Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Ep 4 - Flier Frenzy

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I'm waiting to see if they ever address the fate of the previous FPS master

Not going to tip my hand quite yet. Just know that we didn't write the plot all willy-nilly. Everything is in there for a purpose and will be a big way. We have a big story to tell here and we hope you all enjoy it and all the speculation that goes with it.

I didn't care much for horror when he appeared in episode 1, but he is now definitely my favorite character. So much depth in such a silly character.

"Would you like a cookie? Perhaps a drink?" "What did you just put in the drink?" "Ah..... Nothing." I almost died.

Gotta say, I wasn't sure it would happen but the show has definitely improved since the pilot and first episode. Everybody's acting is a little better, in particular the ladies who now have a bit of stage presence.

New challenger: pacing. The show definitely still drags during some scenes. You might also want to alternate who stars in the episodes as opposed to giving everybody pretty much equal screen time. Democratic film making makes actors happy, but makes for so-so cinema.

Better with every episode. The new set and everyone getting more settled in their roles is making this a must watch for me. Great job.

IT is starting to seriously become an annoyance. Please do something to make him stand up for himself at LEAST once in the next two episodes...

Great stuf,, I really like the characters, particularly RPG and Horror.

I love this show, it's in my top five for the Escapist (in no particular order: All of MovieBob's stuff(same guy=1 spot :P), Zero Punctuation, Extra Credits, Loading Ready Run, and ProGamer Gauntlet) and it's one of two on that list that is purely for entertainment. I sincerely hope you have a bright future ahead of you on the Escapist.

BTW, favorite line so far-
RPG: "MMO sucks. Good Day. Isn't that right Warchu?"
Warchu: "Chuuuu."
RPG: "Sweet Warchu."
(Episode 2, 5:20)

EDIT: Interesting fact, I actually own that exact same Pikachu doll. Mine even talks and lights up his cheeks when you squeeze his paws :D.... He shall hence forth be named Warchu.

I don't know who's my favorite character yet, but I have a few top picks.

Sports - Just for the Honesty, but there's potential there

Platformer - I think it's part attitude, and he's the way to obvious straight man

Retro's Wardrobe - Sorry, I'm just a fan of his woot shirt collection. Other than that, he seems to be a total dick boss

Puzzle - Mildly OCD with the puzzles to the point of doing paperwork. How interesting.

WOW this show is hella tits
watched all 4 in a row and its a whole new level of awesome sauce

i can not wait for more


Eheheh, Horror is awesome... calling out fighting on not actually being brain-damaged, and having a few extra layers to him...

OK, just finished viewing all of the stuff you guys made (all the stuff of your site). I am in love. I think this is my new favorite series on the escapist (it is either this or extra credits now).
So I guess getting into the Escapist did get you a MUCH bigger crowd.
Though I would like it if puzzle were more OCD. I love OCD.
Also- will there be more content published on the ppg site? Or will it all be in the escapist now?

OK, just finished viewing all of the stuff you guys made (all the stuff of your site). I am in love. I think this is my new favorite series on the escapist (it is either this or extra credits now).

Did you see the "Hospitality" short? I tought that was some awesome acting by IT :D


OK, just finished viewing all of the stuff you guys made (all the stuff of your site). I am in love. I think this is my new favorite series on the escapist (it is either this or extra credits now).

Did you see the "Hospitality" short? I tought that was some awesome acting by IT :D

I was good, though from the cookies shorts, I liked Horror's Cookies better. (this and "Trail by Fire" are my favorite shorts so far) Just gotta love "WE'RE MAKING COOOOOOOOKIIIIEEESS!"
But yea, I liked IT in the short, he did a good job. I like It in general, I can relate to IT guys easily...


I love this show! I think Horror is Paul Hearding.

As soon as that exec mentioned the big wheel at the end of Little Big Planet, I knew exactly what he was talking about. I HATE THAT STUPID WHEEL!!

Not even horror can withstand the pure charm and adorableness of Kirby.

Bravo, I have enjoyed this and look froward to more.

these episodes seem to be endless.....
I LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!

I must say,I find this show genuinely enjoyable. It has that "sincere" feel, difficult to explain.

