Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

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Meanwhile, at Destructoid...

I am surprised at the amount of comments on here that amount to "Huh? Who?", since Jim is one of the main attractions of Destructoid, and yet The Escapist has managed to nab him. It's like Yathzee doing an opinion series on Destructoid.

Who the hell are Destructoid?

Yes I will check the link.


I don't get it. Why do we need more videos people rambling into a microphone and calling it "commentary"? We have Yahtzee, Movie Bob (twice a week), and Extra Credits.

Pretty much exactly what I wanted to say - who is this guy and why should I be interested in his rants?!

That was pretty good. Liked the music more than anything to be honest but mainly because I've heard about Kojima being confused about his job (ie: game maker not film director) and, Heavy Rain...well, simply negative things about Heavy Rain...It just seemed like a weak start. Then again, many great shows have had worse starts.

Oh hey, Penn Jillete was given a job here?

What's the point of making a video if he just stands there. This could've been an audio file, like ZP or even better; an article. Him standing in front of a camera wearing a pair of hideous glasses and flapping his left hand about doesn't add any value whatsoever.

Wow, you guys are really easy to annoy.


Heavy Rain is just a different style of game, nothing more nothing less. I am sick of people going "It's a movie/visual novel/one long QTE" because it's still a game.

It isn't, however a very good one. It's not a type of game which moves the industry forward, it's a new Phantasmagoria, a shitty interactive movie that trades on this "mature" narrative but doesn't actually make a compelling play experience. And that is why it fails, it doesn't do what games do, it just retreads old mistakes that most of the rest of the industry grew out of along with digitised video.

Gaming does not only evolve by "removing the boundaries" or giving more interaction to the world. That is merely one aspect of the evolution of games. If you genuinely think that (which I'm pretty sure you don't), then you're more restricting to the medium than Cage is.

Interactivity is the thing which seperates games from other media, it's the one thing that games can do that nothing else can. When you take that interactivity out you destroy what made the medium worth a damn in the first place.

Heavy Rain might have a "mature" narrative, but as a game it isn't worth World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.

Personally, it just feels like The Escapist is trying to tap into the "troll dollar" with this show.

He's obviously just flamebaiting us. Which is funny because The Escapist recently went on some mad quest to make everyone behave nicely to each other. (Unless you have a camera, then you can be a big elitist prick as much as you like it seems)

Whether you agree with them or not you'll have watched the show and made them money, and it feels that's all they care about with this show.

Message; right. Delivery; Shite. Seriously guys I could do better than this and i wash pots for a living.

His voice irritated me to the point I couldn't continue watching. The recording device quality is probably part way to blame but still it was hard to listen to.

Alright, first off, I wanna' say, I like this guy's character, or at least, it's fun to watch.

But he doesn't belong in front of a screen like that, holding his microphone, preaching to the choir. He needs to be this kind of reckless, crazy person that's throwing eggs at big development buildings, and demanding an interview with their CEOs while the police take him away.

He needs to go and poll the populous, hold a press rally, and have a little towel to wipe his brow, like Louis Armstrong, just because that works with him.

I want to see this guy outside, getting in people's faces. Because this is the right man to do it.

My god man that's brilliant! Then he could be like the illigitimate love child of Yahtzee and Michael Moore! As is he already seems to be the illigitimate love child of Yahtzee and Movie Bob. Ugh. The schtick is already there, you can find your way to the escapist by following the collumns of smoke left by the f-bomb abuse, do we seriously need another foul mouthed, opinionated critic??

I think this slot is already filled and this topic been hashed out on this site ALmost as much as "what is your opinion on morality systems" or "you've been caught doing something embarassing and sexual what do you do now?" Welcome one and all to Camp Schtick! Clown suits and cleavage to follow....

Good lord this was annoying to listen to/look at. I agree with the handful of people in this thread suggesting that this would have been better as an article, with less swearing, because swearing a lot doesn't automatically make you funny or convincing. Now to sit and look foreward to Extra Credits and Zero Punctuation later this week.

So... what's the deal with this guy? Does he have Parkinson's or Tourettes or something?
I don't mean anything by it, just curious.

