Jimquisition: How Sony Can Make it Up To You

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How to get people on this site to like you ; Yell at Sony. Now just don't fuck it up by saying something bad about Nintendo.

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:


and yet you watched it...So many people giving Sterling venom yet they continue to watch his show his first 2 escapist ones receiving more comments and views then like 99% of escapist material...

I'm sorry, would you rather I said he was bad WITHOUT watching it first? Would that be better?

You could try watching a few videos he made for Destructoid as well.

Yahtzee is not the only British gaming journalist who can cover good topics, and Jim's opinions are his own, just like everyone else's.

Huh. This series has saved itself from the brink of death. Good work!

The first episode was just...Godawful.
The second episode was okay. Nothing special, but okay.
This episode was actually entertaining. You know what Jim, if you keep this up, i´m going to become a regular on this show!

Not like i matter, though.

You have seen all 3 episodes, that makes you a regular

I agree with the consensus: this episode is much, much better.

Ok Jim I was joking with my friends last week that you would talk about Sonys security issues. Cause I have dubbed you the "Last man to show at the party dude". This is old stuff already. Maybe in a few months when we see all the fall out from it but now? 2 weeks late?

I think your format might work better as speculation about gaming news from the rumor mill. Cause if you get it wrong then everyone thinks your a jerk but since you are already a self proclaimed jerk you have nothing to lose.

I think it would be better if he animated himself like with extra creds and ZP.

Good job Jim. Way to tackle a topic that hasn't already been done to death.

This was all you needed to get some thumbs up. I hope to see more of you in the future.

PS: "The only way Sony could get any worse press this year would be to debut a video series on The Escapist."

I got a kick out of that. But yeah, I sympathize. We've definitely gotten off on the wrong foot, you and us. Let's just give it a fresh start going forward, shall we?

Okay. That... that was good.

"Number one... TOMMMMMMBA."

I clapped. Yes. More love for the Playstation back-catalogue and less intrusive firmware updates, please. That aside, I'll agree with whoever it was that said the editorial style is much improved when you calm down a bit. This show might have some legs after all.

Ok, better glasses, background music turned down a notch, heck even hair more neatly combed. I liked the self-deprecating opening taking a dig at us, and himself ;)

But enough about the details, and on to the content. It's actually pretty good this time. While I've never played either of the games he mentioned, I understand the sentiment behind it. And well Tomba would be dead easy to get onto PSN as a Classic.

The last point about the too frequent Firmware updates really annoys me too. I hope Sony can reduce those.

So yeah definite improvement, I'll keep watching for now!

Better :D
& I agree.

He must be contracted or something so they can't get rid of him

Well that's sad. Just when I'm ready to join my brothers and sisters in dismissing this show as lame, everybody else jumps on board the Jim train. I don't play PS3 so I'm probably in the minority here; I just wanted to see some nice Sony-bashing. Instead we got some suggestions on what might realistically make people less mad at Sony.

Accurate? Possibly. Funny? Nope. Not really funny at all.

Whoever still doesn't get that this guy is being sarcastic after that episode needs to have his sarcasm detector fixed.

Gamedogs was better, Top 5 was better, Doralius and Co was better.. This guy is just a fat opinionated E-thug with no intelligence or humour. Off, boo

Loved it!

: ) I'm happy with this series.
Love the intro song.
How come they don't even have a Wiki page though? Talk about underground. (Drill Queen, I mean)

This guy has failed to do the very most important part of opinion writing, which is establish a reason why the audience should give a crap about what he thinks. proclaiming yourself as a genius is not a means to accomplishing this goal.

Lets take a look at a couple of examples of what this means. Starting with Anthony Bourdain, Host of the travel channel's "No reservations," author of "Kitchen Confidential," Columnist, Graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and an award winning chef. The last two credits make the rest of them possible, because Bourdain runs around talking about food and the Culinary world. It is nice to know that he has some background in the field. If anyone is so ambitious as to look up other popular Columnists you would find that damn near all of them have done other things in the field that they are expressing an opinion of. Yahtzee use to make independent games and he writes novels. Moviebob is an indie filmmaker. They know what it means to be on the other side of their criticisms. It also does not hurt that Bourdain Yahtzee and Moviebob have interesting personalities, you know so that people want to listen to them. Commenting on Jim's persona is a fool's errand, that is totally subjective. if you find that appealing cool go have fun.
The other thing that all of the Escapist Videos do is bring a level of quality that Jim simply neglects, either because he doesn't care or can't grasp the fundamentals of video production. (and I mean the very basic fundamentals)

Oh, to head off an obvious rebuttal. I am a TV, Radio, digital media journalism graduate, who is working on breaking into film, and I will gladly tell you a few of my early works were shit and I got roasted for them. The professional thing to do, is to salvage what you can and improve next time. NO ONE is as much of a genius as they like to think.
I once thought tinting scenes would be this revolutionary way of conveying personality dominance. well it isn't, it looks more like a Care Bear in a blender.

Until next time

The fact you mentioned Tomba and MedEvil means you instantly will get at least a bit of respect from everyone that played it

why can't you guys get a decent mike? Your audio quality is terrible.

A lot better than the first two. No retarded MS Paint doodles of balls and some personal opinions go a long way towards making this seem like more than a 'me, too!' show. Also, I had to pause the video halfway through to explain to my girlfriend what MediEvil was. I haven't thought about that game in years.

Good episode, but I can think of one (okay, two) pretty big thing(s) that you didn't mention and that would make me forgive Sony for all sins past and present.



Or: Stop demanding English dubs on everything. If the publisher doesn't have the money, I'd rather get a good text translation than have the game get stuck in Japan.

