Stolen Pixels #255: The Veep

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Scott Bullock:

You know, considering your apparent paranoia concerning the Escapist's security, I figured you'd be the last person to want information on how it's all protected publicly posted.

Also, nobody is mad at Sony for having the information, they're pissed because they didn't protect it vehemently enough. Nobody has hacked the Escapist and stolen credit info, so calling us hypocrites is just using the word wrong.

Admittedly, I have not read this full conversation, but from this little bit of the comments, you are coming off far too defensive and insulting. And insults are the last, desperate stand of someone who has no argument and knows it.

He insulted someone did he? Do tell me where in his post that was. He pointed out that it was silly to ask for the info requested to be posted in this thread, then he explained the position of people mad at sony.

Do you feel insulted that he didn't agree or that you didn't get a pat on the head? He might have been a little sarcastic like I just was, but insulting? Thats a rather arbitrary thing to say given that there was nothing degrading I can see in there.

There was a /facepalm in there, but I edited it out to protect your feelings. Seriously, cheer up. :P

Well, the way I look at it, he did. Keep in mind, the person I was quoting wasn't JUST a member like we are. He represents The Escapists in the purest sense. He should be, and indeed is, held to a higher standard. And as far as I could tell, he decided to interject himself into a conversation between another member of the Escapist staff and a member.

Plus, the implications of how he phrased it are very insulting. How often have you said, "I figured you'd be the last person..." in a way that wasn't condescending? Seriously, say that out loud and try not to sound like an asshole. There's only two ways I've ever said that. With a feeling of betrayal, and insulting the other person's intelligence (whether they knew it or not). So, yes, I do feel he was insulting a member of the Escapist.

It has nothing to do with whether he agrees with me or not. In fact, I was interjecting myself into that conversation (so i can't really throw too many stones here). And one of my favorite parts of this site is reading all the different opinions people have. Some I agree with, some I doubt, and most I can understand or find common ground.

And, I saw the previous /facepalm. Good thing you removed it. I was gonna use that in my reply. But since you willingly edited it out, I guess I can't. Damn. You foiled me! :-P

Well kevin butler has explained his way out of worse I'm sure he'll sweet talk his way out of this.


SNIPERFOX ft. Harry P.Ness:


Second one's Lair, actually. Same shot here: #3 (yeah, it's probably somewhere on escapist too but I'm lazy)

Ok, those retards at that site THINK MASS EFFECT IS AN XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE??! i saw the PC version out in stores Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the xbox version.
OT: Nice comic again shamus! keep em comin'!

Technically, for quite a while, it was. ME was out on 360 almost 6 months before a PC version was implemented.

Well, i mentioned before, i asked in gamestop when i bought ME1 for the PC when is the xbox version going to be released & the reply was 'dunno'. l

This strip is remarkably similar to the Penny Arcade one.

EDIT: nevermind, it's been pointed out already

Susan Arendt:

Keith K:
I expect the Escapist to remove all profile fields asking for personal information or risk being labelled blatantly hypocritical.

You don't need to know my Real name, Location, OCCUPATION?!, Country, Birth date (excuse me?), Gender, ICQ/AIM/Yahoo/MSN/Skype, XBL/PSN/Steam/Wii/Xfire/Kongregate/Raptr, Twitter/Facebook/YouTube.. etc etc etc.

Don't even ask.

You're setting yourselves up for the same fall mi amigos.

Then don't enter it. We don't require your personal information in order to view the site. Or even to be registered on it. You can put in as much or as little information as you like.

Does the Escapist even look at that stuff? I thought it was just for other users to see? Makes befriending people easier when you know how old they make themselves out to be, and where and how they game.

This strip is remarkably similar to the Penny Arcade one.


It's also less funny.

I don't get it. :3

Kick 'em when they're down. Shamus, you animal.

So, nobody else noticed that the BSOD screen was from Portal 2? "Press any key to flood the facility with deadly neurotoxin", indeed.

Okay, I feel like I have to ask this, then. How are my credit card details that I submitted to The Escapist for Publisher's Club being stored? Where do those details go?

My payment and renewal notices came from Amazon Payments (as in I suppose The Escapist contracted with them to handle that.

my flatmate called and cancelled his PSN account or whatever it was he had
he doesn't even have a PS3, he has a PSP lol

could tell by the convo that the rep person on the phone was desperately trying to convince him to not cancel and just wait it out or whatnot haha...guess he wasn't the only one. but hey it's free, right? so it's not like anyone's nearly as tied to a particular account

lol the tv in the background just added to the hilariousness XD

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