Jimquisition: Solving the Sexism Situation

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I gotta be honest. I was hoping that when this guy didn't post a video in the past 3 weeks I thought the Escapist might have scrapped him. I'm basically going to reiterate my points that I did on his last video because they still apply here.

We already have enough opinion shows and similar type shows on the Escapist. We have MovieBob with his Big Picture. We have Extra Credits. We have Yahtzee's Extra Punctuation. We know have the E-mail debates between Yahtzee, Graham, James, Mikey, and basically everyone worth listening too. And then we have podcasts by Yahtzee and Mikey which I'm sure will also increase to include Graham, James, and anyone worth listening too. In short why do we need Jim? He doesn't say anything that hasn't been said before expect he is 10x more vulgar. I prefer MovieBob, he is blunt and he has interesting opinions and he basically has the same shtick as this guys trying to go for except MovieBob knows how to tone it down. Jim almost seems to come off as a troll.

I seriously can't think of anything that this guy brings to the Escapist that isn't already here and done better by one of the other correspondents. He doesn't really get into the deep end of the whole debacle like the Extra Credits guys and his jokes aren't anything that MovieBob or Yahtzee haven't done before in some way. Not to mention I can basically hear his opinions by going into any forum and asking all the really angry guys about the subject. He presents his ideas like they are revolutionary but he really is behind. Please Escapist can we just get rid of him.

He should have signed off with 'England Prevails'

I feel like this episode was a lot better than the first. It was more interesting and coherent. I'll certainly keep watching for now.


Even Yahtzee was once just a Youtube guttersnipe,

One that went semi-viral and landed a job with The Escapist because they knew he was the next big thing and had to get to him before anybody else did. The Escapist's readership blew up as a result. With only two episodes of "Fully Ramblomatic," Yahtzee defined himself as a character, created an easily accessible visual style, and garnered attention and respect from gamers worldwide.

and if Jim happens to be wayy different from everything else on this site, is that necessarily bad?

I say give him another couple episodes, see what happens

Because is a lot of cases, The Escapist has a lot of the cream of the crop doing weekly segments. Yahtzee is a huge draw. MovieBob is an encyclopedia of many different forms of entertainment media. The Extra Credits guys are informative, intelligent, well-spoken, and presented as objectively as they can in a mature and dignified manner that treats gamers as a respectable all-ages demographic that don't need to be pandered to. Shamus is experienced, intelligent, does a lot of different things on the site, and is somebody whose opinion is well respected. I never really listed Lisa Foiles as one of my draws to the site, but ever since she's been gone, I kinda miss her. I don't like Unskippable very much, but I've come to terms that a lot of people enjoy them, and frankly I'd rather watch their whole library in marathon fashion before I can bring myself to re-watch a single episode of Jimquisition.

So, when something is wayyy different from everything else on this site, in that everything else holds merits ranging from being enjoyable to being a shining star, while Jimquisition has no redeeming qualities, then yes, that is necessarily a bad thing.

I actually quite enjoyed this, and not just on the meta level. Quite heteronormative (why can't men like men or women like women?) but them's the breaks.

Has Jim ever seriously talked to a woman about this topic before? I mean, where does he get it that the issue would be solved if they exploited everyone "equally"? Or maybe I'm just ignorant and am not aware of the growing trend of women demanding men without their clothes on in their videogames, to get their rocks off. Women, on average, have a different sets of base preferences than those of males. And hence why they are ticked off by the overabundance of boobs and lack of characterization, unlike the vast majority of us who get bombarded with all sorts of uber-massculine dickheads with disproportionate muscles (who may or not go shirtless) equipped with the power of low intelligence and lack of fear (we keep buying the same stuff over and over again, right?).

In short: dudes running around in thongs getting all "exploited" wouldn't come close to evening the score for them b/c, quite simply, that doesn't equalize the blantant amount of stupid in female characters' various portrayals, and a form of it already happens anyways.

I'm sorry but how the hell is Jim any more vulgar than Yahtzee? That makes no sense to me at all.

so wait, basically, Jim's saying, if they make a " Halo: Other H" everything will be fine, and there will be no more sexism?

