Jimquisition: Solving the Sexism Situation

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Lol at the ultra-macho USMC ad.

He's right, you know. There are plenty of ladies and gay guys who game. Spread the love!

mm I think people is making a big deal, DUKE NUKEM is purely jokes, that's what it sales.
Why woman are always with big boobs showing everything, well first of all, go to the street, woman show more skin than man always and man always want to show muscle, so videogames is more like a parody or an extremist critic or just like exaggeration of things.

I think people like to whining all the time. CONTROVERSY IS A GOOD SELLER, if you don't believe me ASK ACTIVITION AND MW2.

Also the majority of videogame player are male LIKE IT OR NOT, so if a sexist game appeal a lot of males then developers are going to make it, but I think Duke Nukem Games are parodies.

I love family guy and is a controversial show, but it is pure because it makes fun of everyone

I'm still puzzled over why The Escapist (which I respect and have written for) would hire this guy, especially after his recent interactions that involved hurling sexist epithets at women and making misogynist comments in other contexts. If anyone is unfamiliar with the situation, there's a recap with Jim's own comments here: http://gomakemeasandwich.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-his-words-why-jim-sterling-is-in.html

And in light of that incident, the subject of this video is a huge puzzle to me, given just how sexist Jim Sterling himself has proven to be. That makes it ring completely hollow in the end, aside from the emptiness of the actual content.


This is the worst Jimquisition of all time. The Escapist shouldn't mess with the formula. Obviously this lame topic and the general content is something the Escapist editorial staff came up with.

Plus, WTF is it with the podium?

Presentation very much better this time.

He still needs to lose the mirror shades. They don't work at all with his look, and not being able to see the eyes doesn't help either.

Good work toning down the swearing though.

At least he's taken some advice on board. And by that I mean replacing the white background with a red and black one.
But there's still the excessive and ill-timed swearing, talking for that five minutes and saying precious little, the crude drawings of genitalia that are neither funny nor clever, those crappy aviators... honestly, the funniest part of the video (the bit with Marcus Fenix) wasn't even written by him.

Next to Yahtzee, Movie Bob, Extra Credits, Lisa Foiles, Anthony Saves the World, Name Game and Critical Miss, this guy really lets the site down.

Jared Berg:
Why oh why does this show still exists

I'll second this. There are alot of quality videos out there from OTHER people.

Get the right subject to talk about and this could be gold.

This episode was far from perfect, but it's better than the last one and I would give this a few weeks to get the right subject for a really good "rant".

Okey, is it JUST ME or does he look like the dictator from V for Vendetta-comic, with the Norsefire-flag behind him and all? (Or something that looks creepishly familiar)

Edit: image

Really, am I the only one seeing it?

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Take Jim off, put in the chick who did the "Diablo in a Minute" vid.

I... disagree. Just make less scantily-clad women. If they're wearing armor, let them wear armor. Or if you're going to show midriff and leg for no reason, just accept you might get some backlash. I kinda like when armor looks sexier on women than guys, but I'm not going to cry if that changes.


edit: my opinion of the show is the same as before, but everyone's already said it by now.

I'm still puzzled over why The Escapist (which I respect and have written for) would hire this guy, especially after his recent interactions that involved hurling sexist comments at women. If anyone is unfamiliar with the situation, there's a recap with Jim's own comments here: http://gomakemeasandwich.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-his-words-why-jim-sterling-is-in.html

And in light of that incident, the subject of this video is a huge puzzle to me, given just how sexist Jim Sterling himself has proven to be. That makes it ring completely hollow in the end, aside from the emptiness of the actual content.

thanks for that link (even if it did turn my stomach)

funny how I only watched like 30secs of this vid before finding him irreparably sexist and checking the comments to see if I wasn't having a nightmare. I wasn't.

so yeah, please get rid of Jim. let us not spread the words of imbeciles.

I'm not really liking this guy, I think the extra credits guys talk about these issues far better

I really, 'really' like this guy, but we do need some sort of content disclaimer for him.

Great solution though.

Considering the Picture on the escapist home page is just a huge Cleavage shot, I stay the hell away. They might have chosen a different picture though... The escapist home page is no long safe for work...

awesomely funny

You know, I don't think that A Modest Proposal works as well when act like such a prick all the time that no one can tell that you don't actually want to eat babies. I thought I ought to give this guy a second try even after last week's video, but I still think he's a move in the wrong direction. This isn't funny, and it's not near as smart as it'd like to think it is either.

