Stolen Pixels #257: The Electronic Artists

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I'm confused as to why people expect Bioware to just keep making the same type of game (action RPG) over and over. Shouldn't we encourage a developer to try different styles of play? I was under the impression that stagnation was a bad thing...

While I have no problem with Bioware or any game company moving into new territories , there's a difference when it's a sequel as opposed to a new IP or hell just an in universe spin off. This is the continuation of the story in one and two, I should expect similar gameplay that's geared towards the people that liked one and two. If they're making a new IP than there's no problem if they're going pure action or rail shooter or rts or fucking nintendogs clone.

Non-stat based games cannot be true RPGs. That is the fundemental problem with this approach from Bioware.
If combat is not based on stats, your characters abilites are limited to the dexterity and reflexes of the player. But your Commander Shepard needs to be a complete separate character from you as a player, or it is not roleplay. If you only play yourself in a sci-fi setting, the whole concept falls down. You have to play a ROLE for it to be roleplaying. And the physical and mental capabilities of that role cannot be limited to the ones you as a player have.
Shepard is a much faster and more accurate shoot than you, and this should be reflected in her stats. The stats should then be used to determine the success of any action she takes.

Without this layer of abstraction, the concept of roleplaying anything other than yourself fails down competely, your character becomes only an extension of yourself. This is of course completely fine, but it is not roleplaying.

Woot! Stolen Pixels is back after a year of silence!

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