Critical Miss: The Dual Pit Experiment

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when i saw this i thought more about the jarry springer show... THAT'S MY COMPANION CUBE HOE! YOU DON'T LOVE HIM! YOU WERE JUST USEING HIM TO HOLD DOWN A BUTTON!

This made me laugh too hard XD

OT:Interesting and funny comic! ...I'm confused as hell, but two versions of the main character (Or you as the main character) fighting over the same companion cube is pretty funny.

Two women fighting over a companion cube with portals? I think this is probably a fetish of some sort...

...people are weird...

Two women fighting over a companion cube with portals? I think this is probably a fetish of some sort...

...people are weird...

It's even weirder when two women who happen to be the same women are fighting over something trivial. Technically speaking that might be happening here, in a roundabout way. And yeah someone's probably off...well, you know.

Never have I been so conflicted as who I want to win in a girl fight. Go Erin!!

At first I just thought this was clever...


...pretty damn clever. Nice work.

Well done, guys.

This was a triumph! I greatly enjoyed the crossover.

Here I thought I was going to be oringinal...

At first I thought the title was "f***ing with portals". Needless to say I was fairly relieved I was wrong.


This is so confusing, who...

... I don't get the title here, unless it's just about a different name for portals.

My, I'm slow today... I didn't even notice the fantastic use of cross over by the two strips!

Well done, lads! Although on its own I thought it was a nice nod to Portal 2.
Obviously, this is funny on many more levels now that I'm thinking with Portals....

I think rule 34 applies...

Not to break the combo or anything (though I think it's broken already) but could someone with photochop skills put the comics side by side so we can see the full picture?

I'll post this in the other thread also, unless someone did it over there.

"tectiver ticular," ilu captcha <3

I get why everyone's...

..a triumph

Ok I really found that.....

I can figure out if I got a bigger kick out of the comics or all of the cross over comments!
hahaha pure comedic gold here.

...and that wraps up the meaning of life.

Chell is fighting herself over the companion cube? O_o

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