I can see how he's supposed to be a contrasting piece of self-comedy, but I don't think it's ridiculous enough. In fact, he's making a spitting good image of a certain internet user stereotype. With figures like Yahtzee or the Nostalgia Critic you can see when a joke is a joke and a hyperbole is a hyperbole while also understanding the truth beneath, the point they're trying to make. He's walking on rather a faint line of comedy where you can't be sure whether it's parody or truth. But maybe that's just me.

*searches Devil May Cry on Devinart*

......did we get the same result Sterling?

I take him more as radical stand-up (and not all that funny) as opposed to well-thought out discussion.

Here's another idea: why should we HAVE to do anything? Ameliorations of that nature take the teeth out of the material.

This is HUGELY better than the first video in every way. I am glad I gave it a second chance. I have a few comments on it, both to say what I felt was good and what I feel could do with a little more finetuning.
-The language was much better this time round. I am no prude, in fact I am a foul mouthed motherfucker at times, but your first video grossly overused profanity to the point where it not only lost it's effect but it actually got off-putting. This time the first f-bomb got dropped around the 2.30 mark, and was actually kinda funny.
-One of the recurring complaints was the lack of clips/pics. Clearly that was taken on board, and the addition of more improved things, but I think it still needs a little tinkering. To me it felt like the clips interrupted the video, instead of enhancing it. I would suggest showing silent clips that tie in with what you are saying, while you speak over it.
-I have heard that the first one was done as one take in order to go for improv freeflow or something, and I'm not sure if that was the case, but this time around your speech flowed much better and seemed more polished. Whether this is because you were better prepared, practiced the speech beforehand or whatever, I would say stick with it.
-MS Paint penises aren't funny any more. Most of us are past the 8th grade. Sorry. This is a similar point to the language thing - crudity can be funny, but crudity for crudity's sake tends to just seem childish.
-The background this time wasn't really much better than the white one... It made me think of a nazi rally for some reason. I don't know what to suggest here really, since static backgrounds are going to be boring no matter what, and non-static backgrounds can get pretty complicated.
-The topic. Last week's topic was a bit of a flop - telling the escapist movies =/= games is like telling the pope there's a difference between jews and christians. Today's topic was much better. Sure, most of us here will easily enough admit that games can often be sexist, but instead of just telling us something we already know you actually discussed it, made some valid points, and expressed them with some humour. Nice choice, and it was helped by the whole Duke Nukem thing making it topical.
-Sounds quality was better all round - you spoke clearly and the mic picked it all up.

End wall of text. All in all I think it was a great improvement - I loathed the first vid, but the second has impressed me. I look forward to seeing how the video progresses as you find your feet, finetune your style and figure out what works best for you. Good luck.

I LOVE Jim Sterling from his Dtoid articles and his older Jimquisitions. I agree with a lot of what he says and I actually find his SRSBSNS style really funny. I hope he stays.

In my opinion, God knows gamers need more GARME JURNILIZM! in their lives to counteract the tired ass snooty "edumacated" essays and panels over topics covered a million times before that frankly no one at all seems to give a shit about. We've been passing this and many other issues back and forth, but shit games still exist, politicians still hate us, Roger Ebert will NEVER take you seriously, popular television still barely gets it right when lampooning us, and scantily clad females haven't gone away.

But here is what HAS happened, in spite of that: Indie games have seen a resurgence, art games have become more popular, the game industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and more headstrong female characters have been popping up as the quality of storytelling increases.

Here's a secret...

There's room in the world for EVERYTHING! Clothed characters, scantily clad ones, ugly characters, sexy characters, flat characters, deep ones, doesn't matter. Some women are headstrong, others are not. Some are warriors, others are princesses. There's a dealer for your drug, and that's what makes the world beautiful. Sexy, slutty, flat characters don't need to disappear altogether. Nothing needs to disappear in order to simply MAKE MORE GAMES WITH HEADSTRONG/FULLY CLOTHED/"DEEP"/WHATEVER WILL SATE YOUR POLITICAL AGENDA FEMALES.

There is nothing more infuriating to me as a gamer than seeing another "serious" essay or panel or video about these "serious issues," or another editorial on why Mario is the quintessential everything of everything. I'm sick of people trying to sound "intelligent" and the "intelligentsia" only focusing on the negativity and HERPDEDERP WHAT WE NEED TO CHANGE IN ORDER TO MOVE FORWARD. It's gotten stale and boring. This is why I not only welcome Jim Sterling's style, but find it completely riotous. Keep it up, man.

