Extra Punctuation: An Invisible Protagonist

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I wish the game Yahtzee just described was real. I would buy it ten times, keep two copies for myself, and then throw the other eight at my friends with notes saying "PLAY THIS FREAKING GAME" attached.

Wouldn't the protagonist get very cold though, or are does he/she have invisible clothes as well?

To give it more of a theme, how about being a more sinister person. You're invisible, and get sent to a military base where some black ops people need to be driven insane and take each other out to preserve integrity of some secret mission that needs to have no witnesses. Or in some sort of mental institution or prison where you want to see if you can get everyone to go insane, and possibly take everyone else out until the last one standing commits suicide. It'd be more horror based but sounds interesting.

Or to piss off people everywhere, do it in an old folks home. Some giant assisted living center run by someone who wants to increase profits by being able to just gobble up state funding by eliminating residents. And of course the workers as well, to keep the trail clean. And you'd end the game by doing the same to that selfsame douche who hired you in the first place. Or not, take your payment and walk off into a rainy night.

Sick and twisted, but sounds like a blasted, and would get enough criticism to drive sales making it marketable at least.

My goodness Yahtzee, that has given me a fantastic idea for a game.
Instead of being 'The invisible man' sent to assassinate a specific target, you must instead drive the target mad by creating tense and frightening situation using fear tactics, manipulating the setting and abusing the targets deepest fears which must be discovered by experimenting, eavedropping or analysing clues left around the house.
Here I'll give an example.
You start off in an abandoned mansion, which has one resident, the resident has a crippling fear of insects, on of the ways in which this can be discovered is by finding his excessively ample supply of Insecticides.

What do you think?

who knows, his "villain protagonist" wish happened, maybe the same will happen with this one too.... more power to you yahtzee!

Perhaps an in game mechanic that takes the place of an invisiblity function where the user is temporarily visible. This function could have a small battery attached which is drained by the energy taken to be visible and the user must streamline their actions to manipulate certain environements whilst visible.

For example:
The protagonsit must access a location, the entry of which is monitored by both video and thermal security devices, the user must stealthily collect the tools needed to access the facility but they must be visible whilst doing it as the system compares the protagonists visible actions to their invisible ones. There are blind spots in which the protagonist can stand to recharge their visiblity batteries but clothes hovering in the air around an invisible body are conspicuous so the player must choose their invisible moments carefuly.

The player may neeed a key card, some form of Biometric ID and perhaps a password which he can pick up from other people by stealthing up to the NPCs and using slight of hand and confidence to gain the NPC's data. Once inside the facility the player must find a place to stash his clothes until it is time to leave.

As for the issue of Block and Tackle perhaps the protagonist could where a carbon nanotube, low visiblity, body stocking for protection. This would have the added effect of making the protagonist highly resistant to cuts and scrapes where his blood may show up his passing or his location.

I'm Just Sayan

There IS one flaw in this idea Yahtzee: If the main character is invisible, then who will we have to clutter-up our American box art?


What will DeviantArt forums about this game be filled with? ORIGINAL CONCEPT ART?!

Theres actually a game out for the sega that is just very similar to your idea but instead of being an invisible agent trying not to be noticed your an invisible ghost that has to actually attract attention by possesing house hold objects and scaring the owners. Its called The Haunting: staring poltriguy.

I had a hell of a lot of fun with this game. the idea is that you died while riding a cheaply made skateboard constructed by a greedy corpiration that likes to cut costs so you decided to get revenge by scarying the owner and his family out of 5 increasinly larger homes and eventually out of town for good. Each room has a ton of things to posses and once you scare a family memeber enough they'll flee to another room, back them into a room with a door to the outside and they'll likely flee the house.

The challenge comes from you only being able to stay in the living world for a set amount of time. run out of time and your transported to a trap filled dungeon where you have to refil your ecto meter (timer) without losing all your health, lose all your health and its game over, oh and your health doesn't refill between visits or levels so damage is permant, there is a power up that appears in the dungeons that refils you health but its very rare.

There are a couple of other obsticals. some times rival spirits show up in the real world and attack you or eat spare ecto that is created when you scare a family member out of the room. this will make your return to the dungeon world that much sooner. also, for some reason the family dog can see you. His bark can lower your ecto meter and calm down family members so if he shows up its best to target another member of the family for awhile.

"...being silent still..."

I see what you did there. As for the empty plinth idea, its been done.

THE wonderful thing about Crysis 2 is that you can choose what tactics you want to employ. That's something that is missing from Call of Duties and other shooters. Well, atleast there should be more choice in how to advance.

Another interesting game idea, I'd certainly give this a go.

There IS one flaw in this idea Yahtzee: If the main character is invisible, then who will we have to clutter-up our American box art?

I'm pretty sure this point was covered by the end bit about action figures.

Invisibility is hard to do right, and complex (or at least non-exploit-happy) AI would be required. That's the biggest challenge... actually having some people go batshit and others staunch skeptics and still more who insist on finding someone to toss holy water about the place, without making everyone form-people... but perhaps the "You're a ghost, get people out" idea could be done in the same way... I've love to see something of that sort, perhaps?

I don't know, it would get rather boring not allowed to deal with the guards AT ALL after awhile. A mission or two might be nice but after awhile it would get boring and frustrating not being allowed to so much as knock them out. Also this runs into the same problems that all of Yahtzee's ideas have, yeah it's neat, but exactly how the Hell are you supposed to design it?

P.S. didn't Yahtzee remark that those that use the warp whistle in Mario are cheating themselves out of gameplay? Well what's the difference between the cloak and the whistle, both are a core part of the game.

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