Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat

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I happen to like fighting games, it's nice to have a few games that I could just pick up, play for fifteen minutes and not worry about story or running across a world map to find something to do.

I haven't owned or played a Mortal Combat game since the Sega Genesis days. I've never really seen the attraction for the series. To me, it just seems like flogging a dead horse. Not a fan of this genre, I guess.

When I saw (spoilers) beating up the whole cast I thought "Is that it? They introduced all these characters and killed them off just like that? That's pretty stupid" At first I wasn't even sure if they were dead or not because of the way the game just moved on

Marty McFly would definitely win...

I give it to him too cause of all that herky jerky parkinson, you'd never know which way he's coming atcha! Head fake!

Lots of good jokes in this one. I've never been a huge fan of fighting games either, good to know that I probably don't need to worry about this one. Also I like the new Doctor Who, is it because I'm American or something?

Mortal Kombat isn't trying to be 'relevant' in the same way Die Hard isn't a deep meaningful film about relationships within a modern day society.
They're both awesome because they're fun, not because they have something to say.
You literally spent one line review the game and the rest complaining about how it doesn't conform to your ideas of what a game should be.
At the end of the day, if it works and you enjoyed playing it then give it a good review, and if it didn't, then don't. I couldn't tell because you spent the entire time bitching about fighting games in general and how this game is too 'gory'. It's got an 18 rating for a reason.

I like how Yahtzee reference M.U.G.E.N. I have a healthy dislike of fighting games and even I think that's an insult to the genre.

MK ('11) was pretty decent, though still as stiff as ever. While the amount of bones & gore in the game is desensitizing, I actually kinda respect that. They took the loved, dying franchise, rebooted it and flaunted their main selling point. Even brought back old stages/characters/babalities for the old time fans. Not many games pander to the established fans like that.

Imagine if they did have a fighting game where every single big character in the industry was in it. I'd like to see Sackdoll up against Duke Nukem.

I get what Yahtzee is saying about Mortal Kombat not really helping the whole games
are art thing. Its true that almost all games are a little like that, but I mean come on?
Mortal Kombat is what got the ESRB started in the first place. Yes it would have come
eventually but anyone can see how it got the attention of the Games Are Evil! idiots. Not
only is its violence insane (and by that I mean "how can he fight with a broken spine?" or
"how has her body been so damaged, but her top is still on?), also the outfits the girls
have are just a little too much, or should I say too little? I mean the one special opts girl is
dressed like a stripper would dress like pretending to be a cop! That is not what
pisses me off, no its when one of the other fighters mistakes her for a stripper and she acts
like she has no idea how he could think that!

On a lighter note, I can't believe Yahtzee didn't make a comment on how "Combat" is
spelled. Also mixing up the game with the first Mortal Kombat was great! Ha!

I'm tempted to say Marty, just 'cause. But I think the Quantum Leap dude would win easily by quantum leaping in Marty, then making him commit suicide! D=

The game mentioned at 4:44 already exists, its called MUGEN.

Only reason I got MK was because Amazon had it on sale for $39 so I feel I got my money's worth.

Some people are so uptight about this whole 'violence is the main selling point of MK'-thing. It's just a game, and an enjoyable one at that. It has all the charm of a B-movie. Play it before you criticize, please.

Everyone promoting Marty McFly's definitive win over Dr. Sam Beckett should remember that Sam would undoubtedly never appear AS Sam, but randomly would leap into any one of the game's other warriors (accompanied, of course, with Bakula's 'Oh boy...' line). So Sam could appear as anyone from Goro to Mother Theresa. Marty's chances vary greatly on who Dr.Beckett shows up as....

Anybody know where to find a Mugen Yahtzee? I know someones made it! And the Darkness Imp too!

I just can't get my head around why so many fighters are so same-y. Why has the design of 'memorize esoteric combos in a side-angle perspective' hardly changed in two decades?

Because works well and gamers hate changes.

Think about the ipod controls. Is the natural step, you cant shape the interface as you please. Work for almost everyone. Everyone EXCEP the ubercore gamers.

HOLY HELL! I still complain about the 3D fighting games like Tekken. How they don't have the same feedback as the 2D fighters like King of Fighters. Tekken and Soulcalibur are already nostalgic by now.

Ps.: sorry for the bad english.

