Miracle of Sound: Mining All Day long

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I am considering getting this game! your song is helping me along!

So in using Cubase... all you need is 500$, a keyboard, a computer, and a voice?

Add to that a guitar and bass and yeah, pretty much.

This song just took up at least a Megabyte of memory in my brain, pure awesomeness. Keep up the good work.

I wish the music box I crafted played this song

Thank you... just, thank you...

You, sir, are epic win.

This is seriously my favorite song now.

cool song! :)

Using a diamond pick on Netherrack? Really? That's just wasteful.

I want this on my ipod. who else does?

This song is just pure happy. I wish you'd do more of these kind of songs, Gavin! (I am especially in love with the guitar).

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