Not everybody gets LoadingReadyRun's work but that hasn't stopped them from producing several successful shows for The Escapist.

Jim may be dealing with samey content, but the format will improve with time. Give Jim a chance to re-vamp his Youtube-esque production quality and zero-budget graphics department.

Even Yahtzee was once just a Youtube guttersnipe, and if Jim happens to be wayy different from everything else on this site, is that necessarily bad?

I say give him another couple episodes, see what happens

I think the show could really benefit from some better sound quality. I can't bear to listen to the acoustics in the room he's in.

OK I'm not sure if that's satirical or not, I sort of hope it is. Because objectifying everyone in video games is just adding more the overwhelming list of things that make people feel self concious,lead to eating disorders, increased levels of plastic surgery and un-realistic aims when it comes to interactions with the opposite sex.

The notion that sexism can be solved by dragging everyone into the visually focused gutter is just stupid. Its the equivalent of "its not racist if we attack everyone."

Judging by this "http://gomakemeasandwich.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-his-words-why-jim-sterling-is-in.html" its not a joke.

Also the argument "its in our genetics." Gets really irritating when spouted from the mouth of someone you can't help but think doesn't fully grasp molecular biology. Yes Men find women attractive, but its also in our genetics to reproduce as much as possible, compete directly with out siblings for food (to the point where their death is OK as long as our genes survive) and attack strangers.

However humanity has the ability to not solely be products of our genetic inheritance. And looking at breasts is fine, but to make a women purely breasts is just awful plain awful. Because it doesn't even make sense logically to think of women purely in in a sexual light. Think of all the possible discoveries that would've been made earlier had women been treated as equals. Yes that's right women contribute to the world as well! Over sexualising (sp_ men in video games will only reach equality in some perverted and twisted sense (as outlined above).

Im sorry, did anyone else think of this while watching?


Oh FFS, now this guy's episode picture is a pair of giant gazongas? I don't even need to watch the video to find out that I'm pissed off about this episode.

Obviously some people do like him, so I propose he's moved to a biweekly column. That way everybody wins. But seriously, this guy pisses me off. And it's not like you can ignore him. His face is always there and his gazongas picture is going to be sitting there for two more effing weeks like that "Lesbian?" picture was for the last two weeks.

EDIT after having seen the video: All right, fair enough, this was a much better episode than the last one. You're off the hook for now Jim.

That was pretty funny.

When I look upon this video, I am reminded of a story about the late Hermione Gingold. During a performance, she was interrupted by a small child asking her mother:
"Mummy, what is that lady for?"

The other writers and video makers on this site are genuinely decent, and I can respect their ability even if I don't agree with them (Like MovieBob, for instance. Don't like his opinions, but he is cogent about them). This guy doesn't sit well with me, though.

His delivery is poor, his structure is nonexistent, and he doesn't actually seem to have a point that he's working towards. And as for this:

"Well, it's simple genetics, really."
No it isn't. It really, really isn't. Even if that were the case, it wouldn't be an excuse.

In conclusion, dear Escapist, I ask you this:
"Moderators, what is this man for?"

Really not getting this guy's humor and there's nothing else here.

A different, perhaps more radical, solution:

How 'bout we objectify no one, and only place men or women in revealing clothing when it is tangential to exploring their character and/or fits their cultural/geographical background. You know, as in good storytelling that is inclusive and realistic at the same time.

This one sentence was better than his whole entire segment.

Honestly, 200% better than the first episode. Glad I gave Jim another chance, I actually made it through this one and laughed quite a bit at "Diddle the Duke" mode, somehow jims interpretation of fiddling with Duke Nukem balls was hilarious to me.

Besides, there are tons of incidents of semi-naked men in video games. And they all have disproportionate muscles and defining manly features that most men don't have. Examples: Kratos, Conan, most of the street fighter dudes. The difference here is that guys don't actually give a shit if we're "sexualized" in video games.

I've been un-ironically saying this for ages.

On a side not, is it weird that the flexing torsos didn't bother me, but the duke balls did?

Bring Lisa back
Can this hack

He's not funny, and the points are brought about in the most obnoxious way possible.

I'm Jennifer Snow and I approve this message.

From what I understand, it's hard to go wrong with an attractive female protagonist in a game. Women like to play as a hot chick. Men like to play as a hot chick. Everybody wins. What makes it bizarre is how BAD games with an attractive female protagonist often turn out to be. It's like the devs got distracted by their own cheesecake and forgot to make a good game.

So what you do is, you make the hot female protagonist DLC.

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