Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

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This guy would be better as a columnist.




Oh, no, he usually likes the movies EVERYONE HATES and have a huge "cult appeal". He LOVED Suckerpunch, apparently. He also LOOOOOVED "Paul" despite that it was hugely ignored.


Hahaha, really? Please, enlighten me! What has he done/said that make him an misogynist. I know plenty of - women- who would gladly disagree with you. Jeez, what planet do you live on?

http://gamersareembarrassing.wordpress.com/ (Just chock full of his wackiness.)

Yeah, you get the drift.

Haven't read the 1st or 2nd one but trying to pass off the 3rd one as misogyny is BS.

I share his attitudes towards the game and free speech. If you want to make Rapeplay go ahead. If you want to make a game out of "A serbian film" go ahead, if you want to make a game where you kill people who like those sort of movies go ahead.

To say that I must agree with something to defend it's right to exist is just crap. I will defend the rights of people to express ideas that contradict each other.

Admittedly, I don't like him and it's disappointing. He brings up some very good points but the whole "Angry Ranter" persona just doesn't cut it for me.

He's a little like 'Extra Credits' with the word "Fuck"/"Fucking" thrown in.

If he tones down his attitude and gives a much more polite performance, he'll do well. Throwing "Fuck", "Fucking" and "Penis" into an argument makes him lose all credibility and will end with people disregarding every word.

Uh no. Ever heard of a show called Penn and Teller: Bullshit? They made rants and arguments and they swore a lot (hell it's in the title), and yet they were on for 8 years until very recently when they decided to do a different show.

In fact they had a whole episode dedicated to profanity, you should see it if you have the time (and no it's not non-stop swearing).


And there's David Jaffe, he swears casually and yeah he's kinda big.

Jim may be stating the obvious. But having some of the comments, articles and videos from Escapist in mind, he needs to say it many more times.

Sometimes the obvious is the hardest thing to spot.

Sorry dude, but I dont think i'll be a fan.

The only good point you made is that video games and movies are different things and should be treated as such. You repeated that point a lot, but you didnt give many reasons why. Like, the majority of people above 30 think that video games are for kids as they didnt grow up on games which means that they will never understand the attraction to them. And they're the ones with the money, power and influence to make video games look bad.

Plus you just come across as a Yahtzee-Movie Bob hybrid without the intelligence or gift of the gab.

This is a great time to point out the importance of revision, and the general rule in writing and composition that you should listen to yourself read or perform what you've written before you consider it finalized. This is like a first-take rough-draft awful mess. Visually boring, inarticulate, repetitive, with unsubstantiated and unexplained arguments. A lot of just-so claims, and no real payoff for wading through it all. I'm almost sorry I gave this show a chance.

While amusing, it's nothing that hasn't been covered already, more eloquently, on this very site.

Aside from the accent and unique, uh, look ... there is nothing here that isn't better covered by EC. But hey, it's week 1, and the presence of cock and balls in the video tells me they're trying to play up the shock value, so I'll give it a few more weeks before I pass personal judgment.

this guy is horrible, it`s like you took Movie Bob and Yahtzee, added them together and sucked out the interesting dialog and opinions.
This guy is not funny.

Ugh. Simplistic, shallow, and irritating. Out of everyone at Destructoid, why did it have to be Jim? We couldn't have gotten Chad Concelmo instead?

You know what really irritates me? Talking about video games like it's all the same medium. There are very few things Frogger has in common with Half Life 2, aside from pressing buttons to make things happen on a computer's screen. It'd be like lumping comics in with text novels because they both appear in print.

Do not want. Just an idiot blabbing in an non articulate manner about something the majority of escapists would know. It's the polar opposite of Extra Credits, which is brilliant and actually helps further the medium.

Sorry dude, but I dont think i'll be a fan.

The only good point you made is that video games and movies are different things and should be treated as such. You repeated that point a lot, but you didnt give many reasons why. Like, the majority of people above 30 think that video games are for kids as they didnt grow up on games which means that they will never understand the attraction to them. And they're the ones with the money, power and influence to make video games look bad.

Plus you just come across as a Yahtzee-Movie Bob hybrid without the intelligence or gift of the gab.

Pretty much this plus you need to need to curse a lot less. Unless you can pull it off and be funny you just sound like an ignorant fool filling holes in his vocabulary with the word "Fuck".

