303: Glitching the Tank

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Brian Hendershot:

I kinda miss the good old days of Left for Dead. Left for Dead 2 just doesn't cut it for me.

This. L4D2 just lacks something. Not even sure what, but despite several game mechanic improvements, and great new infected, something is just missing that L4D had.

That said, I'm torn on the column. Its cool that he had fun with his friends. I'm all for that. I'm not so sure its cool that the achievements were "achieved" illegitimately.
Of course, i'm not so sure how I feel about achievements in general.

Some are great. Like "saint" from DR1, which added challenge to the game and gives a nice feel of accomplishment on completion. Or "irony" from Bioshock, which added a little bit of humor to the experience and recognized how players think. I'm all for any achievement that can enhance the experience.

I'm torn on some of the achievements that seem to serve no purpose than to encourage multiple play throughs. Take D.A. Origins for example. I'll probably never add that game to my completed list (as much as I'd like to have it there) because I cant justify playing through the game times to make a different decision at every major plot point. i.e. siding with the werewolves instead of the elves this time around. Yea, I know I could stop, load a save, play it out, and reload to get those achievements, but I cant be bothered because I dont really play the game FOR achievements, I play it to be immersed in a fantasy game. Hopping in and out of saves for the sake of not missing an achievement does not feel conducive to immersion.
Of course the other side of that coin is that playing again does allow me to see all the dialog and such like it did for me in Mass Effect. Torn.

I loathe most other types of achievement, particularly online only achievements. I don't know if you all know it, but xbox live is kind of a sewer. And I dont like that several achievements in some of my favorite games require me to go wading in the sewer to get them. Thats not even talking about the effect that "boosting" (when did we stop calling cheating by name?) can have in online play. I don't know how many multiplayer experiences i've had wrecked by players not really playing the game, but playing for achievements.

Collectible achievements are rarely more than time sinks. the intel achievement from MW2 for example, because there's zero net effect on gameplay for going out of your way to get these stupid things. I didnt mind Bioshock's "historian" so much because at least it fleshed out the story behind raptures collapse.

Worst thing about any achievement is Gamerscore. Why does each achievement have to have some arbitrary number attached to it? I cant see one benefit of gamerscore that cant be outweighed by the cheating/account theft that it inspires.

Yea, I know, I rambled a bit afield, I tend to do that bored at work.

Back on topic: Good for the OP for having fun in a great game with his friends, BOO HISS to glitching and the OCD worship of gamerscore/achievements that leads to the very behavior that makes them even more meaningless.

The Imp:
1. There are no Zombies in Left4Dead. Even the developers said their monsters are infected humans.
2. What is a "Gamescore"?
3. No, never, under no circumstances what so ever are cheats, exploits or glitches okay - at least in a MP game.

"444 zombies were harmed in the making of this film"

"444 zombies were harmed in the making of this film"


I've always thought the word "Glitch" has such a negitive feel to it.
I prefer to think of them as "Non-standard Easter Eggs".

It doesn't matter how you achieve them in my opinion, just as long as you have fun achieving them. At the end of the day, it is just a form personal accomplishment.

People are taking this well too seriously.

I'd say the way he is going about this it is LESS fun that doing it "properly".

Playing through on Easy may mean you start the finale with maximum health and items, but the difficulty curve then become ridiculous, playing through the whole game on Extreme you will get used to killing zombies quick enough and protecting yourself from those 20hp zombie swipes.

The Imp:
1. There are no Zombies in Left4Dead. Even the developers said their monsters are infected humans.
2. What is a "Gamescore"?
3. No, never, under no circumstances what so ever are cheats, exploits or glitches okay - at least in a MP game.

You are mixing up Left 4 Dead and 28 days later, that was the film where they very annoyingly refused to call the zombies zombies.

Think he means gamerscore. Something stupid on Xbox Live. It's inversely and exponentially proportional to your testicle size. Though too many Xbros seem to think the opposite.

Rocket jumping started as an exploit. Many of our most beloved game mechanics are born out of glitches and exploits. It's whether they survive patches that counts.

What is NOT acceptable is violating Wheaton's law: being a dick.

So cheating is almost always out because it is unfair, but if you are all agreeing on cheating in the same way (literally, the cheats menu like low gravity for ALL). Then again I wouldn't even rule that out, Imagine a game mode where it was something like 12 vs 1, and the one person had loads of cheats on but was fighting against 12 people.

That's a new game mode I've seen in a few places.

Me and my friends tried this achievement recently while drunk out of our minds. I blacked out during the 3rd campaign, but they managed to pass the chapters despite me. The next morning we continued to drink and finish off the final campaign. We weren't able to get the achievement, but we had a fun time. We didn't know about the Jesus Rock or Room, but we knew about teamwork and how to defend when entrenched. Maybe I should call them up for one last try for the campaign. Drunk, of course.

huh. exploiting glitches in games really disgusts me.

It's like being proud that each friday night, you and a bunch of like-minded friends, will get together and cheat at monopoly. You could obey the rules, but you prefer to ignore the inconvenient ones - and thus you all end up millionaires! It feels so great for you guys! And if Xbox live were to offer a specialized stamp for being good at monopoly - you could stand proud amongst all of those who have played it long enough to actually demonstrate some skill at the game!

I loled so hard at this. On the one hand, I hate restrictive DRM, but you can kind of see why game creators just straight up ban people for modding single player when this kind of thing happens.

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