Trailers: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Teaser

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Teaser

Two heroes from different eras must work together to save their worlds.

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That looks pretty bad actually.

Everything gets its own facebook nowadays >.>

So this is like Shattered Dimensions but with only half as many Spider-Mans? Not interested!

But seriously, I hope they improved further then just adding a new story line otherwise I don't see much appeal to this game.

I was excited to see Miguel in Shattered Dimensions. Then I saw the game.


This trailer makes EoT look pretty similar.

Didn't we JUST HAVE a game about this?

The gameplay clips made it look an awful lot like the Shattered Dimensions game, only now I'd only get to play as my two least favorite. Obviously, I'll wait for more gameplay footage before I make my decision, but I don't have high hopes.
Make a sequel to Web of Shadows, you idiots! That game was great, AND a cliffhanger (on one ending)! I want Web of Shadows 2 so much that I'd buy it right on release day, I swear!

I'm pretty sure that the only part of shattered dimensions that anyone liked was the noir bit. So why are they releasing a game with 100% less noir?

Just looks like that godawful piece of shit, Shattered Dimensions.

Hooray, a sequel for "Shitty Dimensions". The first one was so good, can't imagine how they could screw up this one.

Fun concept, looks like a shattered dimensions remake...herp derp

Seriously the first half of Shattered Dimensions was pretty fun then...well the rest was...less fun...much less

Meh, seems like a pretty unremarkable continuation to me...

does not look like anything i would like to play.

So wait... This is the same dev that made Shattered Dimensions? so they rehash their crappy game and rip out half of it to make it suck less? Sounds like Sony rip out features and say its an upgrade.

If it were an animated movie, I might consider renting it when it gets into the weekly releases. As a video game, I'll steer clear.


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