Tales from the Table: Chapter 3: A Tale of a Girlfriend

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Chapter 3: A Tale of a Girlfriend

The adventurers are in the middle of a heated battle with an evil Druid Key Master but things become hectic in the presence of Thordin's Girlfried.

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Damn bitch stole her chocolate!

What a bitch! I mean seriously, she stole Ceredwyn's chocolate...

Also loved the druid with a keyblade.

EDIT: edited spelling of name since I couldn't think to look in the credits /facepalm

Wow! What a bitch!

How dare she make fun of Ceredwyn!

Bitch! She's corrupting the... That guy. I don't remember his name. But still!

And she stole Seradin's chocolate!

Another great show x3

When you steal someone's chocolate... well then it is officially on.

What a bitch! I mean seriously, she stole Saradin's(spelling?) chocolate...

It's spelt Ceredwyn in the credits...

No one steals Ceredwyn's chocolate!

NOOOOO!!! Not the chocolate!
And besides, the little paper crown is kinda cute...

I'm starting to really like this serious.

PS: Chocolate-stealing bitch!


What a bitch! I mean seriously, she stole Saradin's(spelling?) chocolate...

It's spelt Ceredwyn in the credits...

No one steals Ceredwyn's chocolate!

haha thanks, I've edited it now. Didn't even think to look in the credits -_-

Still not half as retarded as our DnD sessions.

"It's your turn to wash up anyway"
Absolute LOL!

OH HELL NO! Bitch took the chocolate. OFF WITH HER HEAD!
Well, it was ok but not as good as the previous episodes.
Still lol at the keybladeXD

Love the use of the Inverse Kingdom Key for the key master's weapon. Any episode with a Kingdom Hearts reference gets an automatic pass from me! The rest was entertaining, too, though.

Oh my.

The description has an oddly amusing typo. girlfried XD

Altough... It might be intentional.

The video... I don't know. Made me kind of sad somehow...

Don't know why exactly... >_>

That was... somewhat entertaining. I hope that in the future, they stop focusing so much on the game, and instead explore how dysfunctional the characters and their relationships are.

I really liked this episode. This show has been getting better every time. I just hope that it will have a story arc, and it looks like it's getting there.
Also, I genuinely laughed a bunch at this one. That bitch stole her chocolate.

Alright, I gave it four tries. I couldn't even sit through this episode. Anyone who wants a funny and less cringe inducing version of this, go hunt down any Knights of the Dinner table comics. Same basic setup, except done well. No offense intended to the creators, but there's nothing original here and the characters are painful stereotypes we've all seen before.

Wow, I don't want to like it, but there's definitely something, ...catharsis maybe? Following on from last week, you're certainly not pulling any punches. I don't think there's any precedent for this 'heart and guts' approach to portraying the DnD experience in other similar shows - you've pretty much single-handedly added a new dimension to the online voice of RPGing; kudos and...if I'm honest, thanks.

Awesome series - skinny barbarian is funny by design XD

What. A. Bitch.

Also, a girlfriend who isn't a geek? That's weird.

I like this series, you're doing a great job... aaaand she's a bitch. Really. Who she thinks she is?

I really like this series. The things you can do with your fantasy. ^^

Damn, that wasn't actually that funny, it was just sad. I dunno

you're right, he does roll like an elf!

great episode, awesome series!

I'm liking this show more and more. It seems like you are listening to your fans and adjusting to make them happy. Good job!

I was distracted by wondering how much work it took them to bring a couch and door/wall out to the forest.

:( That was a bit sad. But in a good way I guess.

Also there is no way the name Ceredwyn doesn't have Welsh/Celtic roots

Honestly, well done. The amount of hatred I felt towards the girlfriend was immense, so you wrote her quite well. Also, made me wanna slap Thordin around a little bit.

That last line made the whole episode worth it.

That and the back fist. =)

What a bitch. And a stupid bastard. Kick'em out of the group. If he's that whipped, that he abandons his own interests, then leave him to rot.

Gotta love the druid with the keybalde. Very nice touch. Also, damn bitch stole her chocolate!

one of my favourite story based series on the escapist really starting to get to know the character and the humour is pretty subtle that it doesn't get in the way of the story.
LOVE BACKGROUND COMEDY. Aka the fighting dudes on the floor.

hate the new girl though...... what a piece of work get off your high horse

When you steal someone's chocolate... well then it is officially on.

This is truth. TRUTH!

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