Extra Punctuation: Pokemon 100 Percenters Are Mad

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Pokemon 100 Percenters Are Mad

Yahtzee wants you to reward the sick bastards who must "catch 'em all."

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Good article. I've never really understood 100%ers. It often falls into that murky water of turning a game from fun into work. My rule is, if I'm not having fun, I'm not playing anymore. Unless there's rewards for going off the beaten track, I'm not bothering.

What a bizarre solution...
Anyway, I like pokemon a lot, but I've never done the 100% thing, it's a waste, and I have tons of fun just catching the ones that interest me.

I have a lot of games that I totally love, but not a single one of them will I actually go out of my way to get something after I've already beaten the game.

I actually felt ripped-off after having beaten Super Mario Galaxy just because I'd already beaten Bowser's last form and only got like half of the stars in the game. But I felt no incentive to keep playing 'cause I'd already beaten the last boss.

My problem is, though, that I always try to collect everything but then I stop once I beat the game or shortly after I beat the game and never look back.

I got all 150 original pokemon when it was just Red and Blue by having both versions of the game and trading back and forth with myself. Once I realized that my only reward was a message from Professor Oak I never tried it again. I had hoped that maybe I would get Mew, the otherwise uncollectable pokemon.

I like doing things to 100% if it's a game I love and there's a reward for it. I collected all the flags in the first city of Assassin's Creed. Once I realized that I wouldn't be rewarded for it I gave up on collecting flags. I agree with you Yahtzee, getting 100% just for it's own sake is for mad people.

I love playing the Pokemon games. But I never play to catch them all.

I only play to catch my favourites. Or the rare ones that you encounter through logical progression in the game.

Edit: The only games I 100%'d for fun were Fallout 3 and the Force Unleashed 1+2

I think a lot of the desire to "catch 'em all" comes down to wanting to build a strong Pokemon team (and there's a surprising depth to the game). If you have them all, that basically means you have unlimited options for play, and it's a hell of a lot more satisfying raising a team by your own hands than entering a bunch of numbers in a Gameshark.

The funny thing about Zelda: OoT is that the creator specifically put an unbeatable challenge in the game just to cockslap 100 percenters. He apparently hates them.

I completed the national dex (excluding a few of the mystery event pkmn that aren't required for the certificate) on Pokemon Platinum, I did so because I had the time (having long car trips on holiday) and also since I'd stopped using cheats recently at that point I wanted to prove to myself that I could catch 'em all without cheating, which I did. I'll probably never do it again but it was a good experience.

Come on... You've never just done something "because it's there"? ...before you answer: remember Minecraft.

DAMN. That would be an awesome reward! Even better than 100%-ing ANYTHING!

Admittedly i would like to fill my Pokedex, but im in no hurry to do it, i like training my little Mons. And again...admittedly, i don't know why i have so much fun on them games, it's a game that should NOT work...but it does...if anyone else had developed this concept, it would be a total disaster.

But come on Yahtzee, don't tell us that your not playing this game right now...we all you know you are, and we all know you secretly love it ;)

Soon Yahtzee will want every single Pokemon, making him a 100%er ;)

My friend, you have sucked in to the world of Pokemon ;)

The funny thing about Zelda: OoT is that the creator specifically put an unbeatable challenge in the game just to cockslap 100 percenters. He apparently hates them.

Dare i ask what the challenge is?

I actually dread to think...

Been playing the Sly Collection, which just so happens to contain the easiest platinum trophies ever. I got through Sly 1 and 2, which were an absolute joy and getting the trophies was a lot of fun. Granted, there really weren't any bonuses to be had, other than making a number outside of the game go up, but again, the game was fun anyways, so I didn't mind getting all the clues, pickpocketing coins, and buying specific abilities. Sly 3 on the other hand, is a different story. For some reason, the developers thought it would be a good idea to minimize the silky smooth and fun platforming with tons of completely different minigame-esque missions, many of which are frustrating and control like shit. The last level is terribly awful, adapting previously tolerable segments into abstract and repetitive ideas they don't fit into well, and somehow making the control even floatier.

