Critical Miss: The Dual Pit Experiment

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I love how Erin's pet gerbil is hanging on for dear life...

....ever to appear on Escapist.

when i saw this i thought more about the jarry springer show... THAT'S MY COMPANION CUBE HOE! YOU DON'T LOVE HIM! YOU WERE JUST USEING HIM TO HOLD DOWN A BUTTON!

If there was a like button for this comment, I'd click it.

haha this was really clever guys :)

What's up with...
It made me...
...hilarious, guys. Crossovers...pretty funny.

....funny that
now there can't be .....
...balance of these threads because its got to 45
when it should...

I see, both this comic and the name game comic go in a circle. Nicely done.

I love how Erin's pet gerbil is hanging on for dear life...

Suchong is a fancy rat, he deeply resents your implications of gerbilness.

Sorry to Leels, but... Team Erin.

Stupid Cube, it was the perfect set up for an epic threesome, and it wasted it.

I love it.

-over episode

-nitely fap to this.

I would continue with the joke and do an ellipse joke, but no.

...on this bandwagon with no shame.
These were the absolute best...

..some I really like the idea.


...get a job.

See, this is the kind of shit Cave Johnson was talking about; this is why we need robots. :p

... to post half on each thread

..Finish the post here!

I like the concept, but I think most of the comments took it too far, so I'm going to congratulate both of you, in your entirety for the amusing comics.

Haha this was pretty cool.

I'm with Team Alix!

Name Game is the better comic...

...Alix's ass

Name Game is the better comic...

...A crisis on two earths!?

...a Portal comic done right.
Kudos to Name Game...

...pure genious

...these comments

And here we have the perfect design document for a competitive Portal mode- it would be like Oddball in Halo, but with Portals and the Companion Cube as opposed to guns and the skull.

Now you're thinking with Portals!

Seriously I'm so getting this game considering how much you can screw around with the Co-op.

Me and my friend will get nothing done, but have so much fun..

....freaking geniuses for doing this

.....the comic(s)

.....this week

.....were well done

pretty well done. I approve

...totally awesome

...the crossover posts!

-so cool



I love it.

Aww ninj'd. They told you to not make an eye contact!

What is this I don't...
I'm suprised at how neat...

...this looks

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