Miracle of Sound: Mining All Day long

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"His frame-rate's in the hundreds and his settings are all high
We got arrows, food and diamonds in an infinite supply..."

that line did it for me ... great work to all involved

i'm trying to avoid mc as mining through things was my time consumer on red faction1

I am considering getting this game! your song is helping me along!

So in using Cubase... all you need is 500$, a keyboard, a computer, and a voice?

Add to that a guitar and bass and yeah, pretty much.

This song just took up at least a Megabyte of memory in my brain, pure awesomeness. Keep up the good work.

I wish the music box I crafted played this song

Thank you... just, thank you...

You, sir, are epic win.

This is seriously my favorite song now.

cool song! :)

Using a diamond pick on Netherrack? Really? That's just wasteful.

I want this on my ipod. who else does?

This song is just pure happy. I wish you'd do more of these kind of songs, Gavin! (I am especially in love with the guitar).

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