I managed to get through the whole game, just to say that I did and get ever so closer to the strangely tantalizing idea of having all three platinums this disc has to offer. Then I found out that the only way you could get it in Sly 3 was 100% completion and the only way to get that was through the previously unmentioned master thief challenges. Guess what those are? The same damn broken minigames, only now you have to do them f-ing faster, with longer load times. Looks like platinum is not in my future. I could do it, but I really don't wanna. I'll watch the Sly 4 teaser trailer online, thank you. And if it has more Penelope or Dimitri segments, I'll keep my 60 dollars.

I 100 percented Final Fantasy 10.

Thing is I can't remember if I enjoyed doing so, I guess I must have blanked the trauma from my memory.

I still play ruby version, it gives me a lot of joy to level pokémon to 100.

Capatcha: Relaxin?

Answer: Why yes I am :3

On a side note, last I checked, Rugby is the up and coming thing due to pricks like Rooney slowly killing football. Just an update from across ye ponds.

On topic. I always wondered why the series had never evolved. I was kind of hoping for something tales of symphonia battle style (let's see if he'll play this one). You'd only carry say 15 pokemon at the most and battles would consist of choosing just 3 of these pokemon. Not only would this stop the 100%, as they would more strategically have to choose their pokemon for specific areas, it would also mean greater battle variety as their opponent would have the same choice of up to 15 pokemon to choose from it's specific love affair.

The pokemon would also have greater variety, flying types like butterfree say, being able to hover away from diglett, then whaling down on him, forcing the player to switch to a pokemon which can fly or can shock it.

I'm actually having a lot of fun attempting to catch them all. I've played 170 hours of Pokemon White and I'm always looking forward to levelling up my team and trading with others every time I switch it off.

I guess that makes me mad...

*curls up into a ball and starts giggling madly*

Come on... You've never just done something "because it's there"? ...before you answer: remember Minecraft.

Well minecraft is comprised entirely of just doing stuff without any sort of requirement. It's more like if you lived in the pokemon and could gather them if you felt like it or just build a house and forge some swords.

OT: I 100%'d Final Fantasy X and killed Penance (it was Penance wasn't it?) and you literally got an item what said you beat Penance... from then on I was done with that bullshit.

i once tried to 100% a 4th gen Pokemon game, it was torture


The funny thing about Zelda: OoT is that the creator specifically put an unbeatable challenge in the game just to cockslap 100 percenters. He apparently hates them.

Dare i ask what the challenge is?

I actually dread to think...

After you rebuild the bridge to the valley while you are adult link, you can find the running man in the tent. He challenges you to a race. He gives you a time to beat at first (like 2m38s) and you think "yeah, that's pretty beatable". Turns out he always runs faster than you. There are various glitches you can use like just riding Epona the entire race and you still lose.

I honestly don't think that Pokemon is the best example of this. Some games have generic orbs/packages/whatever spread across every nook and cranny of the gaming world and they will give you absolutely nothing except maybe increasing a completion percentage or giving you an achievement.

What makes Pokemon different from that is that the collected item is its own reward. You get to experience a new Pokemon! If you don't think that that is fun, why play the game to begin with? Also, all the collectibles are (somewhat) different, which adds some flavor. Really, I don't think this is any different than any other collection hobby (like collecting stamps or coins). Part of the fun is that everything is different, and part of it is that you get a sense of accomplishment when you find a rare one.

...>.> has cought all pokemons on yellow, red, blue, ruby, silver and gold..<.<

Interesting article though :3

I've finished the Pokedex at least once on every single Pokemon game to date, except Black and White which I'm working on now. Some I've even completed multiple times, with the biggest example being Silver version which I completed about 10 times in my life. Here's the kicker though: I've had fun each time, and have never felt like I'm either doing work or being forced to do it.

Side note: I actually fried my Red version memory because not only did I have one of every single Pokemon, but each of them were lvl 100. Now that is dedication :)

I remember collecting all 151 pokemon in red version years ago, having grinding up levels to make pokemon evolve was boring, thank god for action replay, 99 rare candy and 99 master balls made it catching them all alot easier. Cheating though it was I was young and impatience.

Some 100 percenters are definatley mad thought I read a walkthrough for Final Fantasy where it said that for 100 percent completion you had to level characters to lv.100, collect all weapon and armour, master all materia in game and collect 99 of EVERY item in the game. I mean anyone who has actually done that must have been insane or when went insane doing it.