I found the show pretty funny, maybe my British sense of humour means I'm more use to this type of humour then other nationalities?

I quite enjoy British humor. Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams are great. This guy is just isn't.

It's like he's the mirror opposite of Extra Credits. Is he supposed to make me think of the game anti-thinker?

So far, the only thing I like about these videos are the Treno theme from FFIX.

If you posted everything he said in that video into the forum on this site (pics and all) you'd be probated or banned. It is poop-blackeningly ironic.

Lono Shrugged:
If you posted everything he said in that video into the forum on this site (pics and all) you'd be probated or banned. It is poop-blackeningly ironic.

Rightfully so, and be called a Troll.

I actually like this guy. He has the same accent as me, which I find really annoying, but looking past that, he is actually really funny and right on the money.

Ok, I'll back peddle from what I said last time. You proved me wrong.

I really did enjoy this episode. It was a beautiful reversal of the objectification role and it caught me off guard. Huge improvement over the first episode. Huge.

Cutting down on the language and adding the extra flair on set didn't hurt anything either.

If you keep up this quality I'll look forward to seeing this show pop up.

I really think Jim will improve with time. I am glad personally that I gave him a second chance, and I see him doing well in the future once he finds his groove. He should be more Jim and less everyone else. Plus Jim KEEP THOSE GLASSES!!! Aviators are what pimps, top gun pilots where, and now video game contributors are free to wear them! REVOLUTION!!!

Extra Credits had a much more mature discussion about this and a much more appropriate answer for it.

Again, out of everyone at Destructoid, why couldn't you have just signed Chad?


It's like how in Dragon Age 2 Isabella is nothing but a two-dimensional character with big breasts, while Anders has his whole "sexy tortured look" with an interesting story and complex personality.

Isabela is quite likely the most psychologically legitimate character in BioWare's whole canon.
That perception of her as little more than a walking pair of bosoms is the two-dimensional assumption people make, and the one the game and character knowingly disassemble.
I guess you missed that.

I agree most of the time I find that people don't romance her specifically because she seems two-dimensional, but if you actually interact with her there's a lot more to her.

Better than last time.
I'm up for giving this show some more goes :)
Let it get in to it's stride and all. It'll keep getting better, I reckon.

I think it was an improvement.

I liked that he had a definite tone and mood, that of humor. I actually got what he was trying to do.

I didn't find it funny at all. The concept was good but the execution failed for me.

Is there a real reason and need to have a bunch of cocks in this vid? honestly??? If I posted the same pics in this thread I'd be banned in 5 seconds. So please for the love of god pull this vid off!

Got a chuckle from me. :) Might stick around to watch this..
The banner in the back is very "V for Vendetta"..

Better than the first, not that that was hard to do. But still don't think I ll be looking forward to the next episode. Definitely would work better as an article but still I feel like he doesn't offer anything really deep or well-thought and the video isn't fun to look at.

Like the last episode, I think a lot of it would have worked better as a written article, but I love the deliberately absurd extremes he's going towards (and in some cases, I think it should be reality. Yes, I agree Marcus Fenix should run around in a chainmail bikini), especially with the televangelist-like setup in this episode. Maybe if Jim composed himself better, rather than trying to badly ad-lib, this would work more?

EDIT: Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression most people on this site would have read A Modest Proposal and gotten up in arms? I ask because that is kind of the vibe I got from this episode, yet everyone seems to think it's 'trolling.'

I really, 'really' like this guy, but we do need some sort of content disclaimer for him.

Great solution though.

I agree. There should be some sort of disclaimer... I'm not a prude, but there's been a lot of nudity (even if poorly drawn), and I haven't seen a single "WHAT AGE ARE YOU?" thing to try to prevent kids from seeing it.

The daily drop has a better chance of saying something intelligent about the state of modern gaming than this guy.

Has someone in the escapist office figured out they'll make more money using trollbait or something?

