The Big Picture: Maddening

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This felt like just a big rant. Celebrities have the power of their reputation. If people who buy sports games care enough about animal rights, the sales will show.

Animal rights activist here and, yeah, I hate Vick. I mean, why the hell did he need to do that for? He has plenty of money. I don't understand. Personally, I think a lot of people in the NFL need to be fired. If they can't act like human beings and treat women and animal with respect, they shouldn't be able to be handed millions to throw around a ball around.

To those who say "It's just a dog", have you ever kicked a dog? Just imagine yourself killing an actual dog. It's not exactly something you can do with a whole lot of compassion and pride.

Not even gonna start ranting/raving about PETA because I have a love-hate relationship with them.

I don't want to be an instigator here, but Bob: according to this logic--does that mean we should not buy Street Fighter games? Or Megaman games? Or any of the Mario spin-offs? Why is it that gamers only find it "wrong" to churn out annual updates or sequels when EA does it?

As for Michael Vick, I'm in agreement: f**k him. And that goes for anyone who would stand up for him by saying "It's only a dog." Really? Well what if he killed YOUR dog!? To be fair, he did his time, but that doesn't mean we have to LIKE him.

I'm with MovieBob. Michael Vick did awful things for his own perverse amusement. In a better world, he would still be locked up, taking counselling and on heavy medication. As we can't expect people like this to be locked away "because of a dog" the least we can ask for is that he doesn't get to be admired for kicking a ball.

Sorry Bob, but I don't agree with a lot of this, there are much worse crimes this man could have done; murder, rape, child abuse etc than simply making dogs fight each other. Sure, it's cruel alright and I wouldn't do it personally, but just as bad things go on in nature every day. Also I didn't like in your video how you dismissed a lot of the oppositions potential arguments without even explaining why you did so. I happen to believe that morals don't apply in the same way to animals as they do to humans, I don't see an issue here.

Perhaps it's time to forgive and forget, he's done his time and if he says he's sorry, then I'll accept that. Anyway, just being on the front of what quite frankly is an unimportant video game cover for just one year is hardly worth being worked up about.

just out of curiosity where in nature does one find an animal that forces two other animals to fight for its pleasure? seriously dude animals fight, yes; animals kill, of course; do animals (other than Vick) place bets on which one lives or dies?

sure we can forgive but not when the man makes more money than (possibly)everyone who's commented on this topic combined, without needing to torture living creatures. he get forgiveness when he donates ALL the money he's made up to this point to WWF or starts up a animal protect agency.

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