The Big Picture: Do the Mario!

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OT: God dammit this episode made me feel old.


Oh come now Bob, NO mention of Youtube Poop that resulted largely from these two shows?

i dont remember the zelda cartoon anywhere near as fondly as bob does

I think they sell both the Mario seasons on DVD at the local food lion. As a bundle. For 7 bucks. I might pick them up, if I can dig up enough change.

So am I the only person who is bugged by the fact that the Zelda cartoon oy had two triforce gems?
Shouldn't they be Biforce gems then?

Oh GOD I adore that Zelda cartoon. I discovered it a year or two ago, and started watching the episodes for the lulz. They're so wonderfully terrible - made all the better by the fact that it occasionally has potential, then promptly murders that potential by...having Link speak.

Also, Ganon was fucking hilarious. His voice always makes me giggle a little bit, and his plans were absolutely amazing.

1. Find giant magnet
2. Steal Castle
3. ???

I have no words. Except... awesome.

Suddenly, my whole infancy watching the spanish version of the Super Show... MAKES SENSE!

OK, now I have to go find and download 'Do The Mario'. I hope you're happy.

It's funny how differently me and my friends remember videogame cartoons growing up. I watched this one, but somehow never once saw the Friday Zelda episodes. My fiance, on the other hand, only watched Zelda and doesn't really remember the Mario parts. On the Sonic cartoon front, I have often told my Sonic-loving friend how odd I find it that an age difference of only a couple years means we grew up watching completely different Sonic cartoons- and to this day hold a preference for only the version we watched as kids. (You'd think I'd have an easier time getting a Sonic junkie to watch SatAM...)


Daniel Floyd:
I'd never even heard of this other Mario show. Looking forward to that episode. :)

I can help here some. Recall there used to be a Donkey Kong cartoon along the same supercade showing that included the rubix cube cartoon.

The listed one is apparently a one shot japanese movie/short.

I loved Moonlighting.

When I was a kid, my local video store had some tapes with this show, with about three episodes per VHS. I found it quite entertaining.

To this day, I'm still impressed that anyone could actually play Mario and Luigi in live-action AND look good doing it! Hats off to Lou Albano and Danny Wells.

When you started talking about video game cartoons first thing to pop in my head was


No disrespect mario I liked sonic more back then

My TA was showing this to us last week. When he realized that we were too young to remember, he started bemoaning being old. I was actually the only one old enough to remember, and even then I could only remember one episode... And I don't remember the live action bits...

Swing your arms
From side to side

A great segment as always Bob. I have the odd desire to perhaps, swing my arms from side to side,, mabey even take a step forward, and another..

A while back I watched an episode of the Zelda cartoon on Youtube. It actually wasn't too bad; I had planned to watch the whole series, but never got around to it. Maybe someday.

Man that makes me feel old.

I watched that as much as I could, but I only got it sparadically, mostly because my mother was trying to get me off the video games at the time and into schoolwork and boooks she'd define as "less wierd". The fact I'm here now should tell you how successful she was.

It's one of those shows I avoid going back to just because so much from the 80s didn't age well into today, but I won't deny, it looks like that MST3K kind of bad you can't help but enjoy despite yourself.

Now, please talk Captian N.

I find this relevant.

Specifically at 0:40, but if you haven't heard it, watch the whole thing.

OT: An interesting take on the series. I've always had conflicting feelings about it.

Oh god yes, the Super Show was awesome, and I completely forgot about those cameos!

Sergeant Slaughter was awesome.

I only remember one episode of the Mario cartoon (where they were playing American Football). That episode created the football dudes for Super Mario World.

Never saw the Zelda one, but it seems okay... if only because I have heard worse American voice acting (and I love dub).

That was interesting, thanks Bob.
I always hated the cartoon sections of the mario show, but I loved the live action parts.

I have those DVDs. I have a sad existence.


Specifically at 0:40, but if you haven't heard it, watch the whole thing.

OT: An interesting take on the series. I've always had conflicting feelings about it.

These guys sound familiar. Did they also do a Mega Man 3 one, or something?

EDIT: nope it was MM2

I'm kind of getting bored of these videos. "Hey, remember these shows, well, they existed." I mean, I enjoy it when it's SUPER obscure like the Ghostbusters episode or the Street Fighter movie, but this is just kind of meh. Not terrible, but nothing special.

born in '83, got an NES before the 90s, watch LOTS of SMB,Zelda, and Captain N...
though sometimes I would switch off Captain N to Gilligan's Isle because Captain N was HORRIFFIC!! I still swear that Simon Belmont from that show is actually his cowardly alpha-male cousin using his name because it sounds better than his.

but anyway, Nostalgia/9000

You good sir made me nostalgia hard. *wipesawayatear*

Thanks for that, the nostalgia was intoxicating. I couldn't believe how quickly that song came back to me (kinda scary considering... I mean, how well must they have brainwashed me when I was a kid?). Just - like - that!

Nintendo wasn't that big over here, we had the Commodore instead, however I did get nostalgic seeing Captain Lou, I immediately went off to youtube and started looking for Nikolai Volkoff and George The Animal Steele videos.

fuck you Bob, Sheik was/IS awesome.

This make me happy :)

I loved this Mario show. The other 2 weren't as good. But they were still fun for that 80s cheese-fest nostalgia. And yeah... ignoring the OBNOXIOUS "excuuuuuse me Princess" catchphrase, the Zelda show wasn't actually terrible if you give it a chance.
Well said MovieBob.

Bob, thank you for that trip back to elementary school buddy. I used to rush home after school on Fridays like my ass was on fire to watch Zelda. It was THE event of the week. (The Batman Animated Series wouldn't be out for another couple of years, I think.) I actually didn't even remember that "exuuuuuuuse me Princess" line until I saw a pretty funny post about it on Reddit a few weeks ago. Right on bruthah!

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