Had a good chuckle at this one. I was hopeful after episode 1, and indeed it seems like somebody read the comments and took on some of the criticism; this episode is much slicker all round. Looking forward to the next one! :)

Not crazy about the MS paint drawings, though. I guess I can appreciate that the video needs something to break it up a little.

Has Jim ever seriously talked to a woman about this topic before? I mean, where does he get it that the issue would be solved if they exploited everyone "equally"? Or maybe I'm just ignorant and am not aware of the growing trend of women demanding men without their clothes on in their videogames, to get their rocks off. Women, on average, have a different sets of base preferences than those of males.

I'm a woman. When I Play Left 4 Dead 2, I purposefully choose a character other than Ellis so that I can stare at his arse while he runs ahead of me. Have you ever seriously talked to a woman about this topic before?

By the end i was in doubt, was he f****** around or being serious?

I thought this would be bad and I was wrong...


Once again this clown keeps recycling the same things said by others (but better), adds nothing new to the argument and show his ignorance by not reminding us that there is already PLENTY of eye candy and content for the ladies.

What this fool fails to convey is that the "sexism" argument is pretty much one sided in favor of women.

Simply put... A man in a loin cloth is OK but a girl in a bikini is a big time no-no!

A different, perhaps more radical, solution:

How 'bout we objectify no one, and only place men or women in revealing clothing when it is tangential to exploring their character and/or fits their cultural/geographical background. You know, as in good storytelling that is inclusive and realistic at the same time.

Why don't we solve world hunger and create world peace while we're at it?
Sorry, didn't mean to be rude. I think the joke in the episode is that stopping objectifying women is just so unrealistic that it likely won't happen. Most people are aware of how and why all the objectifying is wrong, but even today (maybe even more so in some) almost all forms of media objectifies women, and to a certain extent men.

Well. Hm. At least it was shorter this time. My main problem with this guy is he doesn't really add anything to the discussion. Sexism in games is a topic that's been around for ages and I can't say this added anything insightful or really even funny to the discussion. Also there's some creepy pictures and I just don't really see what this show is meant to provide- Moviebob, Yahtzee and the guys from Extra Punctuation talk about the issues with more insight and humor.

The heteronormative perspective here is jarring as all get out. The whole "Men are hardwired to like breasts" argument is particularly bothersome. What about homosexuals? Or (weakly attempts levity) heterosexual "ass men" or "leg men"?

Jim may be trying to tackle important, pertinent issues to the gaming industry and lifestyle, but he is not doing these serious subjects the justice they deserve by presenting them alongside these jokes that stem from a very limited perspective of the world. Yes, he is attempt to tackle the subject from the "troll" angle, and I'll admit, those portions are kinda funny; I did laugh at his proposition for equal objectification across the board. Its clear he's trying to tackle these subjects farcically, but he's coupling this approach with jokes and observations that aren't rooted in farce, e.g. akin to Yahtzee.

It's also an issue that he's not bring much polish to his performance; I think if he were a better actor he MIGHT be able to pull of some of the heteronormative jokes as coming from an ironically progressive standpoint, but as it stands now I don't think he's there yet. I think he COULD, MAYBE, IF HE REEEEAAAAALLY WORKS at improving his performance, make this show work. But unless he does it fairly soon I don't know that he should be kept on the Escapist's payroll.

God that was awful. Even worse than the first one. Old, played-out jokes, uninteresting arguments. The Escapist can put these up all they want, but I won't be watching them.

This guy is pretty much piggy-backing off of what commentators like Yahtzee, Moviebob, and the Extra Credits crew have been saying for a while now. The host just seems to be trying too hard to make a name for himself. I mean, The "Jimquisition," seriously? My only serious critique is that host needs to get over himself.

I can't lie,but I think that's part of the "joke"

I'm sorry but how the hell is Jim any more vulgar than Yahtzee? That makes no sense to me at all.

He's not. But Yahtzee's vulgarity has to do with comedic timing and colorful metaphor. Jim's just seems to be slapdash and thrown in there whenever he feels like it and it comes off as him just being a prick. Jim comes off as the kind of guy that has Tourettes. It's just placed in their awkwardly and it doesn't really add anything to the topic as a whole.

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