I will, however, give this Jimquisition another chance. Like my father told me, "Give everything a second chance. If it disappoints you again, its not worth your time".

this man in my opinion is undeserving of a spot and related add space he inhabits. He needs to upgrade the production value of his works before submitting them. poorly lit white backdrop is a mistake noone should be making on this site.

sorry sir but you are small time

So did anyone else just spend most of the video trying to figure the layout of the room Jim was in through his extremely reflective sunglasses?

I like the fact that the escapist is broadening it cast of commemorators even if it is another angry gamer guy, who rants. If there is more to the series then he could be really cool. On a production note, color correct in post or at least white balance, that off white wall looks horrible, and while you are at it, lav the guy up. His hands look like they have a lot to say, but are being chained down by holding that mic.

Wrong. Try playing Final Fantasy and telling me that games are not movies.

Spent fucking 20 hours on that game, and 14 of those were fucking cutscenes.



what was the name of those clowns i forgot and thats my favorite final fantasy :(

Zorn and Thorn, also

Man, I'd managed to forget that boss fight. .-.

Anyway, ontopic.

I'm surprised no-one's mentioned (as of page 9) the intro-theme thing yet. Allow me to remark on how utterly heavy-handed it was. How did the lyrics go again? "I'm different than you" or some such self-glorifying nonsense? And while I was listening to it, you showed me pictures of you humping a Sonic plushy. I'm sorry, you're a relatable figure how, Jimmy? Just from your intro I'd already decided I didn't like you. I did enjoy the music, though, you got yourself a free second chance by pandering to my utter fangirlishness for FFIX, but I'm afraid you wasted it. I don't know why an argument about video games not being movies is even necessary. You never established an audience so I wasn't sure if you were talking to developers or players. You didn't even make any good points that haven't already been done to death on the subject. And what's with the carpet F-bombs? That doesn't make you sound srs and jerky, it just makes you sound like a twelve-year-old trying to sound tough.
And why, oh why, did you need to throw in the poorly-drawn nudity? What did that add to your video, Jimmy? It wasn't funny, it wasn't amusing, it wasn't even well-drawn.

I stopped watching your video at about that point. I realized about then that I was only listening to hear Zorn and Thorn's themesong. I don't know why the Escapist thought you'd be a good addition to their cast. It'd be interesting to hear their reasoning behind that. Apparently you're some famous guy from some website I've heard of a few times but never had a reason to care about. If that's the reason, then that's a really sad reflection on the Escapist staff.

I'll give you a few more chances, Jimmy-bean. I don't have high hopes for you, but we'll see. Maybe you'll get better.

I liked this video. A little bit of polish and shine never goes awry, but overall it was good for a first vid :)
Will be patiently waiting for next weeks vid.

I don't like how he drops so many f*bombs. Seriously, it just seems unnatural and forced.

I'm sorry but that is a really old topic and you just ranted on about it. I know the stumbling in your speech was probably on purpose to give a sense of enthusiasm but I didn't like it. Personally I didn't find you engaging and I will not be following you work.

Jimothy Sterling:
Is it considered gauche to respond to your own feedback here? I don't know. Ah well. Too late now.

Thank you all for the feedback thus far, even the negative stuff. It's obviously important to hear why you suck from people who will properly explain it to you. Having isolated the key criticisms, I will address them:

1) Obviousness of subject: Not every episode is going to be something hotly contested. Sometimes it's just stuff that pissed me off and hopefully people can feel cathartic in hearing it voiced by someone else. That said, future episodes will have more debatable and touchy topics to discuss, so it won't just be a fat man stating the obvious.

2) The visual presentation: One of the reasons I went with having me on the camera is the very fact that we have shows like Extra Credits and Zero Punctuation. I don't want to look like those. Future episodes will strive for more cut-away content and I will be getting better lighting up in this business as soon as I can. I'll be working hard to make it both different and interesting.

3) That line flub: Dunno how I let that slide. No, that was shit on my part.

Not like you ever do but don't let the hate get you down Jim. I might not always agree with you but I do always love hearing what you say. Repost the "Nobody cares you're good at video games" episode. That'll blow a few minds. Also if you get a chance would you please ask Wardrox to post the last episodes of Podcastle somewhere? They've gone missing from the web.

