Jimquisition: Solving the Sexism Situation

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Nice to see Jim back. I was worried the comments from his last show might have discouraged him.

Also contrary to popular belief, watching penises do not make you blind, or gay, or turn you into a mutant.

I was hoping that the last video was a one-off; that Sterling wasn't coming back.

The Escapist: do you really need to be giving this guy a voice here? He already has Destructoid, and it's not like he's contributing a whole heap to this site.

It's also worth remembering just how qualified Sterling to talk about sexism:

I still think putting women in full plate armor is a fix in itself, too.

"He has a tendency of making the Internet very angry at him, but he's alright sometimes."

that's what escapist acutally say about his videos. i'm starting to think we are missing the point a bit here. a few poeple said it in his last post. This guy is a troll, sure he might be a troll with some good points. but he's a troll and no one can take some of his ideas seriously.

that said i'm not saying his is without talent. i just don't think this show will be sophisticated analysis consider it the polar oposite to Extra Credits. i think the voids the escapist was trying to fill. there alot of analysis heavy shows on this site and i reckon that's great. but this video series just offers a different opinnion, a silly one on the most part. i think it's worth watching.

I'll thank the sweet babe 'o Nazareth if the Escapist replaces this with something better. Wow was this annoying, didn't make it through. Acts like a know-it-all teenager who thinks he's the first person to have said anything about his topic.

There's got to be something better than this, even if it's going to appeal to those that like unfunny MS paint cocks.

Onyx Oblivion:
I like Jim, every since I found Dtoid.

He does need to lose those glasses, though.

Still think he should stick to issues like this, though.

That PLAYING IT WRONG one showcased a lot of bullshit in the game reviewing process.

This stuff is pretty good, I wonder what he's trying to do with the stuff on the Escapist. He should stuck to those kind of topics instead of reiterating things we've heard a thousand times and in some cases better. Also, maybe he should change his videos /change to podcasts, because watching him standing there with a mic isn't exactly riveting.

Jared Berg:
Why oh why does this show still exists

Why does FOX news still exist?
Because some people like to watch that crap. I like to listen to this shit and so does apparently others.
No one forced you to watch/listen it, so what you complaining about?

I for one would like to see both genders not to be sexualized. But what can I do, I am a minority of a minority, not worth of trying to sell to.

I thought he was gonna talk about female videogamers, which is quite frankly, yet another topic done to death.
Some guys have their spotlight in games (yeah, Devil May Cry, so what?) but I would not pick up a game because it advertised itself as having guys with balls as big as beach balls hanging out their short shorts. Similarly, I know a lot of my guy friends wouldn't buy a game just because boobies. But then again, aren't boobs the reason why the Dead or Alive series is still going?
Yes, so Jim was right; sex does sell. But I would really rather not see chainmail bikini men (chainmail bikinis only protect what they cover anyway, soo, what's the point?).

On the plus side, he was playing Jesters of The Moon from Final Fantasy IX. Yay!

E for effort, I guess. You're not belittling your audience in this one.

However, your suggestion would not work well in practice and I'm guessing you know that. This leaves me questioning why this episode even exists, 'cause I didn't find it particularly funny either...

I have to admit that the Duke Nukem mode is pretty outrageous and quite wrong. I feel ashamed to be a game whenever Duke Nukem gameplay is shown to be honest.

I gotta say, this show isn't my favorite. It'd be one thing if he were actually funny, but he just can't deliver regardless. I think this might work better as a written article.

Jared Berg:
Why oh why does this show still exists

This one.

I dislike him. He's not witty.

This one I really liked. Another, somewhat different voice on the sexism debate.

On chain-mail bikinis or briefs, how will they stop the monsters axe?
Ah well the cost I suppose.

Duke ball-fondling side-game was an amusing idea.

Onyx Oblivion:
I like Jim, every since I found Dtoid.

He does need to lose those glasses, though.

Still think he should stick to issues like this, though.

That PLAYING IT WRONG one showcased a lot of bullshit in the game reviewing process.

this is much higher standard than the escapist ones so far. So now i know he is capable of being good, i want him to be good here xD

this is pretty much just a video of some dude trolling, everything he said was just absurdist answers to strawman questions.

Yes we do need to get stringent on standards to ditch this stupid "games are childish" attitude that is so prevalent- if you loook back at movies they did likewise.

Yes its double standards but its clear that what this bloke suggests will just damage the industries already fragile reputation- until we can prove we can be mature about sex and sexuality the world at large is gonna get in uproar every time a Duke Nukem or what not is released.

I really liked it this week, it was about a better subject than last time and it was funny to.

Ok, I watched the first vid and this one. I don't see this going anywhere fast. He is going to run out of controversial material very quickly. Next week? Hackers. Bet on it.

I gave this show a second chance, and I pretty much regret it.

I really liked this. I was worried that this show would just be the same straight-up analysis that we get enough of from Extra Credits and most of the written articles here. But it's nice to have a show which is making a point through taking the piss (assuming the rest of the series is similar to this episode).

EDIT: Although apparently a fair few people missed this point. It kind of reminds of the work of Charlie Brooker, where he writes purposefully absurd projections from recent events and you have to read between the lines a bit to see what his real opinion on the subject is. It takes a bit of experience with the writer to work though.

I don't really mind him, and he does have an impressive list of credentials but, I find his videos leave me feeling blahzeh at best. I'm not trying to be mean at all, its really hard to find your legs on a video series you have to try playing with style and substance, working on your humor and writing, its sometimes an impossible task. Hopefully you will light upon some revelation that helps bring some real spark of substance into your videos.

