5 Tiny Things I Hope Get Changed in Skyrim

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I personally don't even think most of these points are minor. I found Oblivion a truly unimmersive experience because of issues like this.

I think Susan is being a bit reserved so as not to upset the fanboys,and Oblivion has a great core, but with absolutely zero polish.

Susan Arendt:

Another minor suggestion: Let NPCs rearrange their items if you knock them over. In Oblivion, you could run into someone's house, kick their dinner over, pull all their books onto the floor and leave without them doing anything about it. At least reset items to their default locations every few days, pl0x?

Oooo, that's a good one. Just the kind of tiny, immersion-breaking thing I'm talking about. Perfect!

And, well, no, we can't have actual Silt Striders as some folks have pointed out, but something along those lines. What would be appropriate for Skyrim?

Isn't it also slightly immersion-breaking to have the NPCs calmly watch you, not doing anything, as you chuck their stuff around their house? Make them get angry or call the guards or something. Someone else's house NEEDS to feel like their private sanctuary. It would make the Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood missions much more interesting. If you break into a house, and you're caught, the game needs to make serious shit go down. It needs to feel like you're violating their safety and privacy. In Oblivion it felt too much like you were just in another shop.

Conversations with NPCs in Oblivion became more annoying over time. The zoom-in to their ugly mugs, the diplomacy wheel, and the limited voices all played a part in this. I've read that you'll no longer zoom in on them when conversing in Skyrim, which helps eliminate that pause when starting a conversation... and also helps if they are ugly. I'm sure character faces will be much more appealing in Skyrim, where a beard doesn't look like you just huffed paint.

While I understand that the conversations between NPCs weren't exactly informative or entertaining, I did appreciate that NPCs actually acknowledged each other. In many games you're the only one NPCs usually seem to notice outside of major story scripted events. But with that said, it would be nice to hear more interesting -- or at least more varied -- banter.

As for moving things around that weren't yours, I thought NPCs told you not to do that, but I'm not sure if they did more than that. Its been a while since I played. I do like the idea of NPCs cleaning up after you, even if it is just a reset after you leave the shop and come back later. They don't have to do it in front of you, but that would be cool too.

Also, it's rude for someone to run up the stairs into someone's bedroom and snoop around. Sure, the NPC would follow you but wouldn't say anything. It would be nice if the NPC would ask you to return to the store level or just leave. It's odd that they don't care where you go in their house as long as they've got an eye on you. And if you were out of sight for a bit, they don't seem to care. "What were you doing in my cellar?" would be a good question to ask, especially if the door was previously locked. All minor complaints though, just like the article.

Those would all by nice touches.

I always decorate my houses in Oblivion. I don't sell a lot of special equipment (especially not the Daedric artifacts!) even if I won't be using them because I like to arrange them around the rooms. Doesn't everyone put "Mother's Head" in a special place?

Yes on my table next to my human heart

Face it guys but Oblivion is really outdated...it was fun and is still fun but if they change those small things with Skyrim then it will be a great game. Plus with the new engine it will be even better...

I agree with the "Modify your own house" especially.

It would be nice to have more diverse locations. Yes, I enjoyed the mountains, forests, and swamps, but what about a desert? or tropical jungle? I also would like to see how an orc or dunmer would acclimate to those different conditions.

Also maybe have a dialect change from city to city. It would have been neat to hear a different accent or mannerism depending on where I was.
Example: Anvil could have them talking with pirate accents or say the phrase "scurvy dog" in conversation, while Bruma could have Swedish accents and could use phrases like "bitter as the mountain wind" etc.

All I can say is that from what I gather, the conversation system has been completely overhauled anyway and I don't even know if the persuasion wheel is making a comeback (which wouldn't be too bad, considering the NPCs no longer look like botoxed chimps). I think that one of the developers said something a while back about the game having a lot more in common with Morrowind than Oblivion did; having never really played Morrowind, I wouldn't know, but for all of my enjoyment of Oblivion, the setting did feel a tad bland at times.