Well, I'm all for the motorboating of titties and oral sex for completing large portions of a game, but I doubt that will happen. :(

Regardless, I'm going to argue and say that Pokemon, while originally designed for the "catch em all" concept, has evolved from that to more a competitive style of play. Catching them all is no longer worth it or even possible in some cases (damn event Pokemon cocking it all up). Now it's all about finding the right Pokemon, plugging in the right attacks and stats and then competing against other players to see who had the most forethought in putting a team together.

But I'm not surprised that Yahtzee didn't go much into this concept at all since he has a dislike of competitive multiplayer anyway. It'd be like telling him that singleplayer is pointless in Halo and the only reason anyone plays is for the competitive multiplayer.

So essentially what Yahtzee is saying is that Pokemon is evil just because some people have no self control over catching them all? Yeah bite me. Not once have I "caught them all" and it doesn't look like that'll change anytime soon. Just because you know people that hopelessly obsessed doesn't mean everyone who enjoys the franchise is.

Besides, Yahtzee's not one to talk about Pokemon players being mad when he has an immersion fetish.

But I'm not surprised that Yahtzee didn't go much into this concept at all since he has a dislike of competitive multiplayer anyway. It'd be like telling him that singleplayer is pointless in Halo and the only reason anyone plays is for the competitive multiplayer.

While I have nothing against competitive multiplayer, it is worth noting that not every game needs to cater to those people. Especially since most competitive people I've met are amongst the biggest, most elitist bastards I've ever met in my life. So I can at least sympathize with Yahtzee on that end.

I got all those damn OoT Skullstulas.... twice. Never. Again. And the Assassin's Creed flags were another thing that I wrote off early on; if I noticed one, sure, I'd pick it up, but I wasn't going out of my way to catch them.
Really, it all depends on the game. Some games I'm perfectly happy to collect everything, some games I peg as tedious early on. Pokemon started getting impossible in the third gen, and I haven't even bothered trying since.

I try and catch as many as I can, but I stopped trying to 100% Pokemon long ago, because of Nintendo Events. Seriously, Nintendo, no one like going to these events to get a special ticket, item or Pokemon to unlock content they paid for. Never mind the fact that some of these events STILL haven't been held (namely the Arceus event), and that sometimes attending these events is just not an option due to location.

I have I think ten PS3 games and I only have one Platinum trophy which I got from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I usually don't even bother with things beyond the main story unless it nets me something tangible like a priceless piece of equipment or the true ending. Otherwise I just don't give a shit.

I've always been a 100% sort of person and I remember back in the days when you didn't even know how many of whatever it was you were collecting actually existed in the game. It's always been an exciting way to play, the ups being when the 100% collection had meaningful benefits (more missile, energy tanks and special endings in Metroid games) and it has had its downs (Pokemon) where 100% is really just bragging rights. However despite all of that... I really like Yahtzee's idea for how to break someone of this terrible affliction. Hint Hint.

Admittedly, I'm a 100%er, and with few exceptions, I'd agree with Yahtzee; it is NOT a lot of fun.

It is definitely a borderline OCD need to check everything off. When I log into my 360 and see games with unfulfilled achievements, it DRIVES ME NUTS.

On the flipside, I don't give a crudmuffin for gamerscore. So thankfully I'm not drawn to buying a bajillion games. I just have problems letting go of the ones I buy.

I would love to go with Yahtzee's plan to cure my affliction, but sadly, my friends' sisters aren't all that... d'oh!

Is Extra Punctuation currently adhering to a minimum quota of homosexuality in the articles?

Pokemon isn't a 100% game.

For the people who actually play it seriously, there's min-maxing. Natures, EVs, IVs. Other stuff. Just having a pokemon isn't enough; to some, you've actually got to have the strongest.

It's a 500% game.

EDIT: We're all mad down here, Yahtzee.

Who would want the Nemesis when you could have the Spur.

Also, I collected the Gold Skulltullas because I wanted to lift the curse. You're the hero of fucking time. Are you just going to leave that last dude hanging after you save his whole family?

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