Unskippable: Atelier Rorona

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I think that this episode is one of the best that you have done for a while. I laughed for almost its entirety, a great episode.

I think this is your best episode by far. I laughed the whole way through.

Hilarious! Great episode.

yeah, well, me and doors go back a long way...

I loved the stupid game titles remark. Great opener!

And Rorona sums up every anime girl ever, in my opinion.

yeah, well, me and doors go back a long way...

I wish my door could do that.

Awesome....simply awesome

I love the Scooby Doo jokes...which really aren't as funny written out.....

Very good episode guys! JRPG's do loan themselves well to this, don't they?

Was not expecting this, but I pretty much laughed through the whole thing. Loved the game but the story is rather incoherent.

Anyone else love it best when they do JRPGs? Maybe because they're such easy targets, but they always come out with the best material.
Except space Russians. That was class.

How you ask? SHUT UP! That's how!


Can I request a "Let's Play" of this one? The game alone looks humorous (or all the wrong reasons) but with you two commenting it'd be utterly hilarious.

Awesome first part. I loved it. Can't wait. ;o)

I'd play just to find out WHY the workshop belonging to the person who made the town prosper by getting aincent machines to work is having her workshop shut down by the royalty that was prepared to give that same person ANYTHING. I guess she should have included 'and let my workshop STAY open regardless of how viable it is' in that wish...

Why do the people in the dialogue screens look at least 5 years older than their 3D versions?

It's very... odd.


The owner (Astrid) got pissed at people asking her for everything and decided to turn to isolation. Astrid gave Rorona's parents some stuff but they couldn't pay her back, so she took Rorona as collateral. Rorona takes over the workshop (or lets it die if you sit on your butt). The messenger works for some royal doofus (the old fart I mentioned) who wants to bulldoze it.

Needless to say, work your butt off and keep the shop or stay a slave to Astrid, a total perve.


Well it is good astrid id giving jobs to the mentally ill.

Also, why do the characters look 20ish in the cut scene and 12 walking around?

It's anime. :P
Nah, I don't know. There are some games who do something similar, like Disgaea, where the characters are miniaturized and in cutscenes they look normal.

OT: Loved the episode. Got a few laughs out of it. ^^

There should really be a law against giving a character a simple character model and then rockin' tits when she talks...

The kneel before zod gag really got me ^_^ Laughed so hard.

Why was rorororona voiced by Fluttershy?

You know, the outside and inside doors of the workshop don't match. So the door we're shown outside doesn't lead to the door we're shown inside. I'm quite sure the world's most fucking amazing corridor is connecting the two, and the game won't freakin' let us see it.

This was really good.

The best Unskippable in a long time ! You must do a lets play with this game. Seems like a great fit.

I would buy this game just to play the Scooby Doo character.


Where do you FIND all these crappy games???

I've played this series. It's fairly generic and to be honest, easy but there's a huge focus on item creation that I really like.

looks like and old ps1 game

It's actually a decent game.

You are correct.

Since last fall, on the JRPG front, I got Atelier Rorona, Y's Seven, Hyperdimension Neptunia & Ar Tonelico Qoga. Atelier is nice since there are no world ending baddies or "take itself too seriously" plotlines. Really it's just good alchemy fun.

Besides, you can actually complete the game without killing anything (aside from 10 monsters as part of a mandatory quest). How many other JRPGs give you that kind of freedom?

Hearing Paul say "HERRO, RERONA" Just made my day twice as awesome.

I love seeing all of the comments about how nobody knows about the Atelier games... yet this is one of the few of these that I have actually played the game before watching the video...

But....I actually want to know why the workshop is being closed down!!

BAHAHAHA! See, THIS is what Unskippable really needs, more atrocious Anime cutscenes.

Yes, I like my anime, but they rarely translate well into games.

Wait the wonderful hero of the town who activates this 'machine' that somehow makes peoples lives better get 1 wish, she uses it to open an alchemy workshop then the game opens with 'oh by the way, the King orders you to close your alchemy workshop'. Dick move >:(

holy crap, that cinematic was terrible. Nice rips on it.

dalek sec:
I'm really hoping she kicks ass at Alchemy cause with those socail skills you'd be canned from just about every job there is.

Good god the writing makes me want to scream, I'm not a writer myself but jeez!

Great episode though, I laughed my ass off during this one.

i usually make excuses for japanese to english dubbing saying its better in japanese but listening to those lines even nonsense spoken in high pitched tones cant make that shit sound good

It would make sense for the royal buckpasser to let someone else do his job.

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