Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat

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Disappointed at lack of police sirens at end of episode.

To everyone asking "what is wrong with new Doctor Who":

There are things called "plot holes", maybe you've heard of them. If you haven't, look it up, and then notice that all of Chris Eccleston and David Tennants run is built entirely out of senseless plot hole jackfuckery. Thank god Moffat is starting to put things a little back in order.




I guess since all of BlazBlue games sold less than a million, by far. It's irrelevant as a fighter.

I love fighting games, I've played Melty Blood, Arcana Hearts, Marvel vs x, SF, Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear, and BlazBlue to hell.

I really don't like the new Mortal Kombat, it feels much slower, the character movesets are more generic than games like BB. (Which is already very slow compared to MvC2 and GG)

Granted, it's good for a NA fighting game. But best fighting game of this generation is ignorant. Have you even played every fighting game of this generation?

Sample Match of BlazBlue

I support this statement, and demand that a Guilty Gear vs. BlazBlue game be made ASAP. That way, 2D fighting players will have the best of both worlds (the awesome gameplay of BB, the better characters of GG)

No, this really is the best fighting game this generation or at least the best one to have come out in the past year. You know what MK(9) has that MvC3 doesn't? Content. LOTS of content. Between a great story mode and the Challenge Tower I've gotten hours of entertainment from it and I'm going to be getting a few hours more.

And so what if it's slow? That's just the nature of the beast. Just because every hit box doesn't come out on frame 1 and has 1 frame of lag isn't a bad thing it just means you need to be more careful instead of just spamming your combos like a 'tard. It also makes the online play MUCH more playable.

Additionally, I like having my block on a button.

BB: CS has story mode for all characters, arcade mode, challenge mode, war mode (which is addictive). I would say its content is equal at least. And... mostly importantly for me, every moveset is different. There are no copy paste characters like in MvC or SS4. Everyone fights and plays differently, more than can be said for almost any fighting game out there.

I agree wholeheartedly that Mortal Kombat in particular needs to fade off into the sunset. Street Fighter had kind of a successful reboot with the SF4 installation, but I was even surprised that was received as well as it was.

Mortal Kombat is essentially built on gimmicks and the thing about gimmicks is they only really work once. The gore bit has been done, no matter how graphic they make it. Making a joke of it is only marginally better. Gore aside it's not one of those fighters I'd categorize as high-minded. Sure people can spend a long time getting good at it, but there are better options out there.

As long as we're doing remakes how about another Primal Rage.

"Mortal Kombat struggles for relevance", huh?

Yahtzee's opinion on fighting games should be taken with Everest amounts of salt. He never talks about the gameplay as much as he should, which always weakens his arguments. Not that he doesn't have some good points, but he doesn't care to expand beyond mentioning them before he goes back to the story plotholes or another forced set-up for another tortured joke.

I find it strange that Yahtzee has celebrated games of mindless action and violence in the past, but to suddenly say Mortal Kombat's gore is "boring". However, he also said it gave him a feeling of great uncomfortableness because of how intimately gruesome the x-ray moves are. That doesn't make any sense. That's the very opposite of boring.

If Yahtzee wants to be taken seriously as a reviewer all the time (which I think he is sometimes but only when he gives a shit), he needs to focus on describing the gameplay as much as possible, especially about a fighting game. We get it, the story is many boatloads of ridiculous, now talk about what matters. If you thought the actual mechanics of the game sucked, point out which ones and what about them felt unnatural or inane.

Don't get me wrong, I still think Yahtzee made some good points but he's too busy being pretentious most of the review.

i like new who and it would depend surely on who backula leaped into. what if he went back as marty mcfly...

Yahtzee should have talked about the crypt, yeah that shit is just creepy.

Yahtzee should have talked about the crypt, yeah that shit is just creepy.

Lol M.U.G.E.N. I was thinking exactly that, Yahtzee you precognitive hat-wearing son of a gun you

I really like Mortal Kombat...

...what? Should I explain why? Well I'm not getting paid for this and no one here really cares but hey, it's a comment section after all.

(though cyrax is my favorite obviously... i wish his backstory wasnt crap).


OT: It was arlight, I suppose. Wasnt expecting anything thought provokng when I saw it it was Mortal Kombat, though I have left to wonder how Yahtzee gets all these illegal games. Is it legal to own if you do them for work? Or ifsomeone ships one to you from outside the country?