This episode was a big improvement on the others, keep it up Jim. I have faith in anyone chosen by the Escapist.

Hell, considering it's either unskipable which is just unfunny for me, rebeca mayes singing some daft shite or some girl listing stuff which is pointless and has been done pior, I'd rather have this. Hell, it's good, and the show is showing a massive turnaround from dick jokes (but cut out the MSpaint crap altogther please?) and a mad rant ending in a mad point (second episode...). Just my humble opinion.

I watch this show for the intro music, but I stick around for the angry fat guy in a suit who talks like someone from Guy Richie's movie.


I have a new favorite word.

Got to the point. Had something to say. Was occasionally funny. Even made a joke at his own expense. I'd say this is a vast improvement.

If the increase in quality keeps up (and seriously, the difference between this week and week 1 is beyond night & day) then I'll keep watching.

I totally agree with you... except for those games that I've never played. But it would be great if sony brought these to the psn so I could try it out.

Every DAMN time that I have to turn on my PS3 I have to make those updates. To be honest, I think the longest time we haven't needed to update this console with a firmware is... wel... now, with the psn down.

And it really haven't stopped piracy, like you said, the only ones that lose here are the costumers, that have to deal with a slow download (why, WHY it takes so long?). And everytime that this happens, I get a litlle pissed off.

But not enough. You see, there are games wich I bought JUST to play online, like Killzone 2 and Demon's Souls, and THAT makes me miss even more psn, because I bought Demon's Souls last month and I was loving its online.

But, something that would be great would be give us a full game without restrictions. I get a litlle mad just to think that after one month with any game that Sony gives us with the PSN+, we will lose it.

To make things worst, even Sony doesn't know when the PSN is coming back. Now that's a kick in the nuts, specially if all that you have left with your games and what kept you playing them was the MP.

But... well, we will have to wait.

Yes, yes. This was much better. The previous one was a decent satire but extremely rude. This was funny to and not rude at the same time! Great, just continue like this and all of us will become great friends, yes?

(I will not mention the first episode, let it rot in hell or soma other uncomfortable&faraway place, forgotten.)

Watching the past three episodes in a row is like watching Time-Lapse Evolution. If anything I give you kudos for polishing your work in a hurry.

Some good points (firmware updates), but still not sure if Serious or Trollin... or both?

Here's hoping The Escapist doesn't go all Firefly on you and cancel prematurely. I'll be watching for more!

And hey, there are less dick jokes and no penis drawn in Paint, good work Jim!

Oh man, those were literally the two greatest games of my childhood.

This was definitely one of the better ones. I've seen all the episodes on Destructoid and will admit it's a bit hit and miss.

No. Xbox Live was not breached in 2007. Xbox Live was overloaded with server traffic after everyone got a 360 and a copy of Modern Warfare for Christmas, and service was spotty for two weeks. Not even close to being hacked and being down for 3-6 weeks (3 weeks being about how long PSN has been down right now, and 6 weeks being the stated maximum time Sony has given for it to remain down [SOURCE]).

I tracked it down http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/xbox-live-hacked-accounts-stolen/131

It states that Bungie.net was breached which exposed Live. My mistake.

Hitman Dread:

While both true, it doesn't matter when you consider the fact that this recieved international mass media attention by non-gaming news outlets.

We should all know that the media has a tendency to multiply the hysteria 100 times. I tend not to listen to the media much especially after that whole thing about Bulletstorm making you a rapist.


yeah no choice other than not updating
like literally 100's of machines have done, and are still happily sitting there running linux.

So the people this actually effects is nobody really. If you wanted a linux device you could have one, if you wanted a gaming device you could have one, nobody NEEDS both. Specifically nobody who can't afford two machines can't afford both.

It's a non-issue.
It effects nobody at all, (we are talking like 1-3% of users here) and everyone liked to jump aboard the hate train because its fun to hate regardless of it was remotely used or even if it could still be used.

think for yourself for god sake.

I have to agree with this. I also fail to see how removing the linux option justifies compromising their network and stealing millions of peoples personal data. Not to mention keeping honest, paying customers off the service they were given.


Goddamn right, Tomba. One of the few games that wasn't backwards compatible on the PS2. I loved the crap out of that game. I might actually venture back onto the PSN to play it again, were I given the chance.

The Rockerfly:
You mentioned Tomabi and the Medevil series
I am now a regular watcher

i love how all someone needs to do is name-drop an undersuccessful cult-favorite on this site to become instantly beloved and get away with saying ANYTHING.

watch this:
"GEE WILLIKERS! I sure do love me some of that Psychonauts! It sure was a GREAT game that no one played! Gee wiz that game deserved better!"

(i really do think it was good, but i think it may be just some sort of thing where people only love it because the average Cash-In of Duty nut hasn't heard of it)

Another complaint post coming:

So after reading some comments here about how this episode was supposedly better than the first two I decided to force myself to watch the entirety of it. I turned off the first 2 episodes after the first 30 seconds, and should have done the same here.

This guy is not funny when he tries to be.
This guy has no likable personality.
The video itself is boring, to watch. Not much visual impact.
The sound quality is lacking.

More to the point though, the title of the video is misleading and here is why:

His first two points, are basically him pleading for updates or remakes of older games a lot of people have probably never heard of, and therefore could care less about.

The third point is just him bitching about firmware updates. While some find it annoying, it doesn't bother me. Does anyone really think that a reduction in the amount of firmware updates would do anything to appease the majority of the PSN community over this data breach? I don't.

I really do not understand the purpose of this guy's videos. He says a lot without saying anything at all and manages to be boring and unlikable while doing it. I will not be watching and future episodes.

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