Why...why would this be allowed on the escapist...

I know people are allowed to have other opinions, and to be honest I didnt like heavy rain either, but I thought this video brought out so much of what is wrong with people...

He seemed to be angry, arrogant and immature...I'd be happy never to see him on the escapist again.

Let me preface this review by saying I'm mildly intrigued, and certainly will be tuning in next week to see how this new serial web video will continue.


His absolutist stance on the argument is a naive approach to a topic that Extra Credits have dealt/are dealing with in a much more balanced, productive manner, not to mention that it's not entirely true.

Movies and videogames share the same sensory outputs (moving visual and audio), and because of that they are intimately connected with each other. Movies and videogames are not the same, but getting on a soapbox and ranting that they are completely different is just as arrogant as someone claiming that videogames are just movies with gameplay. For each quantifiable difference, there is a quantifiable similarity. And there is no justifiable reason videogame designers cannot learn from other artistic mediums.

I guess this is my soapbox: Absolute declarations are simplistic at best and usually meaningless.

Also, the level of polish in his script is much lower than any other popular show on the escapist. Note how he slipped up at 3:19, saying "...he's[Hideo Kojima] been called the Steven Spielberg of films..." when he meant to say "...Spielberg of games..." or something along those lines. Yahtzee manages to talk faster AND get his lines right...

The visual presentation was a mixed bag. I liked his outfit; the red tie contrasted nicely with the black suit, and the two combined made his emoting more expressive. But an emotive guy standing in front of a camera for five minutes isn't particularly interesting, so of course some art was added in. While there's nothing wrong with that in general, in this case the art is rarely anything other than crude images of dicks flashing in front of the audience for no apparent reason. The one meaningful image was a crudely drawn comparison of how videogames and movies are received differently by audiences, and it disappeared before I could absorb the meaning of it. I honestly wish it hadn't, and I went back and paused the video to see it again.

It's almost as if the show is ashamed of its art, dicks or no.

As I noted earlier, Extra Credits has discussed this topic several times, including once during their first episode on this site. Isn't there another topic that could have been discussed, or at least an original angle on this one?

In conclusion: I am far from impressed, and this show is going to need a lot more original work to be worth watching. Right now, it seems to be trying to mix Extra Credits, MovieBob and Zero Puncuation, and unfortunately the result is just a watery mess that's inferior to all of them.


I've now seen Jim's response to critizism and other opinions, and I am glad he's taking it into consideration. Here's to hoping there are more touchy subjects in this shows future than rambling rants.

Loved it. Would watch again.

Lost me at the 3 minute mark. I had to go back 3 times to follow what he was saying. It wasn't much really.

I watched this because of the adverts for it on every other video and was sorely disappointed. Rambling, incoherent and with no clear MO or pertinent contribution to the debate.

"I think games can be a superior narrative medium to film, because."

Yes? How, then?

So, basically, he's taken Anthony Burch's Rev Rants, removed the fancy green screen and added lots of swearing. This would work much better as an article rather than a video. Even then, this isn't what we need: another fat, angry, douche angrily using a large amount of expletives in order to get his point across.

If the point of the video series is "OMGZ, he's saying what we're all thinking!" there really isn't much of a point to it at all. I'm tired of condescending bullcrap that panders to the lowest common denominator.

Wrong. Try playing Final Fantasy and telling me that games are not movies.

Spent fucking 20 hours on that game, and 14 of those were fucking cutscenes.

What FF are you talking about? XIII?

Then also stay away from MGS4. I think it was Graham from LRR who once said (prolly in Unskippable I'm not sure) something along the lines of:

"Hideo Kojima does not let you play because he is afraid you might ruin his movie."



Prop3r Badman:
You guys really are a bunch of insular Yahtzee circle jerk offs as i heard. Have you guys ever been on another website?

Jim Sterling is a very opinionated individual, and whilst his presentation might be raw his opinions are always valid.

I like you. They don't realize their idol Yahtzee is just taking what people like and spitting in it's face for views. Jim believes what he is saying like it or not, which makes him more credible.

I love how there are dozens of people that have joined the site today just to tell us all that we are Yahtzee fan boys and piss all over us because we don't like the guy that they like.

First things first, Yahtzee isn't my idol, I would hope he isn't anyone's idol. He is a guy who is good at criticizing games, so yeah he takes what we like and exposes the flaws. It's almost like in the act of criticizing games he has become a Game Critic or something like that.