Da Joz:
Backula would definitely win.

Yes, but after he won, he would have to go on and fight... Dracula!

Dracula versus Backula! Who would win!


If you watch a Yahtzee review of a game type he doesn't enjoy, which includes most primarily multi-player games, he will give it a bad review and you will get no useful information.

Also, he's extremely harsh on "Expansion Pack Sequels," sequels which are essentially just more areas of the same game. Sometimes, that's what I want.

This review is why I hope Yahtzee never reviews Starcraft II. It's quite obvious he isn't a fan of the genre, as he rarely reviews any fighting game talking about the actual gameplay, which is one of the most important aspects of a fighting game. It just takes me out of the whole experience.

But hey, I liked the opening segment where he starts the review based on the first game.

Yahtzee doesn't like Doctor Who, I must now cry for 3 hours in the corner of my room.

You know how in Extra Punctuation you used to answer questions? I realize that it was just an off-hand comment, but I'm really curious as to what you don't like about the new Doctor Who. Care to elaborate?

I'm surprised he didn't mention the awful, atrocious ear-shattering soundtrack with all that horrid dubstep bullshit. I'll just assume he played though it muted.

Fairly sure the answer to the who woul;d win a massive fight between efeveryone was;

Mr Rogers in a bloodstained sweater!

Good flash, I haven't been round newgrounds for a while. Just don't watch the alternative version of that ... little wrong, that vid.
If it's been his job for over what? Three years now? to review what the majority are playing, he's got whatever connections he needs to obtain and play the game. Either way, thank goodness for netflix having Doctor Who.

Another hilarious review. I played Mortal Kombat, but I like to more complex fighting games. I'd rather play Street fighter where I have to watch out for everything and have to use everything, instead of just a slower game. :/

Decent review as always, I kind of disliked how you insulted us at the end.
Insults are expected at this point though so I didn't take it to heart.

So where the hell is the "review" part in this video?

I'd love to know how you got it. Please?

It's definitly not the most mature game, but it's a hell of a lot more fun than games like Tekken or Soul Calibur.

I dunno why you would bother when you dislike fighting games in general, no? Now it'll just be pages of folks wanking off to how fighting games are so beneath the totally-awesome-super-important RPGs or some such.

Anyway, this MK has been a solid homerun. Fighting mechanics are surprisingly good, graphics & animation are top notch, and the game is flooded with unlockables and hidden bits. The gore is mostly there to appease the youngsters. When you really get into game, you barely notice it. If you'll notice, in most of the tournaments so far people don't even bother finishers.

My main gripe is Xrays are both a bit too strong, and the animations do get repetitive after a while. And Liu Kang is still a giant asshole.

The funny thing is I'm playing Mortal Kombat while listening to this review :D

Anyway you made some valid arguments against the game, but that hasn't stopped me and my friends from having fun with it. I look forward to you massacring the Brink single player in the near future. The AI is pissing me off beyond all belief.

I said to myself when I was playing Mortal Kombat "Man, Yahtzee is going to tear this to shreds when he review- oh wait it's banned where he lives. Works for me, I freaking love this game!"
Maybe I foresaw the future a bit...
Either way, I did also notice how a lot of these X-Ray moves are impossible to survive. I mean, look at Baraka! He impales them, puntcuring both of their lungs, stabs through their neck at an angle which destroys their main arteries, and then stabs STRAIGHT THROUGH THEIR HEAD THROUGH THEIR EYE SOCKET.
Well, some games are meant to be art, and some games are meant to be outright fun. Are either bad? No. Silent Hill, Portal, Shadow of the Colossus, all excellent games that fit into the first category. Doom, Duke Nukem, Painkiller, and Mortal Kombat are also excellent games (except for a few of the Mortal Kombat games and Duke Nukem spin offs), they all fit into the 2nd category. There's a time for depth and there's a time for fun. It just depends on what you like.
EDIT: How the hell did you not mention Shao Kahn for being the outright cheapest boss of all time? And how did you just give PRAISE to Sakura and Rufus?

i never have liked mortal kombat, always seemed a bit rubbish to me. i was into tekken 2 too much :)

Also, why is it spelled Kombat, with a K?!

bekause thats kool man :)

wait... your complaining about getting to beat on Johny cage? I thought that would be a reward.

