Trailers: Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

Battle griffins, hydras and other mythical creatures in this open world action game.

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A better trailer I have not seen in a *long* time. This honestly looks pretty cool, especially if it's got a little blood from Devil May Cry running through it. I may have to check this out when it releases a year from now :/

I don't want to kill griffins, I want to ride them!
Glad to see they're not stacking this onto the holiday season.

Not to bad from the looks of it. Not utterly over the top.

Two things I see as a problem though.
It looks very generic. I like brown low fantasy games, but I dont see any artistic flair that makes it stand out.
And the other is that the weight looks off. Everything is moving way to quick for its size.

Otherwise, promising. I'm interested in what the plot is about. That's the make or break for me.

I will only play this game if every time magic is cast that guitar riff kicks in.

It looks like it's going to be a Japanese interpretation of a Western RPG.
Which, you know... is going to be fairly okay. Nothing spectacular, and still ripped with bad Japanese Cliches.

Doesn't look too bad, but as has been said before, doesn't look like there's anything unique or special about it, which is always a shame.

Still, wait and see I guess.

Looks kind of like a cross between Demons Souls and Devil May Cry. The fact that they included what looked like actual gameplay footage in the trailer is promising.


*jaw drop!* now THIS! is dragon age as it should have been!

The name though... "Dragon's Dogma"... Is that like 'eat princesses and roast knights'?

Everything is moving way to quick for its size.

Not only that, but the faster animations look like their composed of only 2 frames which looks very choppy and not fluent at all.

other than that it looks very ok. hope the story is gonna be good.

hard to tell what the game actually is, looks abit like its going to be a more generic monster hunter

Just to clarify this isn't Dragon age? K....just needed to check....looks good but I just hope it brings in some fresh game mechanics. Could be good - will be bad if they don't mix things up a little :)

That looked awesome - but quite a few animations looked like they could use a bit of work - so hopefully these were not the finished ones - plus a little bit of uniqueness - I never heard of this before but now I'm going to keep an eye out for this one :)

It looks quite interesting, I noticed the art style borrows from resident evil 4 somewhat. And it seems there's some shadow of the colossus style climbing with the gryphon

The name though... "Dragon's Dogma"... Is that like 'eat princesses and roast knights'?



I really like the look on this game, and hopeuflly it is a multi class game because I DONT want to use arrows, but it looks amazing, the story (we know nothing) is ?, and the gameplay looks pretty great BUT also does it look like it has multiplayer?

This looks likes it wants to be ES Skyrim...

Thinking past DMC´s, that trailer could be anywhere from 0% and up, actually "CONTROLLABLE" gameplay and not just scripted "INGAME" movie shiat

Oh wow, a Western RPG made by Eastern RPG creators. This looks AWESOME. So going to buy this when it's released. However, I suggest they look at improving the graphics.


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