Trailers: Brink: Launch

Brink: Launch

Save the Ark or escape it in Brink.

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It is no Mirror's Edge, but it will have to do.

Yeah this one looks promising. I'll definitely check it out after release. Can't afford it atm. :(

Man looks so awesome,wonder what I will choose this or that other shooter that is similar to this... what to do what to do.

Reminds me a lot of borderlands for some reason.

I'll bargain bin it when it drops below $10, but deff not a first day for me.

Hmmm feels like TF2 for some reason. The way the people move around really looks like a bunch of scouts running. And I tot I saw someone healing his teammate in the trailer.

I was asking myself if it were another new game by Valve until i saw the bethesda name

So... it's the love child of Mirror's Edge and Team Fortress 2? Not a big fan of either, I must say.

Hmmm feels like TF2 for some reason.

Exactly my thought. But feeling like TF2 is a good thing and Brink has enough features to stand on its own. this actually going to have a campaign? Or is it just a TF2 clone with a little more backstory?

I'm glad they're adding to the free-running aspect. I always hated multi-player shooters where you get stuck on some arbitrary waist-high terrain. But something tells me it will be underwhelming.

I played the trial of this at eurogamer expo and preordered it shortly after I cant fucking wait

I did ironically, get an advert for Brink when I viewed this. Go figure.


Getting an advert for brink , while trying to watch a trailer for brink. Brilliant.

Pre-ordered this. TF2 Gameplay, Mirrors edge movement with a modern day shooters mechanics and polish.
Oh yeah and a customization system that allows for a total of 102 Quadrillion [102,247,681,536,000,000 to be precise] Different characters...

Yes Please!!!!

Link to Eurogamer article authenticating the customization claim ;

So TF2 was invited for dinner by Borderlands and met Mirror's Edge there?
I liked all three of those games, I wonder whether I'll like this one too...

All the people I've talked to so far who've tried it really hated the game. Apparently it's fun for an hour or so. Making it even more like Boringlands.

Looks like Mirror's Edge with TF2 (has been mentioned earlier) which isn't a bad thing though, but probably it isn't action-packed, enough explosions every nanosecond and incredibly serious-sounding macho talk with an American accent (perhaps the occasional Brit I guess) to please the great consumer masses. A shame though, I guess Deus Ex, Duke and this one will be the most amount of innovation we'll get this year.

The problem that I see this game having is that justification for the conflict in this game seems super weak. One side wants to leave the boat city thing, and the other side wants to fix it; I see no direct conflict of interests here, the side respective objectives certainly don't seem to be mutually exclusive. I mean, do the blues hate the reds so badly that it makes more sense to slaughter them in the streets, riddling nearby building with bullet holes and openly counteracting the whole "save the ark" thing, than it does let them leave peacefully? Or maybe the reason the place is so white is because it is made from bleached bones and so they need to kill everyone in order to have enough supplies to fix the place. Lets just assume for a second that people in this post-apocalyptic world, or whatever it is, can build boats; they can obviously cobble guns together out of scraps so it doesn't seem too unreasonable. From the look of the place there is no scarcity of scrap metal, so what is stopping the reds from just up and leaving? Or was I right about the whole "everything is made of bones." When I first saw trailers for this game there was an element of mystery, what with the tower off in the distance and such, so I was expecting some sort of actual interesting plot. I guess I can only really blame my disappointment on myself.

The problem that I see this game having is that justification for the conflict in this game seems super weak.

Took the words out of my mouth.

I was extremely disappointed in this game. It had a lot of hype built up around it, so I figured that I couldn't lose by buying it when it first came out (without seeing a review, of course). I definitely wouldn't make that decision again. It just isn't very fun. It's a pretty game, but far to repetitive. I was also disappointed in the sound. It didn't sound very good through my computer speakers. There are so many good games that are getting ready to come out though, so I can't complain too much!


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