I agree with bringing back striders, or perhaps the skyrim equivilent. Being able to fast travel anywhere at almost any time in oblivion encouraged laziness and as a result, the world kinda lost its magic compared with Morrowind.

You can store your stuff in display cases. You just drop an item, armor, weapon or such, then use the Z key or whatever the Console key for grabbing was, and drag the item into the open display case. You then shut it.

You could also leave your items lying around in chests or on tables in your house and they would stay there. It never got stolen.

What I'd like to see is the ability to push and pull furnishing around. Believe it or not, but I'm pretty sure a warrior with 50+ Strength, and the ability to kill trolls in a few hits could probably move around a shelf pretty easily.

With the exception of the Silt Striders (they creeped me out), I agree with everything.



Or at least make them optional. The fact they are including them + my rather strong case of arachnophobia means I probably won't get this game because I don't want to run into them and have to explain how playing a video game has given me a panic attack.

Arctic Fox:
It would be nice to have more diverse locations. Yes, I enjoyed the mountains, forests, and swamps, but what about a desert? or tropical jungle? I also would like to see how an orc or dunmer would acclimate to those different conditions.

Also maybe have a dialect change from city to city. It would have been neat to hear a different accent or mannerism depending on where I was.
Example: Anvil could have them talking with pirate accents or say the phrase "scurvy dog" in conversation, while Bruma could have Swedish accents and could use phrases like "bitter as the mountain wind" etc.

You're going to have to wait for Bethesda to make another ES series that encompasses all of Tamriel again (which they haven't done since their first) to get that kind of diversity.

Maybe one day...

I, too, am a house-arranging pack rat in Bethesda games who has lost hours to making sure THIS sword goes just so on the shelf and THAT helmet is properly displayed amongst the others...glad to know I'm not alone in wanting that mechanic to be tweaked a little.

I should probably try to beat my copy of Oblivion sometime, but I'm too lazy to mod it the way I want it to be.

I'd like the stilt striders, too, but as someone else suggested, keeping the optional map click would be helpful as well. Sometimes, I'd enjoy just sitting back and letting a stilt rider take me. Other times, I'd probably click on a map point because I didn't want to/have time to wait.

For me, the "minor" thing I'd change is the psychic-link of guards on other sides of the world. When I liberated a horse from this Orc who made it clear that she ate them, every guard on the road just magically knew my crime and came after me. I'd manage to shake one, and miles later run into another who came after me like they had a personal vendetta. Eventually I found a mod that changed that, but still. That was one of my minor annoyances.

That and the lack of wisdom in this one bandit who chased me INTO a building populated with armed forces. I managed to escape a roadside bandit during combat and ran into a large building (might've been an Abbey?) where some knights were hanging out. The bandit followed me; came all the way upstairs to where I was talking to another NPC. Everyone in the building dropped what they were doing and killed him, which was hilarious. But it just seemed silly that he even chased me for that long since I had left him in the dust well before I reached the knights.

I wonder if perhaps the reason for having psychic hive-mind guards was to increase the risk involved in breaking the law. If it was just a matter of equipping then removing a helmet or staying away from a specific area for some time then there would be no need for stealth or subtlety; potentially it could become less challenging (not that it was any sort of challenge when you had a high illusion skill and the right items).

better pick-pocketing system. why is there no mini game for this, even at max stealth skill, It's annoying to pre save to get anywhere with it. make it like lock-picking or hacking

They've actually implemented the one change that I always wanted to see: the ability to put whatever you want in whichever hand. I'm one of these awkward left-handed types. Every game since the dawn of time has featured characters wielding their main weapon in their right hand by default. It's so good to finally have the choice.

Yeah, that's about as petty as you can get. But there we go.