On topic: He makes some good points, certainly, and I agree with most of his opinions but... how do I describe it? The word "hamfisted" comes to mind. I'm reserving judgement for now. I'll give this a chance to impress me, but it feels like this wasn't his best work. (Especially considering the whole "games are their own medium" bit would be Extra Credits' main underlying theme, if it had one. Not the best first impression to copy bluntly what others have said far more eloquently.)

There's some potential here. I'm curious to see if this goes anywhere.


Personally, I find his angle depressing and reductive.

"Mindless fun is the most artistic form of expression I can think of."
I honestly do not know how to respond to that.

Now, see... I think that episode is much better than the current one. It's still "hamfisted", but presents him more as someone who actually "gets it", and not merely ranting about something stupid he heard (as if in an internet forum?). As I said, we'll see where this goes...

well that was a waste of five minutes, I didnt like or enjoy his...work...at destructoid and I like it even less here.

It felt like going to a performance of great musicians and then finding the fourth act in is an drunken old man playing the spoons (badly) .

Well to be perfectly honest it seems a bit pointless when put next to Extra Credits.
That sounds a lot more horrible than I meant.
I am aware that he will improve, it's only his first video and I probably will be checking back. He seems to be definately will become awesome and it's not like he's making the site worse, unlike... SOME... shows that I could mention.

Well, it isn't like its his first Jimquisition... He has been doing it at dtoid for quite sometime and its the same shit... He takes himself way to seriously, he isn't particularly well informed, he isn't funny and he can't seem to be able to grasp the notion that his opinions are just that.

It is definately sub-par to Extra Credits and Yahtzee. Just think of the ECredits' first video here...

The Roger Ebert thing has started to become a bit of a myth it seems, yet he's not really the enemy. If you read the actual (now infamous) blog entry, you'll find he's quite on point (and in a way, Yahtzee found this to be the case too). In fact, I think what Ebert said actually helps the cause, as it's pretty much in line with what Jim is saying in this very video.

Here it is, demystify it:


I think what he said was true but the british accent will make people compare him to yahtzee. Oh well.

I will treat this series like how I treat my alcoholic beverages; One and done. (Lightweight)

I did not enjoy this new guy, and I feel like "fuckin'" could have had its own number counter. It was just some dude against a white background with a heavy handed opinion on something and a mic. Sure there was little clips, but they didn't do much to add to the value. I usually give shows a few episodes to prove themselves, but with this one, I don't really feel is going to get that same chance. Sorry Jim. :(

In my opinion, his "Bias Reviews" Jimquisition is by far his best. Check it out:


Oh dear... Whenever someone feels they have to justify their own opinion (and then do it in a rather uninteresting and overly aggressive way) then I start to wonder why their opinion is worth listening to at all. Especially when said person gets so worked up about the use of the word "bias". Firstly, bias isn't a word commonly used incorrectly (unlike "irony" and its derivatives). Secondly, he missed the difference between "bias" and "personal opinion". I'm not saying his reviews were biased, just that they could have been.

For example, the whole Kane and Lynch affair with gamespot and the advertising was the game makers hoping to force the reviewer to give a favourable review. That would have been biased. Simply stating your opinion is not biased, but stating that your opinion can't be bias is just ridiculous.

This is 3 videos that I've seen now, 2 of which were linked here as examples of "good videos" and they've all had similar flaws. Assumptions of idiocy levelled towards the audience, a discussion about a topic that never goes beyond scratching the surface, a delivery that is rather condescending and grating, a discussion on topics that most people could have given and no real worth to any of it. I'm sensing that I generally agree with what you're trying to say but your method of expressing your opinion makes me wish I didn't. (I like to call this "the Jeremy Kyle effect").

A game can have a fantastic narrative
A game can have the best soundtrack in the history of soundtracks
A game can bring you to tears, make you laugh, and get a huge range of emotion out of you.
However, that game will always be a game, and not a movie. They can have the same qualities that a movie can have, but they will not be a movie. That doesn't mean that what you got out of it is any less important.

