Trailers: Need for Speed: The Run Teaser

Need for Speed: The Run Teaser

Race for your life in Need for Speed: The Run.

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I hope this is more in the vain of Hot Pursuit and not Shift.

I enjoyed it a lot more.

Wow, they finally mixed up the formula, instead of just the same old pro races and street cop chases!!

Looks awesome! i want this game to succed

Its the guys who made Undercover? Why have they been given another go? Just rest the series for enough time so Criterion could make another decent game. Mix the serious and arcade titles.

Oh well if its Black Box then I wont be buying this year. Its going to be the "Treyarch game".

Oh gods their trying to add story to NFS again...

Oh gods their trying to add story to NFS again...

Thank God they finally axed the live-action story bits. That said, it's Black Box, and I'll never get the bad taste of undercover out of my mouth.


I'll stand by my belief the last fun NFS was Most Wanted


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