts in Planescape Torment - among all the other very best parts ^^

OT: great vid, i can really get used to 'em ^^

Blendy needs to get a grip! I mean, she obviously adores him. LOVES him :'(

Um is Lisa drinking Smirnoff Ice with her Cereal?

LOL I know what's on my menu tomorrow morning...

Pasty, game nerd,and has lucky charms and Smirnoff for breakfast... Marry me

me too...just need to get rid of a certain blender

I know this is criminaly obvious, but.... GLADOS????

Great top 5. I liked the blender pun just a bit too much, I think.

Anywho, 'Informative Description' and 'Factual Statement' are not things HK-47 would ever say before a comment. He always starts off with a single word(i.e. Statement, Query, etc.). Lisa's flattering* imitation is actually closer to an HK-50 model. The HK-50's often add an adjective to apply some nuance to their comments.

Yeah, I'm that much of a nerd.

*By which I actually mean flattering, I wasn't being sarcastic.

Umm, ROBO? From Chrono Trigger?? WTH Lisa??

WTB a do-over :-(

After watching the video I was thinking the same thing!

One robot I really miss on this list is Dog, from Half Life 2. One of the coolest robots, but he isn't even here. GlaDOS is one at question, but for me, that one would make it on this list.

I think her show gets funnier every week.
There's something endearing about the mix of self-deprecation and terrible puns.

I also like how she puts things from obscure adventure titles in her tops 5's in lieu of obvious choices from AAA games. Awesome.

That's cute. Not only did Lisa build her own troll-bot, but he's misogynist and hates her. Brilliant. I'd give Blendy a high-five for existing but he'd probably cut off my hand.

Want an awesome robot?

1) register on

2) download Beneath a Steal Sky (it's fee)

3) Play. There's the most sarcastic robot ever since Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I love you Lisa!

I have one problem with this video, and that is that Androids and Robots are not the same. I, as an android, am offended by that and demand that this statement be edited.

Good episode, enjoyed the blender.

I think that blender of yours needs an attitude adjustment.

I would go with Dog from Halflife 2.

mfG diebane

Seriously, the red hair is making me feel inappropriate. 0.0

I never heard of Scrapland until now

I think I'll try to track down a copy

Isnt GLaDOS more of an A.I than an actual robot?

Eh... HK-47 didn't become compelling to me until Kotor 2 when he was suddenly filled with insight instead of just stupid one-liners. Overall, I'd say that makes him kind of crappy. I would have picked Glados, the turrets from Portal, or the brain robots from Fallout 3 that kept politely asking you to show yourself so they could murder you.

Definitely my favorite list so far.

I agree with some of the others about GlaDOS and ROBO, though I can see why GlaDOS wouldn't count and while ROBO was big for me just because the game was such a huge thing to me, I suppose he wasn't shockingly compelling on his own.

You missed a spot, Lisa.


Metal Arms: Relevant in all things.

Another funny episode. That's 3 shows consistently good now with ZP, Extra Credits and Top 5. WHY WON'T YOU COME BACK DORALEOUS?!

I didn't really like Borderlands, but only because of the ending (don't you dare tell me the DLC makes it better). The Claptraps were awesome, though.

Also, I know Glados wasn't technically a robot, but what about the little machine gun robots? "Are you still there?"

Blendy must come back for another episode!

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