Tales from the Table: Chapter 4: A Tale of a New Beginning

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where's the girlfriend, Ceredwyn needs to get revenge

Great episode, nice to see more in-character stuff.

It's midnight and I managed to sit through the whole episode. I don't know what higher praise I can give to a web series. Keep up the good work :)

Hahaha I love the fact that you made the userper look like Q from Star Trek TNG....

What... did noone else see it?

That was awesome! You guys are rockin it!
As to the kind of people that play RPGs: Vin Diesel Plays D&D. Take from that what you will :)

Thordin Loves Anal?

I really enjoyed this episode. I hope it continues to be more story-driven.

"What have you done to my father, the King?"
"I would like to order... A LARGE HAM!"

Cool vid. Finally a realistic look on the dangerous lives of princesses on the run.

Definitely the best episode yet, you guys are really getting it together.

On another note, are there really still people like the sister and the girlfriend from the last episode out there? I thought society had moved beyond that. At least in my school, I have never met anyone who looked down on DnD or anything else me and my friends get up to. I spend lunch periods with one of the most likeable, popular kids in school where we have pokemon battles and talk about what we will be EV training next.

I kind of want to see a paladin in the group, because what party is complete without a paladin? It may just be fact that I tend to play them, but having an amoral paladin can make for some rather amusing bits.

Hey baby. You want some... lay on hands?

Now THAT, was a good episode.

The only thing keeping me from really enjoying the videos is that the characters embody the very worst stereotypes of gamers as people that are awkward, insecure, childish and embarrassed about enjoying 'dress up'. Like the bitchy girlfriend taking the chocolate last episode. I'd like to think we've made it past these outdated stereotypes. I have played pen and paper games in conventions and with friends, and I've never met anyone that even resembled that.

I'd enjoy it a lot more if the players were believable people, and the characters they play were as dysfunctional as any regular player group will be. You can have humor without making fun of the people playing the game.

Because they dont go to conventions and are not your friend.
Other people can make it uncomfortable though. Last time I played we had to go to a different place than usuall, and the guy's family constantly mocked us. It made it difficult to stay in character (which is worse when you are DM, and thus have the most characters to be)

I really think the series is hitting its stride

Is that a Cockney Goblin? A Cock Goblin?! Amazing! This is the episode I have been waiting for, a beginning to the story and some more epic fantasy. Keep up the good work.

This was a great episode (kinda trailed in the middle).
I'm glad to see that buddy's (I'm terrible with the names)back.

Can't wait to see next weeks episode!

hehehe great job guys, also i have a twin sister and being asked that is just fucking stupid...

great episode guys. finally some story happening now. keep it up!

4 Episodes later, and you seemed to have learned something. Great episode guys'n'gals!

I'm glad that they're actually starting a storyline now. The pilot and the first three episodes were good, but a bunch of grown-up nerds stumbling around and getting in eachother's way gets old after a while.

DND Judgement:
hehehe great job guys, also i have a twin sister and being asked that is just fucking stupid...

Same thing happens to my mate. People can be idiots.

This probably should have been episode 1, but at least it only took 4 episodes.

This looks like a storyline to me.

"Are you identical?"
That was the best part of my day.

After 4 episodes you're starting to develop something, and I don't just mean plot. The idea of the ridiculous, discursive RPG team contrasted with a straight-man leader has been done in more than one other series on the Escapist, but that doesn't mean it's not good or relevant. In this episode there was characterization and humour that was above the puerilities and base derisions of the other episodes. It felt natural and genuine. Keep this level of quality up and you will go far.

Is this a plot I see before me? Very good.

Gotta admit, after the first three episodes I wasn't very impressed...but this one blew away all of my preconceptions of what a web series could be. If all of the episodes are like ths one from now on I think it could easily surpass the standards web series like "The Guild" have set.

Finally a watchable episode, grats guys! Keep it up!

My words exactly.

Better. I like this episode moreso than previous ones. As has been said, the series seems much improved now that the story has some direction.

"this just went up 5 notches" Gold!

Mh didnt really like this one. Lacking any likeable characters till now, but i will follow this further and hope for some development

This was the first episode I watched. and I really enjoyed it a lot. Keep it up!

Knew that the show would be great and I'm glad to see it doing so well. If this storyline now becomes a reoccuring narrative then all the better, as previously it was fun but slightly misjointed.

Woah, is this the same show I'm watching?

I like this reboot much better, you're definitely on the right track here. Minor (hopefully constructive) critique:
- "Show, Don't Tell" would apply to the scenes where the DM fleshes out the two drunks and when the princess cast her spell on the party ("Can't... move...!"). If you wanted to distinguish obnoxious drunken guy #1 from #2, you could've added a line like "Keep yer women, I don't need em with I'm with my *holds bottle to cheek and pets it* liquid goddess" or something. With the second scene, if you thought the spell type wasn't obvious, you could have displayed at least one of the characters in an action pose they are holding. For example, the elf wants to run towards the princess to cut her throat and one of the drunks reaches out with a hand to stop him - then with the spell they both get stuck in their tracks and hold their arms etc. as they were during the motion.
- The first scene was pretty funny in being over-the-top and cliché (and I did have to join into the muhaha), but I think it could have been better with over-the-top emotions and *maybe* some overly dramatic camera angles, but that's a big maybe since it's definitely out of my field of "expertise".

Loved the stare at 9:56 tho. It just said "Dude. What the fuck." on so many levels. And the evil twin of course. Can't leave without that cliché, haha.
Glad to see you were able to turn this around for me.

Some cliches are so familiar even mocking them is cliched.

I enjoyed teh rest of this episode after the opening scene.

More giant mushrooms i say!

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