Random Fella:
Yahtzee should have talked about the crypt, yeah that shit is just creepy.

What's wrong with the Krypt? I mean it's not like anything tries to jump up on the screen and- AAAGH DEAR JESUS IN HEAVEN!!!
Seriously, I was just relaxing at 5:00 A.M. unlocking alternate costumes when that happened, and I expected nothing. I literally screamed "OH SHIT!!!" I'm surprised nobody heard me.
I now refuse to ever go to the krypt again.

Thomas Ella:
What's the difference between the X-Ray moves that you have to watch over and over and Supers and Ultras in Street Fighter that you have to watch over and over? Normally, Yahtzee makes really smart criticisms, but here, he was clearly out of his element and made lots of really dumb points.

You're assuming that he likes supers and ultras too. Maybe if he were reviewing that game as well he'd make those same points instead.

I know when I was playing the Naruto game and I kept doing the same special attack with the 10 second quick time cutscene some of my friends were getting annoyed. Had I owned the game rather than rented it I'm sure I would've got annoyed too.

I got my copy of MK from Play-Asia, there was NO problems with customs getting it here in Australia and I have heard no news of anyone having any troubles. So the big $110 000 fine is either a total load of crap or exclusive to bulk orders.

As for the Review .. pretty much spot-on as far as the impact thing goes, its pretty cool at first but it eventually gets tiresome. However the game mechanics which unfortunately went un-reviewed are incredible .. this is easily the best MK game ever made with a perfect blend between MK2/MK3.


Totally Marty McFly .. he lures people into Manure Trucks!

Fighting games aren't Yahtzee's cup of tea. Take his reviews on them with a grain of salt.

Although the whole thing about 2D fighting games having reached a glass ceiling was quite accurate. I don't see how they can get any better than this, without continually padding themselves out.


Random berk:
Meh. Never was a major fan of these fighting games anyway. I liked Deadliest Warrior the game though.

Tell Spoony that if you want to send him into a rage fit.

Christ, that guy sounds like the most obnoxious whiny bitch in the reviewing business.
Sure the game is hard as hell when you're beginning, and its certainly not game of the year material, but its much more fun when you've practiced it a bit. That spartan that he complained about being so broken? I can off them as easily as I would kill an inebriated pig. The one button attack pattern? Bullshit, you can control whether the warrior attacks the head, torso or legs with a melee weapon. I've even found that different combos tend to enjoy success against different opponents. The instant kill head shot, yeah, thats luck, but then luck can be a big factor in real fights too. And the show is great fun to watch, even if they flog the shit out of the scientific method, and produce results that probably wouldn't be reliable in the real world. That doesn't even matter, since most of the warriors in the show are lost to history and will never again fight a battle to the death. All in all, its not my favourite game, but I stand by my statement that it is a fun game, if a bit tough to get used to.

Sorry if I come across a little defensive, it'd be best ifI could raise these points on the site you linked, but I'm not a member on it.

I've literally seen every ZP to date yet this is the first where i've taken maybe a slight bit of offense... not for the game... but for the Dr.Who bashing - not cool. lol


Thomas Ella:
What's the difference between the X-Ray moves that you have to watch over and over and Supers and Ultras in Street Fighter that you have to watch over and over? Normally, Yahtzee makes really smart criticisms, but here, he was clearly out of his element and made lots of really dumb points.

You're assuming that he likes supers and ultras too. Maybe if he were reviewing that game as well he'd make those same points instead.

Sure, but then how is Mortal Kombat irrelevant? He's saying it's all about the violence and shock value, as though that's all the game has to offer, and never once talks about what it's like to actually play it. Yeah, you get desensitized to the violence, but... so what? We've all gotten pretty desensitized to people getting shot in the face, yet nobody complains about that for FPS games. Fatalities aren't just about the shock value of the first time you see it. It's a show of skill. It's bragging rights. It's like teabagging an opponent after they're down. It carries a message. It's not just about the gore.

And who really cares if the X-Ray attacks would be impossible to live through? You can get shot infinitely in all modern FPS games as long as it wasn't in quick succession and nobody gives a sh-t.

Plain and simple, Yahtzee's arguments hold no water. This is the most uncharacteristically biased review I've ever watched from him. Mortal Kombat never stood a chance; he was already determined to hate it. I usually agree with most of the complaints he brings up, but here, his arguments make no sense.

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