Daily Drop: Ted the Cat

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I was lolling at the crowbar idea... before I even saw the crowbar part.

Random facts about dropping cats. Cats have a non fatal terminal velocity, meaning you can drop a cat out of a plane and it would survive.

Also, a cat is more likely to be injured from a fall between 3 stories and 7 stories, than a fall out of a plane. This is because they don't have time to orient themselves and spread their bodies to 'parachute' and subsequently absorb the impact.

Daily Drop, please do not drop a cat out of a plane.

Really interesting to see how the cat's muscles work in that situation.


um... did the owner approved?

It was amazing to see the force of impact rippling through his front legs.

that cat is adorable, btw

I can imagine Alex's bloody corpse being the next drop if he had actually swung that crowbar at Mr. Ted.

That was interesting. Never seen a cat land in slow motion before and it is... GOD DAMN ADORABLE! LOOK AT THE LITTLE KITTY-CAT! Lets drop him from a ladder.

This is my most watched Daily Drop O.O

The kitty is just too adorable.

To adm- -minister -crowbar to animals is frequently a very difficul- -t matter.

See what happens when people keep screaming for crowbar use?

They nearly use it on a cat?

Oh You...

Now to really F with our minds, the cat shatters like pottery when it hits the floor

Now to really F with our minds, the cat shatters like pottery when it hits the floor

Holy shit, my mind is blown just from the thought of that.

We need either basic video editing skills, or we need to create a golem-cat out of clay... and then drop it from a ladder.


Whew, had me going there, Alex.

This is a pretty epic drop. I'm putting it at #4 on my list, behind Light Bulb, TV, and Jello. :-)

When I saw the Crowbar sequence I was hoping that it would be a crowbar with a bit of string tied to the end used to tease the cat into jumping several feet in the air.

Ha, I half expected when he pointed for the usual Crowbar for it to say "Catnip is ready" or something.

Either of those would've been cool! :-)

I knew the crowbar was a ruse since Kathleen knows where you live, and would have murdered you with a rusty spoon (twice), but interesting episode nonetheless.

Well, yeah, especially since Alex lives in the same house as Kathleen and Graham.

What is the song in the end of the video?

Go here: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/content/music
Click Younnat and download "Cardiologists Decided to Not Go to Bed"

um... did the owner approved?

The owner is the person who dropped him.

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