3 thumbs up. I enjoy that not every single line of dialogue is trying to squeeze a laugh out. Also I enjoy that there is already a plot developing and that the team appear to have a very good self motivating initiative, based on a previous comment I don't particularly feel like finding. A great show, love the longer episode but I fell that the 5 minute ones will be just as good.


This episode was really good - you've hit your stride. I'll definitely be following.

Altogether good series. Horror is just awesome, Puzzle and Platform are cool too.

I know that I'd be interested in one of those shirts that Puzzle had.

I'de like to see how short a short episode is because 20min was really long for this type of show.

But i like it so keep going.

I want the jacket RTS's minnion 1 has.

Aw, now I have to wait for the next one :(
Great show, really enjoying it!

Was a lot to watch all at once, but they did get better as it went along.

I am enjoying seeing how the characters develop in the series.

Was good to see two strong female characters in the show that could have easily became a sausage party also.


a) RPG master is becoming my personal hero. He is channeling the spirit of Adam West very well.
b) Horror master is right behind RPG master on my love list.
c) Microphone difference is gone almost 100% so that's awesome.
d) Number 1's character needs more development
e) Puzzle master... Very... Very good
f) Fighter-Horror character chemistry seems quite interesting. Would be very nice to see more of that.

As an addendum I have to say that the idea of MMO guy actually being the one working the hardest is quite funny.

But overall, very promising series. Amazing release schedule if you can keep it up.

If Escapist has not given you a raise yet they are quite foolish.

PS: I left out FPS and IT bit for a reason that there is no real content in all of that, there is nothing interesting or new in all that. It's your run of the mill "Nerdy guy tries a pass at girl" thing. By using my clervoyant powers I say that later on he will observe that the girl likes platform master so he will try to act more like him but it will end up being on "Friends" stage for the most of the season.

"Fighter! You're dumb! give him a hug!" - Horror

Lol Horror has become my favorite, with Parkour as my second, and Puzzle as third.

"So wait, the house was burning, and you were a block away, how does that make you legible for insurance... Racing was there... and you have 3 daughters... Ok I get it now..." Lol that made me laugh so hard (I realise it isn't the 'exact' dialogue, but pretty close).

Great Episode best one yet. I have enjoyed them all.
I used to have a fave character now I can't decide, the whole cast is great.
I wasn't a big fan of Horror at the beginning, but now I would say is one of my top characters.
Sports has really grown on me, he was great in this episode.
Fighting guy is great, he doesn't have many lines but his presence is good laughs.
Are u guys trying to make FPS the 'sexy one', cause that award goes to Puzzle.
The whole cast is great.
I want to know what happened with IT and FPS, nice cliffhanger.
Looking forward to the next episode.

I don't know what to say. I hate this thing with a passion for it production values, but the humor makes up for it in so many ways. I'm gonna need a bit more time before I can really commit to this.

You promised me good characters and you delivered and then some. I find it really refreshing to see a live action series that you can instantly tell each character apart no matter what. I can tell who a character is just by seeing them or just listening to a line or two of dialogue and that is amazing.

I also have to say that I am loving almost all of the characters, they all have their own little quirks that just make me want to like and see them on screen. Only one not hitting it for me is RTS, I just can't get behind him at all, and all the scenes with him in just feel slow to me. However you did give him minion which might help things along later in the series.

All in all, I am loving this show and can't wait to see more of it, what you have shown so far is great and I'm sure it will only get better as time rolls on.

Really enjoyable episode, loved it!
Some of the characters i thought were one-sided and boring showed a different personality, so do say. Anyways, they all seem much more interesting now. And the team-ups were really cool too.
The part after the credits was also awesome, Horror playing Kirby's Epic yarn made me laugh.
So, yeah. Really well done. Loving the trainers and the show.
Though, now comes the wait for the next episode. Not fun at all.
Ah well. Looking forward to it!

Though, now comes the wait for the next episode. Not fun at all.
Ah well. Looking forward to it!

Glad you enjoyed it. Although the wait shan't be too long. As we have weekly mini-episodes. So, there's character development and laughs to be had there as well... just in ~5 minutes of video instead of 15-20 minutes.

I absolutely adore this show. Especially Horror. So awesome.

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