Trailers: Starhawk Announcement

Starhawk Announcement

The developers of Warhawk explain the gameplay and story of their new game, Starhawk.

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Warhawk was the only good game on the ps3 for a while. It's still a blast but now that there are a few good games on the ps3, I'm glad they're giving the sequel the AAA treatment. It looks like they thought of everything this time.... Except the dancing girls.

Loving the Build and Battle idea - I'd actually have liked the option to manage some of my stuff, but hey, if they wanna be especially fast paced then that's cool. I'll be keeping an eye on it regardless.

I found it really interesting watching this, comparing how excited the developer was about this product he was creating, and how lame it actually seemed to me. I don't know if it's just completely different tastes, or if he's just out of touch with reality, but I thought it looked about as generic and boring as a shooter can be, and he seemed practically giddy with the project.

Looks ok imo. I enjoyed Warhawk for a while but got bored pretty quickly. I'll still keep my eye out for this though.

Didn't battlezone2 have something similar to Build and Battle?

Anyway, looks awesome, hope to see more of it.

Extremely impressive, I may have to spring out a buy on this one.

First i thought this was pretty decent, nothing special.
Then i saw the mech transform into a plane and take off.
I want this game.

Then i saw the mech transform into a plane and take off.

IMHO, only Game Arts is allowed to do that.

Perhaps unfortunately, I never played Warhawk, but this trailer certainly brought its sequel to my attention. I'll be keeping and eye out for this game.

I really like Warhawk, heck it's my oldest game and I still play it. Mainly because of the radical perspectives of it, going from foot solider to flying though the sky, to jumping in a tank, jeep, annoying shielded ram transport thing. No too battles ever felt the same. This game looks great, I like the build & battle thing (kind of a dumb name for it though). This looks like it's gonna be a pretty good game. Their main character looks like a total badass, like he's gonna ruin someones day. I think the name needs to be different too. Starhawk is kind of a corny name


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