Stolen Pixels #259: Don't Fear the Creeper

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Creepers are unbelievably phallic.

Seriously, look at them, then think about it...

*Puts shades on*

...long and hard for a moment.

YYYEEAA-Okay, that pun was terrible. I know they're the result of a fudged up model for pigs, but what has been seen cannot be unseen.

I dunno, i think that pun was pretty good. Horrible, but in a good way, you know, like all puns are.
OT: Creepers. Oh how do i hate them.
So very, very much...

That's some damn impressive rhyming! Ask Miracle if he can make it into a song!!

Caramel Frappe:
Very classic poem with much beauty to be displayed :) I sure as heck liked it. And that baffles me- why do they stare at me through the window. You'd think they have something else better to do.. but no they blow my stuff up all the time. .. Man.

The stare is one of the many things that make them creepy. As soon as you get in range, they just fixate on you. Weirdest one I had was on top of a cliff while I was near the bottom. I look up and there was a creeper just standing there like he was admiring the view of the ocean. Then all of a sudden he looks down at me and I freaked out and ran away.

Catchy Slogan:

OT: Very nice, ending made me lol.

More Relevant

I really haven't played Minecraft in a long time, I need to get back into it.

Wow, nice poem. Now if you will excuse me im off the perfect my single guitar version of "Don't fear the reaper"

...and now I have BOC in my head for the rest of the day.

OT: I love creepers, it is easy to protect your main structures from them if you are smart about it. Fences, moats, moats with fences, easy.

Very Dr. Seuss...
Now I want to see how Dr. Seuss would have drawn a creeper.

Hmmm needs more cowbell

"Death to all creepers" - I couldn't agree with you more.

Also the idea of a female creeper scares me... It could be like a bezerker from Gears of War O_o

Needs more cowbell.

(Get it? I made a meme more palatable by placing it in an environment in which it actually makes sense, such as suggesting more cowbell is added to a work named after a song well known for its cowbell. It's pretty- please don't ban me.)

Needs more cow bell!

Maybe we can harness their destructive power to practical use like guard dogs or annoying other players.

This is...un-fucking-believable.

This is incredibly accurate of my experience with Creepers. So many times have they utterly f*cked me over, I think I'll make my own short strip about them. Likely with rage guy.

That'ssssssss a very nice poem you've got there...

Neat Poem, my friend :D
watch your back, too :(

The last SS got me thinking, why is the score screen still ingame?


I love creepers, they are brutal but fair. If you're not careful they will kill you.

It amused us. We give you thanks.

I'm hoping someone will make this compatible with SMP, so I can go online and REALLY grief people.

Great vid... Also, some people need more excitements in their lives. One kaboom once in a while is healthy

i dont play minecraft,but what is the point of thing.Really is it whole purpose is to troll the player.Thats like having a gnome in tf2 steal your items everynow and then when your not looking in your backpack.Please inform on the purpose of this creature

I laughed.
I cried.
I laughed some more.
And then I OH SHI-*BOOM*

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