Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Robots

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Statement: I too liked HK, the Sith know a thing or two about droid production.
Grievance: What, no GLaDOS?
Query: Has she never played portal?
Speculation: Perhaps codename L.I.S.A. will meet the hilarious killer test bot with the arrival of the sequel.


Statement: I was exceptionally delighted to see that HK-47 was at the top of the list, especially considering that he was the only robot you mentioned that I'd had any previous experience with.

Query: When and how does HK-47 pull that McCoy line? I've played through both of the KOTOR games multiple times, but never heard him say it.

Expletive: Damn, someone beat me to this bit.

Thank you so much for the Arrested Development scenes at the end

Were....were those scenes from Arrested Development? And in the video where you finally give a spot to Hk-47 no less!?

I want to have your babies.

Yeah, I was also baffled with the lack of GLaDOS... Heh, I even liked the turrets of Portal...

"I was going to paint a picture of you, but I ran out of the color 'suck'."

That Emlio, or what ever... I still have one in my basement... i think it still works...

Great job Lisa! Very fun and informative review. Also sad to not see MegaMan on the list, but whatever.

Stop being so self deprecating though. It was amusing and very witty "nod and wink" of you at first, but you run the risk of saying it so often that others are going to start believing it.

Interesting, I was sort of hoping to see the Cowboy robot from Fallout New Vegas, oh well. Btw, the two robots from the upcoming Portal 2, look to be quite awesome going by the trailers. Cute dance at the end *blushes*.

Y'Know, I think I'd watch a sitcom/internet series about Lisa Foiles and that talking blender.

"You just called me a meatbag AGAIN!"

"Explanation: It's just have all these squishy parts, master. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad is beyond me."

"Neither can I, come to think of it..."

That, ladies and gantlemen, is why HK-47 is untouchable.

Blender is AWESOME!! He needs to be on the show more often. Lisa, I AM SERIOUS here! He says all the things to you that I've always wanted to say to you...

Oops, too much info?

Kos-mos was an odd choice. She insisted on being cleaned after every battle. That's just weird.

Dog, now there was a robot. He could throw trucks and kill striders with his bare robo-hands.

I've never heard of HK-47 before, but now I'm glad I have. From now on whenever I watch the Star Wars prequels I shall replace Jar-Jar with HK-47 in my mind.

Also Blender is awesome and should have his own show on the Escapist. We can call it the Blender power hour, and he can just rant about anything and it would be sooo cool.

Top 5 With Blender

Blender Punctuation

Escape to the Blender

The Big Blender

Unblenddable (but not really)

Loading, Ready, Blend!


Also short shorts. Thought I'd say that, just cause.

Edit: Ooh! I know: Blender Saves the World.

There, last one, I promise.

Second edit: Oh my gosh! What happened to the toaster on the left at the beginning?! It was there and then it wasn't! D-did Blendy do something to it??

An android is actually a type of robot, so it's okay Lisa.

I wonder if you could actually do non-androids, androids, and non-bipedal robots as three lists.

Expletive: your choice for #1 is completely legitimate, meatbag! hurray :D

If Lisa didn't put HK-47 on her list I think we would have had massive fan suicides. Fun list as always :D

Nice use of the CIS meme. To be honest Lisa when I was thinking about an acronym for your name I first thought awesome for the 'a' no idea where you pulled the amphibious from, maybe too much 'Little Mermaid'. Loved the list and yes I agree HK-47 is the best dang droid EVER! BTW still love the hair, you look beautiful. Oh and if you need help getting blendy under control just give me a buzz.

I can think of positions one and two straight of the top of my head (or joint first, followed by GLaDOS):

ATLAS and P-body...

That is all.

No love for D0G?

Yeah, c'mon! D0G may not have any witty banter, but he can kill the toughest enemy in the game with his bare hands. That's gotta count for something.

Truffles from Pigsy's Perfect 10 comes to mind for my list.

My favorite video game robot is Metal Sonic, but I understand all your choices. Also, I have tons of robot toys, including the lost in space robot, Roboraptor, Commandobot, some Battlebots, and best of all R.A.D. Seriously R.A.D is the greatest remote control robot ever made and if you don't have one your childhood is missing something.

I also have a Dingbot, a charming little Johnny 5 clone that is a precious memento of my late grandpa.

Guess so many comments ot so many other robots. She should have come with honorable mentions.

I missed Q1-11 from Armed And Dangerous.


I totally want one of those Blender robots nao xD
Also before watching further... there better be HK-47 in this video.

No love for Gundam? Granted it's a giant mech but it had an AI system in it that grew from the pilot.

OT: WOOOO HK-47! best robot character ever. Well, other than Astro Boy.

Why the heck is Soks from Nomad Soul not in there?

Or the guys from the first Z game?

If you think the blender is anoying, you haven't met the toaster.

Ahh Talkie Toaster $19.99 from Crapola Inc!

O.T HK-47 the only robot (droid) ever needed!

Um is Lisa drinking Smirnoff Ice with her Cereal?


Thank you for showing Bender some love! After all, he is the originator of the MEAT BAG phrase referring to humans.

Factual Statement: I knew HK-47 was going to be #1

There needs to be a game about this robot:

A Blender, Bender and Humper from Robot Chicken.
Sweet pop-culture references are sweet :)

They said, they'll never mass produce anything like the blender prototype I made.
Ah well, at least it fits with my name, and I got paid for the copyrights.

Blender watching Bender, oh the irony.

good video but yeah, GLaDOS definitely deserved a slot.


what about the Lovable turrets from portal?

What about the adorable personality modules you violently remove from GLADoS? the curious mod was so adorable...

"I hate you. Please die."

I smell a catchphrase!

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