A different, perhaps more radical, solution:

How 'bout we objectify no one, and only place men or women in revealing clothing when it is tangential to exploring their character and/or fits their cultural/geographical background. You know, as in good storytelling that is inclusive and realistic at the same time.

Although that sounds good and all, you can't have all stories being serious and complex. There is a place for lighter fare, and outright silliness. Hell, one of my all time favorite movies is freaking Zoolander, and there's very little that's strictly "good" about it, but it's fun nonetheless. Keeping with the actual topic, there is a place for stories that objectify, although it is true that it's waay too prevalent and one-sided in their catering to men.

The whole thing actually ties in with my feelings towards the show. I will agree with the fact that Jim doesn't tackle issues with any seriousness or rigor, but I like to see him rant, just like I enjoy making and hearing rants with my friends about even the most inconsequential shit. So I guess this is my vote for the show, keep up the good work, Jim!

PS: Are you keeping the Zorn&Thorn theme as the permanent background music? I feel it really fits with the overall mood of the show.

A vast improvement from last time, at the very least.

While Jimquisition has often presented valid points, the two episodes that are hosted here on the Escapist are pure 100% trolling. Intelligent trolling maybe, since so many people don't seem to get it, but yeah. Maybe that's the content that the Escapist wants, but trolling isn't really useful if it's not at least funny.

Also, as awesome and enjoyable as Jim is when he writes stuff, he doesn't belong in front of a camera. He really tries to improvise in his videos, but he always ends up repeating himself and shouting to the point of near-hysteria because he thinks that's funny. It's a shame because those who have been visiting Destructoid for a while know that he is not as much of a dickhead as he seems in his videos and his thought process is always structured and spot on. But yeah, it seems that in his case, apart from adding 10 pounds, the camera also subtracts 50 IQ points.

Jared Berg:
Why oh why does this show still exists

This, it's slighty better than last time. However, he still needs to be replaced or simply kicked. His show is terrible and not adding to your website guys, so stop paying him! Find someone else!

This guy makes great points, and his delivery is entertaining, but it isn't watchable.

Change the camera angle during the video. Get a little more movement around. The hand gestures were nice, but move around the set as well.

This is so close to greatness, but stuck in mediocrity.

E for effort, I guess. You're not belittling your audience in this one.

But he is.
Did you not notice the "subtle" jab at those who take issue with the "Capture the Babe" game mode in Duke Nukem Forever?
It's about 45 seconds into the video.

Oh, my mistake, I meant of course the women who take issue with it, seeing as Sterling made a point of reducing that possible demographic to a singular sex.

I think it is absolutely precious that in a video apparently intended to discuss the garish spectre of sexism in interactive media, he introduces the topic by effectively being flippantly sexist about the whole thing.
Mr. Sterling, if you truly think the issue of sexism is overblown, you are more out of touch with the maturity of this medium than I was ever previously led to believe.

I wish the first episode was more like this. Something about the first one put me off, but this video was fantastic.

What's really sad about this is that you can see how hard this guy is trying to get someone offended by what he's saying, as showcased by the number of times he says "I'm sorry if this offends you!" or "This may be hard for you to hear!" or the like. IT DOESN'T AND IT IS NOT! Seriously, he should stop making himself look like a charmless clown and start just making clever episodes about genuinely important things instead of bullcrap like this. Hey, at least he was right about the fact that games need WAY MORE HALF NAKED GUYS

From an objective standpoint, anywho.

COngrats, I was very pleasantly suprised by the improvement in this one.

Better presentation, reduced number of crudely drawn c*cks, better argument that the first.

I wasn't sure if I was going to give the show a second viewing, however, it was worth putting my cynicism aside, nice one.

Well, I think it was better than the last one. Not that I thought it was hard to beat.
The "WHO WANTS TOAST" got him another look from me, but any more unnecessary willies appearing at random intervals and I think I might be giving this a miss.

I think he needs more confidence, and to stop appearing in person in the videos... the most successful videos on this site don't feature live people (apart from Lisa Foiles, but that's debatable on many levels)

I have been saying this for years, fanservice should always be given to both genders, that's why I respect The Soul Eater series so much, one issue of the soul eater manga contained a chapter where all the girls discuss the plot while in the locker room showers, the chapter then cuts over to... The male characters doing the exact same thing.
If that is not equal right for all I don't know what is.

OK, this is very much more polished from the first show. I'm very happy. Jim's still channeling what he wants but in a more pleasant package. While some have pointed out the podium as a bad thing, I think Jim was using it to justify his standing in one place and not use his hands to gesture as much. More visuals was great and tied in well to what he was saying, and this time, the MSPaint penises worked. I actually laughed at the dickwolf even though I know he was making fun of the general Escapist population for the negative response over the MSPaint penises.

The actual monologue wasn't too shabby either. He wasn't going in circles around his argument trying to reinforce it but kept moving along and adding more. Yes, equal exploitation is not always going to be considered the PC answer, but it fits with Jim's expressed personality and was funny. I enjoyed this one. I guess I'm viewing Jimquisition not on the same vein necessarily as Extra Credits, but it's a funny take on what we like to argue about. Think of it as George Carlin making fun of what we hold dear so we can realize the silliness of it all.

Thanks, Jim. This show made me want to watch more of you. Good job.

I found the show pretty funny, maybe my British sense of humour means I'm more use to this type of humour then other nationalities?

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