Zero Punctuation: Pokemon White

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(F)13.yeah but you can't..."catch" a puzzle like most MALE trainers "catch" a gardivior/lopunny......for there own "reasons"

Both those pokemon have a 50/50 chance of being male female (in comparison to the usual 87.5/12.5 percent).

This is True

I want a Cockon, Wholk, and Monkeyscribblesthing for my championship team.

Yahtzee was spot on with this review, i feel exactly the same and left the series a long time ago, last game i played was pokemon ruby and then i realised that i was playing the exact same thing just repackaged as another game title, it gets boring very very fast! and the sad thing is this game sells like hotcakes each and every time they release a new one, i think this must be Nintendo's main income because pokemon makes them so much money!

Well, crazy as it may be, there's no arguing that, for pure time sink type games, Pokemon is number one. Nothing else even comes close, to my mind (and I'd WAAAAY rather get deep into Pokemon than, say, World of Warcraft).

A site that will make you see Pokemon as the deepest RPG ever made:

..and, if you're at all into pokemon, looking at this site will do just what Yahtzee said - that is, make you into a nutjob, someone who knows FAR too much about the innards of the RPG they're playing

Awesome review. RBY started the trend, GSC fixed the bugs, and everything else is the franchise on life support. Seriously... How is anyone supposed to catch 600 Pokemon? 150 was like medium difficulty and 250 was like hard difficulty, but beyond that, you need to make Pokemon your full-time job for about 6 months to get everything caught.

Now, don't get me wrong... I like Pokemon well enough, but I think the later installments didn't make any major improvements on the series.



I'm pretty sure they're the same game, apart from a few version exclusives and White Forest/Black City.

Its late, but what kind of idiot posted this? Pokemon black is different from white, and its the plot branching thats different? Rofl, is this random guy serious?

So you're calling me an idiot?

Even so, I'll pretend that I'm replying to a mature statement, rather than whatever that was.

Unlike you, I'm not making assumptions out of thin air. I'm a pokemon fan, and I've played both Black and White, and I'm simply saying that there aren't any significant differences in the plot or gameplay of either version. Sure, Reshiram and Zerkrom switch places in both games and some items have different names, but the story is essentially the same. The differences between the two (White Forest to Black City, version exclusive Pokemon, etc.) don't make any significant differences to the plot or gameplay.

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