Trailers: Rage: The Shrouded

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Rage: The Shrouded

Remote-controlled explosives are a convenient way to get rid of enemy supplies.

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This looks awesome. I preferred the Dead City trailer though, as it had a more fallout-y vibe.

Dear RAGE, please don't suck.

This video just single-handedly threw me from a "buy months later" to a "Day One", though,

The first section of this video reminds me of the area in Doom 3 where you're escorted by a sentry bot through part of a maintenence tunnel. I liked that part, though, so this gets a thumbs-up from me.

Rage is looking more and more interesting, really.

Hmm...first I've heard of this game. Perhaps I should come out from under my rock a little more often. Anyway...

Maybe I need to see other trailers, but all I see from this is brown, post-apocalyptic shooter with obligatory vehicle section. Seems like Fallout 3 with FEAR's enemies, but less special than either one. Not sold.

Mmm... Looks allright to me, a little postapocalyptia in the set design, some decent little helpers...

I think this game is suffering from Turrets syndrome.

I noticed the guns all had that "ID clay-shiny" look to them if you get me.
Kudos too ID though they gat dark, grimy and steamy very well.

I think this game is suffering from Turrets syndrome.

Zing! ba dum tish =)

In other News: Is this game even trying to be different to Fallout?

i like the drivey parts, remands me of the fun i had in mass effect 1 driving around the world and blowing stuff up, although it seems im the only one that enjoyed that

I vary much enjoyed how people reacted to geting shot, stuff like people falling over and trying to drag them self into cover, or trying to roll over and shoot from their back, does anyone know if this has any melee weapons?

Is it just me or is this guy a ridiculous bullet-sponge? He got shot a million times and is fine. Hopefully this is easy mode or something...

Seeing NPC's limping away in retreat = awesome though

We've seen all of this before in other shooters.
Very generic stuff.
Nice gfx, but that's not enough.

it seems (albeit, its seemed more like this on the short ads sponsoring The Walking Dead) the child of Fallout (the good one) Borderlands and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

I hope so.

First Fallout, now Borderlands. Rage has really gotten my attention. I wonder what other forms of mechanical monsters you can summon up late game?

Is it just me or was it easier to aim without using the scope? Even at long ranges? Hm, ah well. Looks pretty cool though. My favorite part is when the dude boots the turret at the end. Like the turret had priority over the man with the automatic rifle standing directly behind it. It still made me laugh and was creative in the way they disposed of it though. Better then them just shooting it and it disintegrating into dust like other games.


I think this game is suffering from Turrets syndrome.

Zing! ba dum tish =)

In other News: Is this game even trying to be different to Fallout?

Well, it does have vehicles, which weren't in any recent Fallout games. And it's actually a lot like Far Cry 2 in the story just taking you places to shoot things in the face.

This looks great other than the rcxd thing. Sorry but I just don't think it's a practical or particularly interesting device.

Looks like a nice mix of borderlands and fallout. I just hope the game seriously isn't as easy as this trailer made it out to be.

The graphics look quite outdated at this point, but animation is very good.

I like all the enemy animations, smooth and their on hit reactions look pretty good. The item system I hope won't be extraneous from the looks of it, straight forward utility, ammo, and weapons as items I'm hoping.

While there is still no gameplay elements I can weigh in on yet since I still haven't seen enough, I can make a crack at the HUD. Was anyone else confused at the ammo count on the guy at first? I though that his machine gun (sub-machine gun? whatever) had a ammo count of 320 at first. Rather have a clip/total. I'm just nit picking though.

it seems very generic...

I dunno. I'm a big id fan, but I'm also really tired of all those gritty console shooters with ironsight aiming.

This seems like Call of Duty meets Mass Effect 2 (mild RPG stuff) meets, duh, Fallout. At least the ironsights seeem purely optional to use. And hopefully we won't be limited to two weapons.

Still, it's another gritty shooter, so I dunno. I'll wait and see.

The style reminds me very strongly of Oddworld: Stranger's wrath. Even the guy over the loudspeaker seems familiar.

First Duke Nukem Forever and Rage in 2011, then Doom 4 in 2012. These are good times for FPSes that are actually worth getting. Rage is a day 1 buy for me.

By the way, the voice of the sherrif that gives the mission is very familiar, Does anybody know who the voice actor is?

That looks extremely similar to Borderlands.

That's a good thing, by the way. I trust ID to do good things with my FPSes.

The more I see, the less I like. Way too generic. Weapons seem ugly and un-fun.

Liked that, you can use turrets and bots whenever you feel like. Rather than, scripted events only.

Don't suck please.

My god this looks so much fun.. hope it has many of same qualities as Fallout, except for all the bugs..

Huh, okay that didn't look too bad. CoD meets Fallout 3? Yeah, I could go for that.

The little spider robot & turret combo in the last fight scene looked pretty cool. I didn't really like the exploding little car, especially if it comes with those annoying "freeze frames" where everything slows down while the thing blows up. Might be nice to see once or twice, but no more, thank you very much. The guns...I don't understand why the crossbow makes so much noise, but otherwise it looked like your standard CoD fare, which isn't bad, since it works.

Look! It's brown, and it has my favourite jelly screen.

Like Telperion said, it looks like Fallout 3 had a relationship with CoD. Their child in turn got on with Borderlands... Too bad 2 out of those 3 games were pretty bad.

This just got on my must buy list. It looks fucking kewl.

Dude, that spider robot kicked some ass. Pounced that pussy behind the crate.

Cover doesn't mean shit to that thing.

I'm looking forward to this :D

As long as you can turn off auto-regen health I have no problem with this game. Otherwise I need to get a mod. Why ID?!


I think this game is suffering from Turrets syndrome.

Zing! ba dum tish =)

In other News: Is this game even trying to be different to Fallout?

Aside from the art style, how is it anything like Fallout?

It's an open world, first person game set in a huge post-apocalyptic wasteland (most likely caused by nuclear war), where you carry multiple weapons and items and mostly fight deformed mutants. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some form of moral choice system in here too, and the first half hour or so will be some kind of interactive tutorial in a much smaller environment.

Maybe my first post was a little exaggerated as we don't know much about the plot yet, but from whet we've seen so far the differences seem far more minor and aesthetic than the similarities.

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