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Meh, acting seemed a bit too much. Good concept. I smiled a few times, but no laughter :(.


Not too keen on Ms Croft, the pulling the gun thing at the beginning with the "cold" look in her eyes made me cringe so much, also the bit regarding a "severance package". HOW EVER on the whole I liked it and am looking forward to more, but I also like the Jimquisition so apparently I'm crazy.

Took me back to babysitting my cousin seven or so years ago.
"Do ten Raging Demons in a row, then I'll make us lunch."
Now he's a better Akuma player than I am, so yeah...

Well, this series looks like it'll be fun. Let's see where it goes...

Color me interested ;) I'm looking foroward to next episodes ;)

Haven't been a fan of some of the more recent additions video-wise, but this, I like this. I really like this. A new favorite is born.

"Where is your helmet? Why have you not yet equipped it!"

The writing and the casting are both pretty solid, and the overall concept works. The acting could use a bit of work, but that'll come with time.

The only redeeming quality of this was the RPG 'Master'.

It might be because it's in it's earliest stages as of now, but this just didn't hit any of the right spots with me.

I'm starting to wonder where the Escapist keeps finding all these people and more than that, why they're seemingly so eager to throw money at them...

This makes the 3rd possibly 4th new show in a row that I've just not wanted to watch past the pilot.

As usual though, I will, if only to give it a chance.
Something that so far only Jim has managed to make me go back on...

Really good first episode! Looking forward to a second!

Loving it so far. :) I see this has real potential. Let's just hope it's not another Good Knight's Quest.
Yeah, I went there...

Looks pretty good. Looking forward to the next one.

I'm 50-50 after that episode. There was some good bits and potential. With your next few episodes I'll be sure to watch and hopefully I'll be won over. This one was ok, but nothing to write home about.

Nice show!

Looks like fun. I hope they film her task based movements FPS style.
like the DOOM movie.

I rather liked it.

The bit with the RPG Master was awesome.

This looks good, I'll have to stay tuned.

I actually liked it. Quite a bit. Although the best part was that last line from RPG master in the credits-

"Letting T-money be a gaming master is like letting Final Fantasy XIII get published. It should have never happened. ...But here we are. Screwed."

Now I have something to improve my Tuesdays which, if you followed the recent thread about it, is people's least favorite day of the week.

Paul Hearding:
Our schedule is going to be as follows:

One full-length episode every 4-6 weeks. Our full-length episodes are ~15 minutes long.

On the weeks that we don't have a full-length episode, we will release a 3-5 minute mini-episode involving some or all of the characters from our show.

Next week, we will be releasing all four of our full-length episodes that we have ready right now. Really, we've come quite a long way from this video. So, hopefully, you all will be pleasantly surprised next week with a lot of content.

Woah. Now this impressed me. Very nicely release schedule although I'm a bit worried about the second part. Even though it would be unbelievably awesome you do not want to shoot too high at the start mainly because people will get used to such sudden burst of good content and will whine to you about not releasing as much.

Still, if you can pull it off. This is getting more and more interesting, first live "Story" type show that might do release schedule right.

I really don't mean any offense by this but can you guys please learn to act better before you make more of these. I just really think it would be a waste to make more with none of them being enjoyable.

rpg reminds me of brian blessed.
still its good and i want to see more of these ''gaming masters''.

Brian Blessed is the PERFECT role model for RPG Master.

Yup, as i said it when i first saw it, : i want more.
Well, i think i said that, but that was a long time ago so i can't be sure, okay?!
Anyways, the RPG master is just so damn classy, you can't beat it.
Really looking forward to the next episode.
Also, damn. The Escapist is getting a lot of different stuff (mostly very good, some not so...). Cool.
Also, as i just read, we'll be getting four full-length videos at once? Pretty epic. R

really looking forward to it, and having high hopes! Please don't break 'em :D!

I approve!

Caught my attention. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

And I totally agree with RPG master: FF XIII never should have happened

I normally don't care for new series, but this, was awesome.

Looking forward to many more.

looking good

Very good. I look forward to the next ep.


O_o The only thing that stuck to my mind is: "Whoa, she gotta gun" which reminded me of that scene in Falling Down.

"...I don't want lunch. I want breakfast."
"Well hey, I'm really sorry."
"Yeah...well...I'm sorry too."
"He's got a gun!"

Should I be the party pooper who remembers the Zelda thread from a while back where it was summarily pointed out that Zelda is NOT an RPG?

Interesting concept. I'll be watching again. Good work on keeping things fresh!

Wait, is this taking over the internet. First your own website, then Screwattack, now this. It's official, PGG is taking over the web.

I like it, I like it alot :)

Acting and filming a bit rough around the edges, but I look forward to this show :D

liking so far, will watch on!

Definitely like this premise and the code monkey "this is a game not a show" style. I look forward to more!

Paul Hearding:

We have definitely addressed the Lara Croft costume "issue." It's actually a part of her character development. So, you'll see what's in store and that costume does change by episode 3.

Admit it, she's gonna hook up with puzzler, then start wearing an orange jumpsuit/Aperture science tank top.

Good concept, poorly executed, just not funny.

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