Second, what makes you think Yahtzee or any of the other contributors on the site don't believe what they are saying? It would seem kind of strange for these people to devote a large portion of their lives into doing something they don't believe in. Yahtzee started out on YouTube pointing out the flaws of games and giving them straight up reviews, this is what he did in his spare time for fun and he didn't expect it to become something he could make a living out of. Usually people don't waste their spare time doing things that gets people all angry and shout-y unless they believe in it.

Also just because Jim believes in what he is saying doesn't make him credible. Just like anyone else in the world (Yes even Yahtzee, ZOMG). Stop using your stupid double standards and please just leave.

Ummm, I've been her over a year now. Unless that was directed to the person I quoted in which case I apologize for the misunderstanding there.

Positive: I like the concept of these series and I might watch more, but...

Negative: Jim, you're on the escapist, a magazine and community that has a high regard of itself. Please don't use words for genitals and excrements to empower your arguments, because it only makes your argument look stupid and it doesn't make you look as classy as, say, someone drinking from a golden cup with a big smile while wearing sunglasses.


Prop3r Badman:
You guys really are a bunch of insular Yahtzee circle jerk offs as i heard. Have you guys ever been on another website?

Jim Sterling is a very opinionated individual, and whilst his presentation might be raw his opinions are always valid.

The drunk that just pissed on my coat and humped my chair may have valid opinions... that doesn't mean I want to watch him...

Valid opinions are a dime a dozen. Everyone has opinions, and most people have good reasoning to back it up. The guy said nothing that hasn't been said a million times by other contributors on this website and by the forumites in general.

Thanks for that.

Basically, it's a rehash of what I've heard/seen a hundred times. He may have valid points, but it wasn't anything I haven't heard from a dozen other sources already. I'll give it time, but I wasn't very impressed. He's kind of annoying to listen to.

I dunno about the Steven Spielberg of the gaming industry, but I believe we've found its Lewis Black

Because I needed another reason to hate Mondays...

I laughed at that one.

Why does he say comparing movies to paintings is the same as comparing games to movies?
A more apt analogy would be comparing movies to novels. Movies can bee thought of as novels which engage sight and hearing directly, instead of describing it to us. Similarly games can be thought of as movies with interactivity added, at least partially. Now, this analogy only holds as far as plot in both cases as the added element drastically changes the product. A novel, movie and game made to follow the exact same plot will, even if the development team behind all three tries their hardest not to, have the consumer have a different experience. Why is he so against comparing the plot of a non-branching video game to that of a movie, or even any individual plot line of a game with a branching plot. The narratives created by a game are probably going to be the same or similar to those a movie can produce, and thus it is quite reasonable to compare them. Sure, the experience of playing a game is different to the experience of watching a movie, even if they tell the same story, but the same could be said of movies and novels. Does that mean we should stop comparing the movie adaptation of a novel to the original?

In my opinion the comparison between games and film comes from games attempting to become a story telling medium. As a story telling medium it is perfectly logical for people to compare it to one that is more wide spread and accepted. I'm sure that there where plenty of people comparing novels to movies when movies where an emerging story telling medium. And now that it is the dominant one it has become the measuring stick for the next medium to attempt to emerge. And though not all games are trying to tell a story ( i can think of three whole genres of games off the top of my head that don't) it is never those games that get compared to movies, because they are "pure" games. I feel the need to mention this as Jim talked about the re-birth of the games industry, but when talking about games comparing to movies i do not know a single person who would bring up something from that era, baring outliers that drove the games towards becoming a storytelling medium.

A fat guy on speed wearing sunglasses. Very original.

I thought that when people say they want the "Citizen Kane of video games", they just meant they wanted a video game that was really good. Like what Citizen Kane was to movies, this desired game would be for video games. I don't think a equivalence of the two media is implied.

It's clearer if you use an analogy with less similar terms; what we want is the fillet mignon of video games.

At about two minutes in I started to wonder when it was going to end, and that tells you pretty much what I thought of the video.

If he actually fleshed out an idea or two instead of the same thing over and over and over again it might be worth listening to, dunno about watching.

On another note this guy needs to relax, watch his mouth and get some real pictures, the fewer of male genitalia the better.

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