Jax's fatality is also a rehash from DC Vs. MK; Its Supermans, only with a kick added at the end.

I was never the fans my friends were.
When A new version, I would rent it as opposed to buy but my friends would stand in line for hours just to get a glimpse of it.

After MKU I didn't see any relevance to it; especially since it's so damned balanced.

I've always found MK's violence to be a bit tongue in cheek, the pure ridiculousness of it being laughable. Kinda like Duke Nukem (But this game does it with sexism). I think it's meant to be stupid in that way, soooo over the top that intelligent people aren't going to take it seriously.
... Still there probably is someone getting off on it *shudder*


how did he get it?

good review none the less

Lots of Australians have the game.
When it really comes down to it, Customs don't open every package that comes into the country to look at it directly and try and match it up to a huge list of banned content/materials.
Hell, an Australian online store called ozgameshop had it in stock (Not that it lasted very long, and they're useless when it comes to re-stocking)

FYI, ozgameshop is located in the U.K. I doubt it takes 2-3 weeks to ship an item from inside the country.

Kinda surprised this was done given how much of a point Yahtzee made that he doesn't like fighting games.

Hehehe. It's banned in Australia and you publish a video off you criticizing it? Hmmmmm...

So long as it can't relate to you playing it, but than again that would be unprofessional.

He played it while he was on vacation... er holiday... in the USA. Yeah, that's it.

Just called to say "Marty McFly"

Marty McFly would like totally win! Yeah!

that and he has backup, the Starlighters
Go Johnny Go!

Great review.

I could agree that the X-ray attacks do tend to become very repetitive if you like to play only with a certain fighter.

The only thing I found impressive about this game was that despite already being campy as all hell, they found a way to make it even more sexist and misogynistic. But that's not really a point in its favor...

Mr Leap would crush Calvin Klein like a fat kid crushes his own hopes and dreams by just looking in a mirror.

What were we talking about again?

There IS a game that has all the 2D characters duking it out updated every few months. It's called MUGEN. Freeware, buggy as the midwest in spring, and...well, just look it up. Still, if you want to see what happens when Peter Griffen dukes it out with Homer Simpson...

I'm curious... why is the "someone gets off on it" thing so bothersome to people when it comes to gore?

I mean, I know there are people with high-heels fetishes, but I don't squick out every time a Payless shoes commercial comes on. Is it just because having graphic violence/gore is already so touchy a subject?

It just feels like an extra level (or several) or criticism is applied to it over and above other subjects.

Marty Mcfly would win. Just sayin

Marty Mcfly will always win in a lineup!.

Okay two things about this review bother me.

1) Why is Yahtzee even thinking about reviewing a fighting game when he's stated countless times he doesn't like the genre?

2) HOW THE HELL IS HE ABLE TO REVIEW THIS GAME?! Not only did Australia ban the game but they're making it illegal to import. I hope this review was worth the trips to prison, Yahtzee.

There IS a game that has all the 2D characters duking it out updated every few months. It's called MUGEN. Freeware, buggy as the midwest in spring, and...well, just look it up. Still, if you want to see what happens when Peter Griffen dukes it out with Homer Simpson...

He basically acknowledged that in the end. Didn't read the text in the credits I take it?

You know, I never liked Mortal Kombat to begin with. Even as a young kid, the gore always seemed so ridiculously over the top as to put me off. I kept thinking over and over again, is the gore the only thing the game has?
And now, as an adult, whenever I see a pointless sex scene in a movie I think to myself, "Are you seriously trying to get my attention with sex? Pft!"
I must just be weird.

Yeah, the entire fighting genre does scream of "Wait, that's it, you just stand in roughly the same arena every time and do glorifed button mashing?"

At least SSBB incorporated platformer elements and ridiculous power ups and weapons.

Not liking the new Dr. Who? As in the whole revived series or just Matt Smith? Either way, I wholeheartedly disagree. Sounds like nostalgia to me, then again, my favorite Doctor is number 4, so...

I like the new/old MK, reminds me of times when gaming was fun.
And when arcades still.....*emotion*
Of times when Doctor Who was still worth watching.

I do not like the new one, no sir, i do not.
Torchwood, on the other hand, tres bien.
And that show about the smeghead.

Marty McFly without question.

Well I never played new MK, and I also do not like new Dr. Who. So MK must suck as well.

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