Thor: God of Thunder Review

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The point of reviews is to inform surely; I want to be informed about the bad as well as the good so I can target my gaming $$$ effectively.

They dont review all games and are you trying to tell me you were undeccided on wether you should buy. all im saying is that there really was no point in reviewing this since no member of this site is going to consider buying it.

Actually, I can see your point. For this game you are quite right - nobody here is going anywhere near this game.

I will say though, that whilst the review has no value for us, it might have for the person who thinks it sounds cool, googles for a review and finds this (they may even then join the community - a win for the site). Also this game appears to be so bad that it didn't even meet the already low expectations of it - there is value in pointing that out too.

Um, thanks but I'm here and I not only own but love (as does anyone who's played it with me so far) this game. I respectfully disagree with the reviewer but it's flat not true that no one here bought it or cared about it. I think they did a fine job and feel that I got my $50 worth. One problem that I do have with the review though is that there are many game mechanics that never even get a mention?? It was quickly clear that you thought it was bad, but could you please give more actual information about the mechanics and features of the games you seriously review?

They could have made this an awesome RPG where you (as Thor) and your
friends (Volstagg, Sif and the other 2 guys) have epic adventures.
A prequel game, maybe...

But this... is lame.

I will dust off Viking: Battle for Asgard instead.
Way more fun and I already own it.

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