Trailers: Fable 3: PC Developer Diary

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Honestly this game needed a mission randomizer like good ol Daggerfall.

It was grossly short, and damn near pointless...

I felt nothing for any character, the world just seems so limited in every way...

The weapons were lame, the over extended switch of gear just ticked me off. For a 6 hour game, 1 of those hours is in the magical pocket dimension changing gear.

Oh and the lame totally good/evil choice system was pathetic as well...

When 4 comes out, i'll get it from the bargain bin.

I personally like the Fable games, and this PC version excites me. I'll have to pick it up when I have a PC that's more suited for gaming

"We definitely like PC version more than console"..such load of bs as well as all the sugar coating,thinking that they will get a few extra buyers.

Also,bad move with releasing it in the same day as Witcher 2,that will most likely suck for them.

Might buy this, definitely liking developers realizing the PC crowd is not the same as the console crowd. Unfortunately for them The Witcher 2 is out the same day, far more interested in that one than Fable 3.

Improvements?! Fable 1 was by far the best game in the series, no matter how shiny Fable 3's graphics are.

Now what about Fable 2?

Fable 1:good but overhyped
Fable 2:what they said fable 1 wwas gona be
Fable 3:the final blow to what couldhave been a great franchise :( still getting it when it
comes out though (im a lionhead fanboy)

Ive played all of then in some form or another and ive loved em all
and its quite annoying to see all these people complain
I just want it to come out and hopefully i can run it

All of that really just sounds like a sugarcoated port....... maybe a good port, not the stuff Ubisoft and Rockstar shit out...... but a port nonetheless.

There is a girl near a PC at the end of the video - hottttt!!!!

But on a serious note: I liked Fable TLC so I might give this one a chance. The biggest hurdle F3 will face on the way to my hdd is whether I can run it on my 3 year old can or not.

Why get this game when the witcher 2 is soo close, sorry fable team. You tried, god knows you tried.

I don't know why anyone still cares about this. If this game actually turns out to function even half decently and like they put more than the bare minimum effort it takes to modify a console game for a PC, I will be extremely shock to the point that my mind will have to reboot itself.

Not sure why they bothered, I mean PC gamers tend to not really be into games as short as fable if the multiplayer is as poor as fable 3's is.
Any pc player who hasn't already played it on ps3 or xbox 360 I recommend playing Din's curse instead... Or Build another castle in minecraft (Takes about the same amount of time to do as actually play fable 3)

huh, i kinda wish i held out for the pc release, the xbox version was mind numbingly easy.

How about fixing the plethora of gamekilling bugs still plaguing your existing releases you twats.

A great port of a bad game is still a bad game.
The only potentially good news is a hardcore mode and a better UI.
If that meant improved combat and menu based inventories, I might want to take a deeper look.

For Christ's sake Lionhead, if your going to use the awesome music from the first game in your developer diaries please put it in the actual game. Stop pissing about with your shittest game and go and improve Fable 4. Thank you.

Havnt been crazy for a Fable game since the first. Black and White, Fable and Dungeon Keeper 2 were the only great things Moleneux has had a hand in. Everything else is just such a barrel of meh, for every good thing, a thing that just brings the whole experiance down

I'm not going to comment on Fable 3 so much as the Zombies, eat flesh shirt in the video.

Wait, Fable 3 was released?
I thought Microsoft realized how shit it was after the first one(which was kinda good but the second one just sucked)

Sadly, it gets worse

3rd-party DRM: SecuROM (5 activations per month)

Oh, FFS. Steam + GFWL + SecuROM? That's just inherently doomed to failure. (As these things go, I've had exceptionally bad experiences with Steam+GFWL games, moderately bad experiences with GFWL-only games, slightly aggravating experiences with SecuROM-only games, and mildly irritating experiences with Steam-only games. But in general things turn to crap very quickly when you start combining different systems.)

I was actually kinda looking forward to getting this game before this. Now it looks like none of the editions are safe, so it'll probably go in the 'meh' pile.

Which is probably a good thing, overall. I'll be playing Witcher 2 for quite a while there anyway.

I'm not going to comment on Fable 3 so much as the Zombies, eat flesh shirt in the video.

That was a nice shirt.

I could have bought this game last year but after all the great games being launched, fable 3 dont stand a chance. Witcher 2, Skrym, Batman, Alice, Warhammer etc.
And at the same day as Witcher, thats crazy!

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