1. Yeah, too easy and too unfair at times, the game was crap.

2. Love this idea, do it Bethesda

3. If BioWare can have the NPC's making pointless banter I wanna stop and listen/watch, then surely BethSoft can do the same

4. Doesn't bother me that much and New Vegas' voice cast consisted of a lot of my favorites (Yuri Lowenthal and Laura Bailey to be specific) so as long as it gets the usual gaming/animation voice acting vets I'll be happy

5. I'm not sure I would agree with the silt striders so much as a 'revised' fast travel system... Maybe some underground series of portals that provide jumps between major cities that are unlocked upon completion of certain demands, each one being accessible by a various amount of quests.

Specifically on that last one, it would be like completing X guild quest chain or helping NPC x that led into the super secret x quest line unlocked it and lastly, completing parts of the MAIN storyline would unlock it.

I won't be surprised if perhaps there are dragonshouts that may be tied into fast travel, hmmm?

I'd love it if QA would do their work. I still have my save with the broken main quest from Oblivion. D:

Yes, I liked Morrowind better, with levitation and all the other extras that they left out of Oblivion for the sake of convenience. I still remember my house that I liberated from a local gang... I had almost all of the house Dagon in soul stones there neatly arranged! That house was so full of junk my framerate was about tenth or even less than outside in battle. Yes, I collected almost every book in the game, every type of weapon, armor, had a trapped soul of every creature, had a room literally full of potions and booze, enough musical instruments to start a couple of bands and a neat pile of I think skulls. :D
I had tremendous fun in that game and still have my huge printed map of it. Unfortunately, Oblivion did not live up to that level, even with all those mods I installed.

Susan Arendt:
5 Tiny Things I Hope Get Changed in Skyrim

Five unimportant things that will hopefully change for Skyrim.

Read Full Article

I'm in total agreement with the exception of one thing: I don't think this stuff is unimportant!

Even MMOs used to provide all of these things--particularly the full-access house decoration--so there's no excuse for them to be missing from single-player RPGs that seem to be all about immersion. Two of the rules of immersion (in my humble opinion) are thus:

1. Immersion requires letting your player perform actions that make sense to them in real life. Sitting in chairs, moving a table, these are included in that. If you think to include a chair, spare a moment to allow character models to sit in it at will.

2. Immersion requires choices, and choices require variety. If you're going to include voices, include enough that they're not overlapping too often. If you want social gameplay (like the persuasion wheel) make sure that different encounters feel different.

Corollary to 2: If you're not going to provide enough choices, consider leaving that element out. Otherwise, it only draws attention to the lack of choices. Only 3 tattoos? Just leave them out. Can't sit in chairs? Omit them.

I really hope they put the silt striders and boats back in... and I wouldn't mind spears either

The danger music.

It was really weird when you know you are being attacked just by the change in music. Hated it when it would just start playing and there was no enemy in sight.

On the closely related subject of things that should NOT change, keep the developer console. My third playthrough I did as a giant pile of hax with infinity health and crazy movement power. And it was awesome.

I think that bringing back Silt Striders and getting rid of Oblivion's version of fast travelling would be awesome. I didn't like how all I had to do to travel anywhere in that game was click on my destination on the map screen, from anywhere. Silt Striders are better because they cost money to use and you have to find them in major cities, so it makes the fast travelling feel more like part of the game rather than your character having some random teleportaion device always at their disposal.

My 2 main points are:
1) Please don't make the characters ugly to the point of looking inbred
2) Please take more time in getting different actors to voice, I mean I know there's a lot of dialogue and it takes a lot of work, but it just gets plain disturbing after a while, when it sounds like the whole game is done by 4 people. Even the ogres fgs.

another point, but probably too major to include here, is add some variety and skill into the combat please. It feels a lot like...what's that game now dammit...oh yeah, Risen.

I agree with all 5. Very nice article.

My request?

No stagger mechanic.

It is not fun being in a room with 5 necromancers and having absolutely no chance to fight back as you get repeatedly staggered. Robbing the player of their control is, in my book, a gaming deadly sin.

So its a deadly sin for a game to be hard?
so in your ten commandments you would have :
Thou shall not make any game that challenges one to any degree or thou shall be burning in hell for all eternity?

