Escape to the Movies: Thor

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to get the reference at the end of the movied.


to get the reference at the end past the credits.


The Philistine:

Antwerp Caveman:
Ok, there were actually kind of 2 character teasers: there's the one who spoke: whom most of us know who he is

, and there is the "big guy" in the shadows, to which Thor said "Big man, fought Bigger". I have no idea who that was, personal preference: Punisher, maybe?

Having not seen the movie yet, maybe a reference to Henry Pimm (Giant Man)? He's in Marvel's recent animated series anyway, so it wouldn't' be a surprise if he made his way into the movie franchise as well.

No, he wasn't THAT big :p 6-7 feet.

Thor! Thor! He's our man! If he can't do it, he'll beat you bloody with his hammer! :D

It was a very pragmatic adaption and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It knew what to keep and what to lose. I personally never cared for the Donald Blake personality in the comics, Thor doesn't need an alternative identity and it often raised unfortunate questions (if Donald Blake is actually Thor, and they share a soul etc, isn't he cheating on Sif and Jane with each other?). I've honestly prefered the space alien idea in comics, which has unfortunately been underplayed in recents years (though JMS' run is one of the best written).

Good inclusion of Hawkeye and the Warriors three. This Thor can easily fit in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Idris Elba was great, he turned what could have been an unremarkable character into one of my favourite parts of the film. Regardless on whether or not his skin colour matched the original, his voice and manner was perfect. I definitely believe he could see all of time and space, while possessing un-imaginable power that could rival Odin or Thor. Yet at the same time was funny while still in character when he aided the Warriors Three. The man is definitely a rising a star.

No surprises in this vid. Anything comic related=good

Anything that is modern video game related=bad

Well, face it. Most video-game based movies ARE bad. And that includes the two Lara Croft movies and the four Resident Evil movies.
And on the other hand, comic-book movies like Iron Man and The Dark Knight are undeniably awesome.

I'm sure there's a lesson to be learnt here, but in general it's easy to remember that video-game movies < comic-book movies.


Natalie Portman is certainly on a fantasy roll here between this, V for Vendetta and Black Swan.

Black Swan fantasy?

nom nom nom...

I didn't need Bob to tell me that this movie's good!

I loved some of the sight gags in the background scenery like...

A sign for the local sports team (the Vikings) says GO VIKINGS!
Another sign (as their leaving) says something like "Gateway to adventure".

Can't wait to see "The Avengers".

Am I the only one that hated the parts of the movie where it kinda went over the top?

I have not read the comic, but it felt a bit too much and Thor unlike.

Its not magic, just really really really really REALLY advanced technology. Also:



Natalie Portman is certainly on a fantasy roll here between this, V for Vendetta and Black Swan.

Black Swan fantasy?

Too good to leave off a list of good movies Natalie Portman's been in. Besides it has one fantasy element.

Good Review although. Norse gods did not battle Ice Giants. They're called Jotner from Jotunheim. mmkay?

I'm kicking myself for not staying at the credits. It was a damn good movie though, one I didn't expect to enjoy but was blown away by. Plus I saw it in 3D, which worked quite well. Yep, excellent.

at the end of the the little sneak a peek.



what is the cameo?
and what kind of person sits through creds to watch a scene that is of course on youtube already with useful comments.

Is anyone else here a little perplexed about how Bob describes Natalie Portman's character?
"Refreshingly ordinary, dressed down, plain-Jane astrophysicist."


"Refreshingly ordinary, dressed down, plain-Jane astrophysicist."

That's like how they called Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Green Lantern "an ordinary Joe" despite him having the body of an olympic athlete and being a goddamn jet pilot.

When did jobs like that become plain and ordinary?

On topic: Good review, I'll probably go see this.

Also, I still think this would have made a much more amusing thor movie.


Yes but that would bear a striking resemblance to dp showing some originality as a character and....well....y'know. Not his strong suit. I mean c'mon WADE Wilson? Were they even trying to mask the direct lift?

Anywho I went and saw this last night with a freind and we both thought it rocked! Good times all throughout and the Shield agent really is starting to become a show stealer in these movies. The lab assistant was great too although she hasn't gotten much credit for it (she seemed a lot funnier than whoever princess my but it's cold in the desert was playing)Those of you who didn't like it or thought it was only average? Lemmee ask you real quick. What did you think of Black Swan? Yeah, bingo. This was not an art film there, Ebert. It was a *&^*ing FUN film! Right I forget that's not really your deal. Same boring wannabe critics that thought TRON sucked. *SIGH*

Sometimes I have to remind myself that pretentious, jaded, opinions don't matter and they won't stop Avengers from being made. Sweeeeeeet! God I hate critics, particularly ones who could do no better and in fact have probably nothing (thankfully) to their own "creative" credit. I just happen to think Moviebob is funny, I don't actually care if he thinks I should go see a movie or not.

Okay, serious question.

Sucker Punch vs Thor -

Which is the better pull? If we're talking fantastical setting, SP seems to beat Thor and I'm going to see one today so...

Going tonight!

I liked it quite a bit. It was a nice change of pace from Iron Man. Looking forward to the Avengers at this point!

It was a good movie, I agree with everything Bob said. Great addition to the Marvel series of movies and an excellent set up for Captain America. I believe Captain America may be the best one yet.

This was not an art film there, Ebert. It was a *&^*ing FUN film! Right I forget that's not really your deal.

Even more important: it was a really well made fun film.
They got talented people who know their craft and made a movie that is simply really good.
They didn´t use "Oh, it´s just for shits and giggles anyway" as an excuse to have crap actors, crap effects, crap writing or crap directing.
And I salute this decision.

Also.... Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

I just came back from watching it and I loved it. I thought it was even better then Iron Man

Even more hilarious me and my brother were the only ones who stayed through the ending credits needless to say it was well worth it and anyone intrested in The Avengers should stay through the ending credits.

