Name Game: Lunacy

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Great j...

Really gr...


I like to open the two comic next to each other in two separate windows, line up the portals and watch the infinite loop occur.

When two worlds Collide! :D

-the most Awesome colab,
-of Colabs :) bd

Hey, is that the FBI outsi

I can see why-

Double frea...
...ay too awesome!

...mic, very well done.
...some, seriously its just great.

Oh Sh- Is this a.....CROSS-OVER? *Dun-dun-DUUUUNNNN!*

They need to set aside their differences and start making out.

...well done, it blew...

Crossovers are AWESOME!!!

oh...I see what...

...get it. ohh now I get it

You know what this means...


On a related note, who has seen the movie Cube 2: Hypercube?

...comments really threw me off. hit me.
...kinda hurt when it did.

Oh dear.

Now I get it.

Well, this was....

actually really cool. loops... end.....
....look at....

Name Game is so...

My brain turned inside out and melted. I looked at them for like 20 minutes before finally satisfied that I got it all.

That was mindblowing.

Took me minute to get it. Nicely done.

You're not even trying bro.

What am I intended to laugh at?

Never have I been so conflicted as who I want to win in a girl fight. Go Alix!!

... then I realized just how awesome these two comics were.

Absolutely freaking....

Gotta admit, this was...

Well done, guys.

What? I don't even...

... turns out I wasn't but still holy fucking shit that's awesome.

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