It's the same with the whole video games and art debate. The parts that make up the video game are the art, not the game itself as a whole. I think this is where a lot of the confusion and arguments stem from. Plus we have this whole negative stereotype from film, news and uneducated parents that video games are a silly and pointless children's toy. It's sad that we're at the point in gaming that movies and art have coming into the vocabulary, and that stereotype sits there to twist the knife. A game is very much a medium through which artistic expression can be expressed. It would be like ignoring all the important value of Fantasia because it's "Just a piece of children's animation.".

i look forward to see what other issues he covers. for a first episode though, i thought it was pretty damn good


Yay, another video series about how video games are supposed to have a deeper meaning other than just being fun. I understand that video games can have phenomenal narratives, writing, direction, etc, but must we constantly have this argument about the whole games as art" thing?

Go ahead, talk about how I have a lack of higher thought process or whatever. I'll be over here getting my kicks with Bulletstorm (pun not intended).

Actually, I think you'll find Sterling is on your side in that particular question.

Personally, I find his angle depressing and reductive.

"Mindless fun is the most artistic form of expression I can think of."
I honestly do not know how to respond to that.

I'm not quite sure what to say to that myself, but I don't mind stupid, senseless fun. Hell, that's the main reason why I'm so excited for the new Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem: they're both just so delightfully cheesy. And if not, then shame on me for dropping $100 for them (I like special editions).

But all that's besides the point. I certainly know that games are not movies, and that's one of a few reasons why I won't touch games like Heavy Rain with a 29.5-foot pole (hell, I wouldn't touch it with a 30-foot pole). I could care less about the whole "games are art" argument; I - speaking purely as an individual - simply want some enjoyment, whether that be from pulling an infinite in a fighting game, shooting someone in the balls and laughing at their screams of agony, or hearing about how to factions of robots are on the verge of civil war due to a mathematically-engineered conflict of interest.

He looks a lot like Bruce Campbell in the stylized border that surrounds the screen.

guys im making a video about why ak 47's are not toasters any one wana help me out(pm me if you do)

This was just awful. The Escapist already has Extra Credits doing insightful commentary on gaming there is no need for this blowhard muttering for 5 minutes while barely getting a point across. Needless to say I won't be watching any more of these videos.

I agreed with all these points (especially about that piece of shit Heavy Rain) when they were the subject of Jim's articles on Destructoid. They were more fleshed out there, too, and this video kind of feels like he's just skimming those articles without breaking any new ground.

Still love the continued piss-taking he's doing with that 'auteur' David Cage, but hopefully future installments have a bit more substance to them.

"Mindless fun is the most artistic form of expression I can think of."
I honestly do not know how to respond to that.

He lacks the most basic brain functions necessary to understand anything more challenging then the "my fist, your face" kind of stuff.

Kinda like this:

Suggestion for next week:

Two camera angles. Something, anything, that stops the video being just a static shot of a man doing stand-up. It doesn't have to be a slideshow, like Moviebob or Yahtzee, but, for christ's sake, DO something with the camera.

If you're using a visual medium, it generally helps to have some kind of dynamic or entertaining visual element.

Also, lose the sunglasses. If you cover your face, you're handicapping your ability to convey emotion, which really isn't a help if you're doing a to-camera piece.

He looks like he's about to have a heart attack the fat shit. Anyway nitpicking aside. That wasn't entertaining or interesting in the slightest, it just made me hate my own country a bit more. Really what is going on with the guys at the top these days? The escapist just seems a bit shit at the moment.

WOW, talking about flogging a dead horse of a subject.

No shit, Sherlock.


Movies are not videogames, and videogames are not movies!
Movies are videogames not, and videogames are movies not!

He definatly goes up a knotch in my book for using such awesome music.
FF9 was the only one I really liked, even if the ending was abit BLARGH!

Did not like in the slightest, not tuning in next week.


This place is for intellectual regarding an artform; this guy's an idiotic misogynist!

I'm actually kind of depressed know, you guys are desperate, or something.

I give up on this site, consider me a hater who posts every now and then.

Yeah, I'm never gonna give this another chance.

I'm sorry but we already have a fat guy who loves comic books and talks about "The Big Picture" along with an angry fellow who speaks of dicks with an English accent. Does the Escapist need something that combines the two?

I didn't mind the show, although I think the original premise of it was so obvious it appeared silly (of course video games aren't movies). The rest of it was fine though. Maybe with some better production values, this show'll fit in better.

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