I actually did not like it, I thought the plot was a bit thin, the characters a bit too stereoptypical, there was no real climax to the movie and the character development was to abrupt. Funny too see that I actually disagree with most people for once!

Uhmmmm.... Is that a good $^%% or a bad $^%%?? (In referrence to your Anthony Hopkins comment I mean.)

I also would like to say for anyone on the escapist who's curious that I think the game made by SEGA is equally good. I don't think anyone else was all that excited about it as I posted some first impressions (hoping to get the first impressions of other escapists who bought it.) aaaaand, great, no one did or wants to give their opinions on it. I find that - odd.

Okay, serious question.

Sucker Punch vs Thor -

Which is the better pull? If we're talking fantastical setting, SP seems to beat Thor and I'm going to see one today so...

Seriously. Honest to Gods. Thor.

Even if you're NOT a comics fan. Thank or curse at me later, and don't take my word, take Moviebob's. My earlier comment was not meant to imply that I don't enjoy his work here or learn anything from it. I do. A lot. In both cases. So reading my comment again it came off - wrong. (I mostly just wanted to support the Go see it camp.)

Iron 1...great, 2...messy
Hulk 1...baaad, 2...good!
Thor...good stuff, still feel a bit cut down due to build up for Avengers, but it's not as torn apart by forced in Avengers material as Iron Man 2

Captain America...please be awesome
you have the whole 1940's (pre-Avengers) to work with WITHOUT having to bash in too much Avengers build up

that being said I am indeed excited for Avengers (Joss Whedon!), but still disappointed with how hard Marvel's pushing it has cut into Iron Man 2 and a little bit of Thor (tho it turned out fine, like MovieBob said it was implemented much better)

I actually did not like it, I thought the plot was a bit thin, the characters a bit too stereoptypical, there was no real climax to the movie and the character development was to abrupt. Funny too see that I actually disagree with most people for once!

so it's just like Iron Man 2. I don't think Marvel is getting the idea that this whole shared continuity idea might be a bad thing

This reminds me of the Daybreakers review on how MovieBob exaggerated how good the movie was. By the way he was talking I thought Heimdall was going to own everybody and I expected something awesome after the credits when in actuality it was the worst teaser yet.

Also, what was supposed to be in Odin's treasure vault?

well this is one of very few movies we do agree on, i loved the movie from beginning to end, and i do realize there was stuff wrong with the movie, but its just one of those things where it all gelled together nicely, and i absolutely LOVE who they picked for each role, they all did amazingly at what they were cast to do.

still in the storyline they could've made earth have a bit more of a "predicament" seemed almost useless having much storyline involved in earth.

Sometimes I wish I was much younger when I go and see films like this. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them, but I just miss being that 8 year-old kid seeing all those awesome Huns charge down on the mountainside in Mulan or waiting with baited breath to see if Buzz and Woody can make it into Pizza Planet disguised in a carton and a burger box. *sigh* But yeah, Thor was fun.

On another note:
Flash! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Savior of the universe!! :D

Sequel with Beta Ray Bill? Hell yes. Who doesn't want to see a cyborg space horse who sacrificed his body so he could fight space demons, and is also worthy of holding mjolnir, for even more space demon kick-assery.

Well then give me one of those big enough to ride

Did anyone else tilt their head while watching the movie, with the insane amount of Dutch angles? As bad as the lens flare in Star Trek.

The Earth stuff was boring, unfunny, and Natalie Portman's acting was wasted. They should've just stuck with Asgard, because that world is a hell of a lot more interesting than small-town America. Never read the Thor comics, but I want more Asgard and less cheesy Earth shit. That would've allowed more development on the "Warriors of 3" which were just an excuse for a joke (Xena, Jackie Chan, and Robin Hood).

Now I'm even more excited to watch Thor with my friends and way more excited for The Avengers now. Come on you bloody exams... end soon! I am not surprise it did so well, quite a number of comic book fans managed to read a leak script and told others that it was great. Now I'm quite worried for Captain America, I really want it to be as good as Iron Man/or Thor. My concern is the director, Joe Johnston, cause' of the mediocre Jurassic Park 3 and Wolfman.

Iron Man - Great
The Incredible Hulk - Great
Iron Man 2 - Good
Thor - Great (my prediction once I watch it)

I just saw it and it's probably my least favorite of the Marvel movies so far. I generally had a good time, but some of the cinematography was a bit too noticeable. A lot of too-close quick cuts during the fights in the beginning, tilted cameras that made me notice the camera was tilted (when cameras draw attention to themselves, it's not a good thing for me). We're introduced to Natalie and crew rather quickly and they don't really establish why we should care about them, which makes it harder for me to buy that he would fall for her by the end of the film. When he does, it just sort of falls flat.

I think they had all the right pieces, they just needed to arrange them better and flesh a few things out. My thoughts are keep the beginning the same, but don't immediately cut back to Asgard and all of Thor's stuff. Tell that somehow through his interactions with the mortal main characters. By having Thor recount how he got there, you could show the same action, but then you get to see their reactions, which could be a nice comedy beat. Through this you could better reveal how Thor felt about it all, providing opportunities for him and Portman's character to connect, making the eventual romantic stuff more believable. the retelling of the events in Asgard could be spread across several scenes so it's not all thrown at the audience at once.

There's problems with my idea, certainly, but thinking about how all the scenes were ordered and how I related to the characters, I was really missing some development points that would have tied it together more neatly and made the payoffs better. Thor's character development just felt shallow, like they were hitting the right beats, but they weren't doing so in a really compelling way.

I liked it well enough and Heimdall really did steal the show. He was easily the coolest of any of the characters... no pun intended :P

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