No wonder I am an atheist I really dont understand religion sometimes. T_T

I think the skill sets need to be revised again. And by revised i don't mean stripped down to bear bones RPG elements for the console tards. No, It just needs to have some skill sets seperated and some skills collapsed in. i dunno if i wanna go back to the skills hell morrowind was but at least it left room for specialisation. Getting 100 in any skill felt like an accomplishment. getting it in oblivion felt much less so. And on top of all that in morrowind after getting to that 100 you could start training in something else. In oblivion the stupid leveling system made that nigh on impossible and switching to another set of skills to much of a gear change. And even if you did bypass that stuff it was still a hollow victory to hit the 100 mark.

Also stilt strider = YES. it doesn't even have to be a crazy transportation animal just a caravan or boats. Just a sytem that allows fast travel to certain specific points not just where ever i click.

Whatever i'm bias, i will always hold morrowind up as a shining example of a western RPG and great game. Oblivion for all it's upgrades and new features always felt hollow and just not as good.


So its a deadly sin for a game to be hard?
so in your ten commandments you would have :
Thou shall not make any game that challenges one to any degree or thou shall be burning in hell for all eternity?

No wonder I am an atheist I really dont understand religion sometimes. T_T

If I did have commandments, one of them would be 'thou shalt read things properly on the internet before making nonsensical responses'.

I said 'robbing the player of their control', not 'making the game a challenge'. Taking control away from the player is, in my opinion, very annoying in a first person game as you can't fight back for those frames.

Fighting in Oblivion was not difficult or challenging, it was just irritating.

Feel free to read that last sentence a second time now, replacing the words 'Fighting in Oblivion' with 'your comment'.

What about beards?

Ahh, the conversation wheel... I can't even begin to describe my loathing for that particular abstract. Apparently, every single conversation goes like this:

You: "Hey, you look pretty good in that armor."
Them: "Stop it, your too kind!"
You: "So I was fighting this troll the other day..."
Them: "Do you expect me to believe that?"
You: "Did you hear the one about the Argonian and the Breton who walked into the bar in Bruma?"
Them: "Was that supposed to be funny?"
You: *threatening look*
Them: "Please, Don't hurt me!"
You: "Screw this, have some money."
Them: "See, was that so hard?"

Oblivion is an old game. At the time of it's release there wasn't much, if any, game around like it. The innovation it had, surpassed any minor flaws it had in-game. Even with certain bugs or parts of the game that people didn't enjoy, could be tweaked with the Construction Set, for those lucky PC Players. I gotta say, I've never played, enjoyed, and worked on a game as fun and interesting as Oblivion.

Get rid of regenerating magic. It renders so many things obsolete.
And God-travel needs to be removed. It doesn't matter if it pisses people off.

It would be nice if they made a computer game instead of a console game with a computer port. Oblivion was totally baby mode. I don't want to play another horribly easy game even if it does feel like it isn't a bland empty wasteland. Ironically Morrowind had like 30% of the landmass as a wasteland. Oblivion felt like a flash game lmao.

Uh dude, Oblivion was originally for PC. It took like one or two years before it got onto the PS3.....


you forgot BUG REMOVAL! 5+ years after release and it,s still buggy! (yeah I know that some modder released a patch but it,s a 60$ AAA game not a Ikea product that you gotta fix yourself!)
Also I would like the audibility to dual wield dagger,s (maybe include it as a separate skill buffed by rogues/assassin,s?)

I'm guessing you mean "ability," not "audibility." But Skyrim lets you wield whatever you want in each hand. Dual daggers? Yep. Lightning in one hand, axe in other? Yep. Dual shields? Yep.

I want archery to deal more damage. Seriously. Bows are not peashooters, they are lethal weapons.

That has been confirmed :D! Isn't it awesome? And why does evergame make archers weaker than they are? I main reason I love the King Arthur game is because archers actually kill..... And I'm really tired of all the enemies who can walk around with 35 arrows.

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