Jimquisition: Solving the Sexism Situation

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Someone actually tried to redress this balance but was fired for it

One of the "bad endings" in Duke Nukem game Time to Kill was all the dancing ladies being replaced by dancing men as apparently the developers are homophobic. This wasn't the 80s it was on the Playstation.

This happens to be the best thing I've seen all week

I laughed hard, and you had some valid points

Also the duke nukem crying bit was hilarious

Keep up the good work

So following the line of "it's in our genes, it's okay," murdering neighbours and impregnating their wives is in? Paedophilia?

Genetics is a crud argument. Humans are built flawed, if we're at all special then we learn (through society is religion isn't good for you) to ignore our programming.

But I like the series, just because it's a good to have freedom of expression even if i think (the slightly tongue in cheek) argument sucks

Wow, this show is horrible. I was willing to give Jim the benefit of the doubt, after hearing all the negativity directed towards him, but this episode...it seems as if he's trying to be both intellectual and funny, and has failed miserably in these directives.

This just made me want to get the hell off the escapist because it means women really aren't welcome in gaming, especially if we deign to complain about things that bother us about it.

Not that I am expecting every woman here to agree with me, it's just that I rarely get to play a game with a decent female protagonist in months (and the last one was bayonetta which is either an ultra-feminist fairytale about killing the patriarch or the next step in violent softporn... or both). I guess Chell counts but she doesn't get to talk...

God hearing that bloke talk about how ladies have it wrong is enough to make me gag. He's not even fooling people who agree with him into thinking he has any moral weight when he speaks.

Did I really just have a bunch of dudes on my screen while Rave On played?

Still, good piss take, though.

My only proposal is for most of the haters here to just shut up. Listen, if you don't like the guy or think his video/voice/persona/points sucks, thats perfectly fine. But don't go off on some stupid rant about how "this needs to die" or "The Escapist is so much better than this". Let it be up to The Escapist what they decide to do with their money and their website.

About the episode. Good points indeed. Even if they're not that original, they would help balance out the gender objectification. At least somewhat.

This show is a lame duck and I hope the Escapist has decided to pull the plug on it.

Jim starts each show with real focus and then goes full Sarah Palin (complete with hand gestures) thus losing all credibility.

I'm surprised that the Escapist allowed him on the site in the first place.

I know this video is old, but I feel I need to say my piece.

His whole point that making a rape joke doesn't make you a bad person: I certainly don't think making a rape joke makes you just as bad as a rapist (which is the opinion he mocks), but I do think it's cruel and un-necessary.

Jim seems to be under the impression that if something is edgy and controversial, that automatically gives it artistic street-cred.

Everyone remember MovieBob's video about political correctness? It's not about being 'pc', it about not being an asshole. One in three women (and a large amount of men as well) are sexually assualted in their lifetime. YOU know someone who has been sexually assualted, it's only that people don't like to talk about these sorts of things. If you make a rape joke, particularly online, it's practically guaranteed that someone who has actually experienced that sort of trauma will hear you. Even if you don't care about hurting their feelings, you are essentially telling them what they experienced is so inconsequential its laughable.

Basically, if you make a rape joke, you are not cool and nihilistic. You may not even be a bad person. But you're behaving like a big fucking asshole.

its not famntastic...
No matter the topic, no matter the cause, no matter the system,
I will have a long boreing rant about how (insert unpopular, obscure, not for direct sale outside of japan annime here)

I would like to make the argument men are objectified in a similar way. Tell me most guys who play Halo or Gears or Duke Nukem or BioWare's RPGs look as muscular as their protagonists and I will laugh in your face.

I like his idea personally.

A different, perhaps more radical, solution:

How 'bout we objectify no one, and only place men or women in revealing clothing when it is tangential to exploring their character and/or fits their cultural/geographical background. You know, as in good storytelling that is inclusive and realistic at the same time.

tits = good; no tits = bad, therefore your argument is bad
Yes, I apply this to my views on men and women as well, I'm a philogynist.
I'm highly evolved, I can both stare at a woman's breasts and listen to every word she's saying at the same time-including the ones on the various screens (tv and computer) I look at every day.

Agree. I am a feminist in that I want equality for everyone.

You can have your cheese cake if i can have my beef cake. I also like the option of being completely skimpy or completely covered for both genders.


A horrendous thought...but the logic is unquestionable!

More half naked men yes!

Except, not beefcake. Those guys already tend to be half-naked and I'm pretty sure it's not for the ladies' sake...

I can't see this video segment lasting much longer. Everything he's mentioned has been mentioned elsewhere, and in a much more appropriate way.

Sometimes it's just funny to read old posts.

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