Critical Miss: Mass Effect

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The verbal announcement of their inflections is what really made the comic this time.

I can't imagine seeing a volus with a swastika tattooed on its chest >.<

That elcor is about to crack him open like an egg. Oh yeah.

That's not me being "cute", either. That's the exact kind of visual you're going to get when that volus's suit breaches while the elcor "tries to find a hole". You're welcome for that mental image.

WTF?! That is disgusting!! Brain bleach!! I need brain bleach NOW!!


OT: Interesting, how do volus even re-produce?

Very, very carefully. ^.^



WTF?! That is disgusting!! Brain bleach!! I need brain bleach NOW!!

My work here is done. (heroically rides off into the middle distance)



OT: Interesting, how do volus even re-produce?

Very, very carefully. ^.^

In high pressure, ammonia-based atmospheres.


so wrong...

But so awesome. :)


Titan Buttons:
Funny and scary in one comic brilliant
but how would he even geet him out of his suit?

With barely constrained animal lust he would puncture right through....

a term referred to in the animal kingdom as "traumatic penetration"~

So this seems to be incredibly funny, but since I never played mass effect, I don´t understand.

elcor (the big guy) are physically incapable of verbally conveying emotion, and only speak in a monotonous voice. to make up for that, elcor will state their emotion when they speak.

Ehh.... I guess it's just me, but I don't find jokes about rape to be funny. Ever.

Hehehehehehe that gave me a chuckle :) I swear he's such a talker eh?


This whole thread made me think of Elcor in bed with another species;

"False Joy: That's the spot, keep going, yes yes yes."

"Bold Face Lie: It's ok, I'm sure it happens to everyone."

Great strip, had me laughing good.

Spiteful: Nailing you is like striking the nails into my own coffin.

Ghengis John:


Ghengis John:

One would imagine at home. Outside their suits, in temperatures, pressures and atmospheres that won't kill them.

nah, everyone knows you only need "herbs and antibiotics" and you can go around banging people from different species altough your immune system is so weak that you could are forced to wear the same suit for all your life or die of infection.

*puts on my nerd goggles* (Which are just my regular goggles)

Ah but you see the Volus wear their suits not because of their immune systems but because they would literally burst open at the pressures most people are comfortable with. Their cells contain ammonia, not water. It turns into a gas at room temperature, under normal atmospheric pressure and the air they breathe is similarly toxic to you and me.

As an asides I've always thought the Tali "I took some herbal supplements" line was pretty weak, especially since herbal supplements usually = voodoo snake oil witchcraft. As a special surprise for people who slept with tali in mass effect 3, she should now be dying.

Quarian immune systems aren't THAT weak, as she points out ("If stray bits of bacteria could kill us, we'd all be dead already"). There's also that hard-bitten Quarian marine who takes a bullet and ends up with a suit puncture and comes out of it just fine, And Veetor, who had at least one puncture and a damaged air filter but just ended up sick and delirious, with plenty of time left to get him back to the flotilla for medical attention. rather than, say, dying instantly.

Then there's the fact that they were all perfectly capable of wandering around suitless on the flotilla until the second game rolled around and the developers decided they couldn't be assed revealing their faces despite choosing to set a side-mission on the god-damned migrant fleet, so decided to change an aspect of the race that completely screws up some aspects their own writing.

Also, "Herbal suppliments" doesn't necessarily mean voodoo snake oil bullshit. Most of the time the genuine stuff consists of proven remedies that are simply too hard to put into pill form and distribute. MY dad suffers from Hepatitis C and recently started ordering in this bizarre herbal stuff. It's actually helped a great deal, giving him the energy to get through a full day without needing to nap frequently. When he stopped using it and went back to simple medication to help restore his energy, he felt far, far worse.

Half the time it's just useful nutrients and chemicals, etc. that can give someone a great boost.

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